Marketing Insanity is doing the same wrong thing expecting different results!

MARKETING INSANITY = Doing the Same WRONG Thing, Expecting Different Results! Event Notes! 

MARKETING_INSNITYMarketing insanity…that’s what came to mind, yet what I observed had nothing to do with marketing or business, but it sure looked insane! Bear with me here…By the way this is a lil detour As we shall be sharing some notes from an event we attended in Barcelona. Plus I wasn’t letting Julie near her laptop, she needed a  break. The woman is driven  shusshh don’t tell her I said that! 

If you aren’t attending events and you are an online, network, affiliate marketer, in direct sales or a home business entrepreneur you are courting marketing insanity! See if you are serious about making it in this industry, you absolutely must attend events, take mob notes, go home implement, share some awesome knowledge. Learn Do Teach is amazing, you get back 200%. Be consistent and success will come guaranteed! With success comes recognition.

See before we went away for a much needed vacation, we had an interview with an online rockstar Robert Frank and he asked us two questions. The same exact questions he asked other Internet Leaders, like Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Jeff McGeary, Mike L Mattos etc. We are part of this line up is because we have been consistent, we took the road less travelled, we accepted delayed gratification…Read the article here on Network Marketing Success 7 Industry Leaders. I am so excited and humbled that our Julie Syl Kalungi is part of this awesome line-up! 

Anyhoo I just had to share this…!  

Holy smokes, I got a little crazy myself…maybe the Spaniards are a lil mad! 

We watched this poor woman reverse park or try to. Forward, backwards, forward, backward, forwa…you get the picture! Should have recorded the whole thing, but I was too busy feeling sorry for her and wondering if I should go help. She was swearing loudly puta, puta,mierda, mierda, and banging the car steering, I felt sorry for the car! She did this like 10 times before leaving the car half on the cab half in a bus stop at an angle (Begging for a ticket I thought) and walked off. So much aggression…! It made me really think about our industry! The woman below did great trust me, the one we watched was the definition of insanity! 

I observe numerous network marketers do the same, go forward and backwards doing the same actions expecting different results. Or worse promote one platform after another, posting a naked link on Facebook, twitter, private messaging others with their links without even getting up close and social! Is this marketing insanity or what…? I observe how different people never seem to track their advertising actions and expect different results…This is total marketing madness in my opinion, something that I have learnt at the event!

Here is another scenario: someone posts: “I am looking for 5 Super motivated people to help this month”…well this don’t work no more either (Mind you we used to do this).

Has your upline told you to talk to everybody, show everybody, present to everybody? That’s pure Marketing Insanity…a load of tosh…excuse my Greek…! Here is the deal; If I sold adult male pants would I be looking to sell them to women, children, even boys….so why should you imagine that you must target everybody? It’s insane.

BUT and it is a big but…You need to make a shed load of sales to the right people from different walks of life, with different skill-sets, different dreams…although with a SIMILAR AIM and NEEDS! The majority of people we met at this event are of this calibre! 

So advertise you must. But there is a value and non-value way to promote your business. Does that make sense to you? Okay let me give you an analogy to help you burst marketing insanity…

No structure or successful business or network marketing platform has ever been single handedly built by one person or even 2, nope not even 10…It takes teamwork, hundreds, heck thousands of people from every walk of life & experience coming and working together to make it happen. These people have one common goal, to build the skyscraper of a network marketing organization. So you are in business FOR Yourself but NOT BY Yourself!

Check this out; you want to build an apartment block (as an engineer, I love this kind of thing its right up my street):

Wouldn't it be akin to marketing insanity if this building was built by just one man...!

These are some totally different building types we observed in Barcelona. I love structures and I knew they would fit very nicely in this analogy! Just like marketing pops out there…yet the concept is similar…

Marketing insanity and engineering or architecture are very similar.

You need lots of steel, cement, glass, lumber, cables, mortar, bricks, paint, plumbing, nails, lighting, doors etc. You also need people skilled in using and manipulating these materials to create the structure:

Steel mill workers = for steel = holds the building up.

Glass makers = for the windows = for natural light & the building has to breath.

Makers & fitters of flooring i.e. tiles, carpets, marble, lumber, air-conditioning, drywall, concrete,

paint, shingles, plumbing fixtures, electrics, tar paper, drywall compound, elevators, etc.

With these and more missing = no apartment block!

Would be akin to marketing insanity to create a building without the essential materials!

In the same way in network marketing or home based business, you absolutely need a great product. You won’t sustain success without one. But like the apartment block, the MOST critical is a LOT of people working together. Business is people driven and every “relationship-driven” business, no matter how inferior its products or services and no matter how poorly-managed, usually succeeds almost without fail.

You need to have a marketing strategy that produces results and change management is an essential skill to have. As Leah refers to it in her article on marketing insanity, as doing the same ole thing, expecting different results! Susan Payton puts it even more colourful i.e. that your marketing must be like a gorgeous breakfast burrito

In our opinion to avoid or escape network marketing insanity you have to “go from your head to your heart.” Heart energy, we wrote about it in our article on being Open to receive! And we agree with Score-Central Oregon in their article on how to avoid marketing insanity. It can be real madness to take business advice or decide to be coached by someone who hasn’t achieved the lifestyle you desire or results you seek to emulate…! Find a business mentor who is crushing it in their business, has a mega lifestyle and has a system that is duplicable! Its simple advice yet people keep looking to their cousin Jake or Aunt Anna, maybe their friend from Altrincham Dan…whose only saving grace was the excitement and enthusiasm when they showed you the product or program. What happens is in most cases it all ends up failing miserably!

Marketing insanity is when you don’t Have Your Reasons why you invested WRITTEN DOWN…Hey Lets Do this Now….

Write the 3 biggest reasons why you MUST be successful. This isn’t some namby-pamby, theety-weety dilettante, Barbie doll exercise. This is real life. If you can’t do it NOW, then stay seated with that blank paper until you can…If you seriously can’t find any reason, then you are in the wrong place my friend! Either mentally or financially, you chose the wrong vehicle. So dig and Look Deep and change. Your Why must be s huge it makes you cry, and oter people think you are crazy! 


Change management is a skill that lots of people simply fail to do…They keep doing what they do and expect new results….! The very definition of Madness by Albert Einstein!


90% of network marketers and home based business entrepreneurs start a business BUT never write down their reasons. So if you did or do it now, it’s an extremely good indicator. Make those reasons pretty damn GOOD!

Only you know if they’re good enough for you. So write 3, think some more. Flesh them out. Make them bigger. Work on them until you say, “Holy mackerel!! THIS is it!” its not insane and it sure isn’t silly. Its pure marketing genius. Coz as you write it down you also start to create plan to achieve it and to find the resources to get you going, the training that’s necessary, the strategies to tackle…heck you know what am saying?  

THEN you’re really in business!

Below Julie gives pretty darn good explanation of what Marketing Insanity is about and Why you need to Get rid! 

Do you have no plan, strategy, no resources, no upline support or have resources but have no clue how to put the gig together? Stop courting marketing insanity in your business. Slowly going forward and backwards like the woman above! I just proved its a kind of insane network marketing investing and refusing to get the help you need! Put a stop to it now…reach out to Julie and I HERE! Lets help you help yourself! 

Okay, enough about insane marketing. Hope you enjoyed my short event notes and article on marketing insanity…I know it just had to be said. 

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What do you think? What do you consider as marketing insanity or craziness? Does it exist? Do Go ahead and Share your views with us below! Cheers

You do deserve more

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