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Here is The Secret to Enrol New reps and Hit Your Leader boards Fast!


Do You Know How to Effortlessly Enrol New Reps into your Home Business or Network Marketing Business?

Do you really struggle when it comes to developing new business? This part 2 of 3 part series will offer more tips on moving past the low-hanging fruit and succeed with new prospects.



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Okay my dear here we are focusing on how to enrol new reps. By sharing The Enrolment Mindset and How to get to Breakthrough Selling. These are the MLM secrets they don’t want you to know…So pay attention and then go implement And we will wrap it all up in a bow with Part 3 so watch this space…Okay where were we again?

A lot of Home business entrepreneurs, network and affiliate marketers have some resistance, discomfort or lack of confidence when it comes to sales conversations and to enrol new reps.

But think about it, doesn’t it make sense that if you need to hard sell, convince or manipulate someone to buy, neither they nor you are going to be very excited?

Seriously we can totally relate! I personally used to get the heats, tense up and my energy dropped before a presentation. I didn’t want to be pushy. Until I realised that in order to make sales I had to enrol new reps. We both have had to learn how to ENROL. You know we said it’s a better way to grow your business in Part 1…Haven’t read it yet. Well go do so now…coz this won’t make sense otherwise!

“Enrolling” means allowing potential clients to see the opportunity to get what they want.

When you finally shift to “enrolling,” properly, there will be zero pressure, and it is actually easier for someone to choose to work with you so you will enrol a new rep and do so very often. No convincing or cajoling is required. Coz these people come to you of their own bat…having filled out your form and qualified themselves, enthusiastically to get the chance to work with you!

If you’ve been avoiding presentations and prospecting because you didn’t want to go into convincing mode, here is one big thing you’re doing wrong…aaand

You’re offering “free sessions” and no up-sell…What!!!!

Never Make Free Offers or  Free Sessions Without an Up-sell! Your Job is to Help as Many people as possible!

You have free offers of a sample of your work, Free Health sessions, Free 25 Recipes, Free Coupons, Free this n that and no up-sell, nothing to motivate your prospects to buy anything else off you, you just missed to enrol a new rep possibly!

We know, we know, we’ve been there…You’re hoping prospects will get a taste of what you do and sign up as customers or clients! Well guess what…

In fact, the opposite happens…we have tested it ourselves and the results are astounding!

Now that your potential buyer has a bit of relief or direction, their motivation to invest in your product or service is quenched & drops.

You see we asked our subscribers, who didn’t buy WHY and a large sample of the survey felt they had the solution. But it’s really just 5% of what they needed.

Same case with you, So they do not hire you.

They go off feeling pretty good about what happened. Yet all they got was a Band-Aid. The problem resurfaces soon after, they get upset with YOU. Yup you! Mirror mirror on the wall doesn’t reflect them…it’s your fault in their minds!

A classic lose-lose: You didn’t get a client and they didn’t get what they ultimately want either. This mistake is costing you thousands of dollars & a missed opportunity to impact someone’s life properly and positively!

Enrol New Reps, FAst by Making The Right Free Offers & Follow up immediately with a paid offer!

Your FREE antidote is costing the people you are meant to serve, too. They start to think the industry doesn’t work and is a scam etc etc…aaarrrrr drat, that sucks!

Starting today, develop a system of enrolment conversations that transform (a win-win situation).

You could have offers or hold consultations with potential clients or customers that uplift them, so that they get that epiphany… that what they thought was difficult or even impossible is actually doable and totally within reach, if they follow a proven system!

Let’s give you an example…

Last week Pauli received a thank you note from a client after a 1-on-1 consultation.

He saw the 60minutes with him as a gift. He now has a plan, has a strategy & feels no longer stuck and paralysed with inaction. He left that meeting with clarity, restored commitment and a definitive determination to apply himself. BUT HERE IS THE DEAL…

Because he “enrolled” or signed up to work with us, it was a gift for us, too. We now have a new amazing, super committed client.

So remember that your intention in every presentation is to leave EVERYONE you speak with/to in a better place – feeling clear, inspired and ready to move forward. CLICK TO TWEET

Imagine people being grateful for the transformational experience they’re having with you in your program, rather than feeling scammed with a sales pitch.




Because we work for ourselves WE are the only ones who can give us a raise. ARE YOU IN THE SAME POSITION?

So we wish to share with you 2 secrets to giving yourself a BIG raise



#1 How to Enrol New Reps and Get a pay raise:

We were holding webinars, networking, throwing our ink on Facebook and to anyone who dared say hello, We then started a blog on blogger and Julie was blogging lots. I mean here we were involved in all these marketing activities and going nowhere…no sign ups, no enrolling new reps, no clients, phone wasn’t ringing, what??? Then we signed up for a webinar and this is what the marketing expert said…

“Don’t focus on getting clients with your marketing…

instead focus on getting consultations.” CLICK TO TWEET

Enrol New reps, By Setting appointments and Let The Resources do the talking, Simple!



To you and I that means set more appointments to SHARE your offers!

THIS felt doable!

We’d been expecting our efforts to lead us directly to enrol new reps. We had been trying to impress people and secretly hoping that they would call or sign up via our links by themselves and we’d get an email telling us we had made money. After all that’s what our upline said would happen lolol

As soon as we re-focused our marketing efforts on this one thing – Setting Appointments or consultations – We started getting LOTS more consultations! So learn this fast:


Every marketing activity you do needs to lead potential clients to a 1-on-1 meeting or consultation with you.CLICK TO TWEET


Your System or process needs to be designed to reliably and consistently enrol new reps or clients. When you do this well, it’ll lead to better client retention too. Your new customers want to say YES to one of your paid offers. So BE SURE TO CELEBRATE YOUR NEW CUSTOMER! Make em feel special!




#2 Secret To Enrol New Reps and Get a pay raise:

Double Your Income not your Effort Or Marketing …WHAT…HOW’S THAT PAULI I hear you say…


Here is a scene…you hold a webinar for 30 attendees and make an offer and you make 20 sales, or enrol new reps to that number yaaaay…WAIT A MINUTE…are you thinking what we’re thinking? You are either super good or seriously undercharging for your offers or promoting a low ticket program!

MY RECOMMENDATION: Double your fees…Yes you heard!

In Order to enrol more quality reps, Double Your Rates!



As a Consultant with years of experience in the corporate sales world, I can assure you many of our clients pay our premium fees when we bid for projects over the less known and lower bids! Why? Because we give so much value and KNOW OUR WORTH!


When you double your fees, you MUST improve your enrollment skills. But then you’ll earn a lot more money with every new rep you enrol or client you work with. You’ll leverage your time a lot better. And you’ll only need a small number of clients to make a great income. (This is if you have a  high ticket offer).


The secret to giving yourself a pay raise is being able to successfully enrol new reps or clients who pay you well.” ~ Pauli Kalungi CLICK TO TWEET

Well I can tell you I could go on and on wit this topic see In any given Year I write & present at least 4-6 proposals that generate millions of ££ for the Consultancy I work with! I love what I do and I love sharing it in with a Network Marketing slant! I have a treat for you in the final Part 3 of this series with “An enrollment System that Works 90% of the time!”

I hope you enjoyed this one and are Ready to enrol new reps, have breakthrough selling and hit your goals.


If you liked and got value, please do like, share and tell me some of your secrets to enrol new reps and give yourself a pay raise. I am all ears…

As always I believe we all deserve more!


Pauli Kalungi


Creators of The Secret Affiliate Roadmap – “Helping you Build a Lucrative Home Business From Ground  Up”.


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