Do you have a Blogging Strategy for 2017? This is our Evergreen #BlogStrategy!

We Give you 14 Essential tips to an Evergreen Winning Blogging Strategy for 2017  To help you Create a Lasting Income Via your Blog! 

Blog for fun instead of for profits or fame to find your writing voice really quickly - Winning Blogging Strategy #bloggingtips

Are you looking to earn a substantial income from your blog/website? You are in for a treat! This Post was first Published in 2016 and we have revamped it because, it is an EVERGREEN blogging strategy for 2017 and beyond

Today you’ll get some great insights into our evergreen blogging strategy, very essential if you want success.

If you don’t have the level of success you want from blogging or from your content marketing, this may help you.

We want you to have a smoother ride, so following on our post on how to create infinite blog posts, by the way go read it here if you haven’t yet! We want you to Focus on creating a solid blogging strategy for 2017!

All our mentors advised us to blog daily at the start. Most Top Pro- bloggers actually publish a post daily or 5 days a week! See they

#BloggingTips,Blogging Strategy for 2016! Learn it to #growyourbusiness!

Do you have a Blogging Strategy Planned?

also sometimes have guest bloggers. One man stands out for being different… A man who posts a blog daily come rain or shine Ray Higdon, is a blogging juggernaut! But not many can do what he does, for various reasons. But my question to you today is: Do you have a blogging strategy for 2017 and beyond or are you gonna wing it again?

Ryan Biddulph one of the most interesting pro bloggers, with hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers says:

Blog for fun instead of for profits or fame to find your writing voice really quickly.

Blog for fun instead of for profits or fame to find your writing voice really quickly.… Click To Tweet

We have also found with experience that:

“You can’t expect to increase your traffic if you don’t blog regularly. By this, I mean at least Once a week, three is even better—Always mindful of the quality of your content” ~ Julie Syl

In our book; frequency of quality content = Search engine visibility and that should= Organic traffic….For some! Lolol why am I laughing?

You can’t expect to increase your traffic if you don’t blog regularly! Click To Tweet


Because its rarely the case. The goals of most bloggers (those who wish to earn a living from their blog) are: creating high quality content, Build an engaged audience and increase targeted organic traffic, Yes or Yes? Still that doesn’t tell me if that’s a blogging strategy or not!

Yet many pump out a load of stuff to put it politely, with no blogging strategy whatsoever. Content that has very little value or has been regurgitated so much there’s no chance of ranking on any search engine unless they use black hat SEO!

The funny thing is that you are in a prime position, because according to B2C who shared HubSpot; marketers who blog receive 67 percent more leads than their counterparts who do not.
So today I am writing a post that is way different from what you are imagining, to help you make those tweaks that could bring that breakthrough! Below is part of our Blogging Strategy for 2016 and beyond!



Our 14 Essentials to a Winning Blogging strategy for 2017 and Beyond! 

#1 Write from the Heart: The most important lesson we learned in 2015 on creating content & as part of our blogging strategy 2017 was to stop writing from the head and start writing from the heart! Be me, share more of my life experiences! Plus it’s not a matter of posting daily, it’s a matter of creating content that people love. Stuff like Tutorials, Case studies, Reviews, Lessons, Tips, etc!

We all know by now that when you speak from your heart you also tell a story and stories do sell…If you have no idea what I am talking about, you definitely need to learn more about this resource!

Your blogging Strategy for 2016- Update your About Page! #contentmarketingtips

#2 Be sure to update your about page as part of your definitive blogging strategy for 2017! Make sure it reflects your blog purpose! We did ours twice in 2015 and we know it’s due a face lift. Why? Because we have evolved a good deal and some statistics have improved too. You too have added another year to your blogging journey and you need your statistics to be on point! Remember that 60%+ of your regular traffic visits your page to learn more about you and suss out if your blog is worth their precious time! Its also a great place for first time blog visitors to learn what your personal brand is about!

#3 Learn from the Experts, Create your own Slant on it! By the way we learnt the hard way, that not all “expert” ideas are awesome…! Some of these people’s agendas are not in alignment with your vision, just saying!

So when crafting your blogging strategy for 2017 and beyond, keep that in mind! Only pursue ideas that are in line with your mission, vision and target. They too have their own agendas and targets. Learn from them yes, duplicate their proven, result driven actions,  but don’t become their mini-me, copy cat!

14 Essentials For Your Blogging strategy for 2016! #gueastblogging /bloggingtips

#4 Find guest blogging Opportunities But don’t forget your blog!

If you do reach out and are able to do one guest blog per month, You could receive over 1k+ blog traffic to your own site. Some may think this is not worth it, BUT if you are creating great content on your site and your guest blog was worth 5 mins of your target market time. You will find you get at least 20%  of that audience coming back to your blog! Also of course it would be nice to have a guest blogger with a bit of a following creating content for you. For that Ann Smarty’s MyBlogU is a great resource to connect you with potential guest bloggers and for you to be one of course. Add this to your blogging strategy for 2017!

Remember I said don’t forget your blog? I mean that literally. However busy you are unless you have taken time out to create super content. Don’t neglect your blog. Lots of awesome bloggers are neglecting their sites because they have been advised by “experts,” to focus on something else…Watch who you are listening to! Your site is your premium online showroom, to showcase your brand and if you neglect it, you are paying attention to someone else’s brand for sure! 

Narrow Your Focus To Get More Done in 6 Steps! #productivity

#5 Narrow your focus for better Content:  Instead of chasing butterflies and every idea that you come across…bad blogging strategy for 2017 that would be. How about taking quiet time out to actually think and let ideas flow to you! Yes…! In fact our very last post was about how to create infinite blog posts in 24 hours or so…It’s doable.

You need new blog ideas or you dry out. So here is a plan for you! It’s very important to take a breath, relax even walk away from the whole work station for the rest of the day if you feel that your energy is off! In narrowing your focus you will of course be using a Content calendar so you are on track and also to help you keep track of which topics attract the most readers. For instance last year 3 particular categories were crowd pullers:

  • Law of Attraction/Winning Mindset
  • SEO and
  • Video/YouTube Marketing

These were closely followed by:

  • Blogging tips
  • Social Media Marketing Tips and
  • Lead generation

As content marketers we are listening, this was an eye opener and we intend to deliver more of what you need for sure as part of our targeted blogging strategy for 2017!

14 Steps to a Winning Blogging Strategy for 2016! #bloggingtips

Means you are a great Giver…& Open to Receive!

#6 Make Blog Commenting Part of your Blogging Strategy 2017! And for crying out loud DO Read or Watch that video or Listen to the audio before you comment it’s so the right thing to do. If you chose to read that blog, then it should be worth it! Don’t click the link otherwise!

Consider this your Very own VIP Invitation to our Social Influence Mastermind on Facebook, Use this link to join us

Many bloggers tend to scroll and scan blogs, looking for highlighted sentences, and boom they drop their comment. 2 lines tops and feel that they have done their duty…What you give out you get back, patted down shaken over and overflowing…lol! OR in plain lingo you are attracting that exact behaviour from your audience too. Meaning you aren’t getting quality traffic really and your bounce rate will be atrocious!

#7 Focus on Attracting Subscribers than followers as part of your blogging strategy for 2017! This could be controversial. You are looking for people that are actually interested in reading your content. So getting people subscribing to your RSS feed may not necessarily achieve that!

You want people actually subscribing to Your Opt-in page/s to receive an email with your Blog post, offers & other value content may present. That’s why we don’t really ask people to subscribe to our feed, rather we encourage our readers to pick up offers scattered round our blog so we can serve them even better as subscribers! Your blog needs targeted readers who also want your offers period! A percentage in turn will become your subscribers and customers!

Your blog needs targeted readers who also want your offers period! Click To Tweet



#8 Your Blogging Strategy for 2017 should be: better SEO, by March! Focus your resources on getting that better this year. How long will you wait for the Holy Grail? Your audience is waiting for you via search engines and social media! Most or our readers believe it or not come from Pinterest, and other Social media, followed by online searches. We also have a healthy following from our links via!

Yet as stated above followers don’t necessarily turn into subscribers, esp. WP ones, they simply are looking for tips for their own blogs…Hard fact but true mate! So Avoid these costly mistakes and Create better SEO for your blog this year, you owe it to you! 

#9 Are you Using A Content AND/OR Editorial calendar? Make it part of your blogging strategy for 2017 now. Whats an Editorial Calendar– Well here it is!  It will help you plan out part of your content message themes in advance. You will seek help and research your content in time for the season. Perfectly fitting in with your content marketing plan and this is the way to do it.

Every business has a peak season and a down time, like the tide, there is a flow to it! You will find that you sell more at certain times of the year. Some people even say they build their business event to event…Learn how the companies set those events and you will learn the reason for it! 

As part of your blogging strategy, ensure to leverage your blog to educate your audience in those peak seasons. For instance, a Fashionista will want to use her blog to educate customers about their seasonal outfits and why. A health and fitness blogger will focus on the different annual seasons and why people want to look good esp. in summer etc. Finance expert—then you will be educating us about our end of year finances starting now thru to April…get the picture?

Every business has a peak season and a down time, like the tide, there is a flow to it! Click To Tweet



#10 Learn what your niche blogging trends for 2017 are and specially the social media trends! As these will affect your content marketing and promotion strategy!



#11 Don’t Forget Your Visuals: We always say we humans are visual beings. And as a blogger part of your blog strategy must be to use more imagery, visuals, videos, scopes, infographs, photos, gifs, memes, banners with your offers etc. Let your images tell your message. They also break up your text and that’s great for user experience!

Tools to use: Canva, Picmonkey, PPT, Photoshop, your trusty camera or android etc. What do you use for your images? Create PPTs upload them to Slideshare (by the way feel free to follow us on there too!) This resource is going crazy with over 150 million page views, are you kidding me. Get on now!  You get FREE Organic views to your videos, presentations or PDFs, of course linked to your website…Heck you have a goldmine waiting to be mined. Do this and you will certainly boost your results.

#12 It’s okay to take a break! We took a break, a 3 week break. We are planning to take another soonest come April. Taking a break helps us refocus and refresh. After all, its from these breaks that the biggest ideas pop into my mind! I receive divine inspiration when I take a break…! Go figure so this is definitely part of our blogging strategy for 2017!

#13 As part of your blogging strategy for 2017 definitely set aside Family Time! Why is this part of this plan? Because your family really don’t care for your blog lol! Sad but true. It takes you away from them. You give it more value time…You may not be their favorite entrepreneur or blogger even.

They won’t share your content online…sad, painfully true. So the only way to get them on board is by not over prioritizing your blog and make time for them period. It’s why you blog in the first place right? Well make the time now not later when the cash flow is better, listen to an old dog. On that note our final tip for a winning blogging strategy for 2017 tip is…

#14 Blog content marketing or Promotion must be your main focus 2017 and Agorapulse share some cool ideas . And we have shared so many resources for this in our blog content marketing category it’s all ready for you to leverage! Your content marketing blog strategy should of course be based on your target market needs, your niche, budget, plans and vision for your business! Always remember, the good old days of “Build it and they will come” are long gone. Ann Smarty aptly puts it: 

“…no one will come unless you put an extra (often huge!) effort into giving your content exposure.”

And as always We encourage you to TWEET THIS now, We appreciate you! 

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So find your blog purpose this year and go crush it…

For you deserve more!

Live. Learn. Love!

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi








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