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How we get to write an 1800 word blog in 20 minutes-enter Content Curation

Welcome February, its going to be such  a busy month for us that we feel the need to share with you How to write a blog post super fast, its called Content Curation! We promise we will keep sharing great content. We will thus spend more time curating this month.

We also wanted to share best practice on using other people’s content. Following a recent full copy and paste of a blog article we did on how to increase traffic to your blog for free by an unscrupulous blogger we feel the need to share with you the integral way to use other people’s or your own old content, its called Content Curation. Content Curation is when you research on a topic in your niche find what you want i.e. handpick quality content, filter out the essentials, create your own content from it and link it out to the original source and publish! The Important bit here being LINK TO ORIGINAL source. Mashable are a great example of best practice in content curation. We have found the most informative article, and there are quite a few on content curation was written by Kevan Lee for bufferapp. If you are struggling to create content and take hours writing your blogs you need to read the busy person’s guide to content curation.

By the way, did you know that curation is nothing new? Come to think about it, content curation has been happening for years. Look at all those Picasso copies, re-done TV programs, Radio shows echoing old shows, authority news sites, newsletters and magazine spreads, of course not forgetting blogs and lately vlogs!

If you are like we are, as an internet marketer, then you must  work hard on writing your content. Whether it’s for your blog, Adsense sites, sales letters, newsletters, adverts, E-book, CPA sites etc. to attract the right audience it must be great content. SEO properly and share in the relevant forums and media and you are good to go! We know because he have been there & know that creating a 400 let alone 1800 word high quality article could take hours of work, however here is one little short-cut that could save you hours of your valuable time. Lets face it, no one is a single well of knowledge so borrowing other people’s content the right way is always going to happen!

Why Content Curation?

Well if you are new to a niche then you definitely may not have the authority or expertise you need to attract the right people for your services, content curation may do that for you. Plus when you add quality content to your website, in your newsletter, blog etc. you become a resource for others too!  And well curation saves you time to do the other things you desperately need to do like prospecting

If you have been creating content for a while, well curating your old content linked to updates and new stuff is a great way to refresh your articles and keep it up to date while also getting more eyeballs onto it!

Below is a Great explanation on Content Curation techniques!

Now we must say that Mark Thompson made it clearer and we agree with him that content curation is not just another name for “auto blogging” thats just copying; as its simply copying an article in its entirety & publishing it as yours. That is not cool and very disrespectful. You can find his extremely informative short video blog here, pure golden nuggets.

Examples of Types of Content You can Curate:

Any digital or info content can be curated, BUT PLEASE ensure that you add the link back to the original source Examples below:
• Images (Instagram, flickr)
• Infographics
• PDFs& Docs e.g. on
• Podcasts or audios/mp3s
• An article or part thereof
• Diagrams i.e. graphs etc.
• Video (YouTube)
• Social media Content (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Below are the sources we visit & use the most for content curation:

The Take away on Content curation is: You find targeted information for your niche, add your own original content (usually at the beginning and at the end of the content) and include links going out to the original article. Don’t forget to monetize the traffic coming to your site. The most important part of all this process is to add your own original content  and give credit to the original author by linking back to the original source.

Hope you wont find blogging such a drag anymore, curate with integrity and lets get more traffic. Happy Blogging and Happy New Month

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