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Call To Action in  Riveting Emails: A Match Made In the Inbox

Hey its Julie one half of Juleskalpauli, and today we wrap up our Email Marketing Series with How to write riveting emails focused on the Call To Action!

As I polish off this post on call to action, I am having the most amazing brunch. We decided to have a lil getaway (sans children) at a local Best Western Hotel The Alicia courtesy of our awesome Elite travel club (oh yes we can have simple hotel overnight stays just for the heck of it at ridiculous prices) You can learn more on that here!

Call to Action - Weekend

Our lil weekend getaway

Oh but I digress and I don’t advise that lol!

We are on the home stretch of this Email Marketing Series and cant emphasize how important an Effective, Visible, Urgent, well presented  Call To Action is! Because just like with Sales Letters, you need to tell people what to do. However in emails you can be more subtle. Yet in every email you send out for business, make sure to make a Clear Call To Action. Don’t be afraid to BE DIFFERENT. This is something we learnt a while back in an Attraction Marketing training via EMP.

Your goal is to make your emails interesting and get people to take ACTION isn’t it? You want to be REAL. Authentic.You want to be YOU by telling Your Story it will be much easier to make that call to action and the subscribers to take that said action! Could be anything e.g.

• Kids
• Pets
• Family
• Failures
• Struggles
• Experiences
• Successes
• Hobbies
• Things you dislike
• Things you like
• Vacations
• Lifestyle

Here is the Lesson, Learn it to perfectionEVERYTHING That Happens To You Is An Email…It makes YOU more human to your subscribers and thus someone they can relate to! Your story will inspire someone. They could look up to you and do what you do and succeed!

Can you remember when you last read a riveting email? Neither do I… it’s been a while back! That’s how bad it is in our industry. Lots of emails are Booooring, so impersonal, so hoity toity… the worst are the ones that are a pitch-fest OR worse forget to Clearly State what they really want us to do…i.e. a poor or no call to action! Literally leaving money on the table…crazy!


I like to dig into a good story…don’t you, esp. if its cloaked in mystery…absolutely riveting…! Here is the deal, the best stories to tell, are the ones that can illustrate an analogy between your product and whatever the story is intertwined, with a specific call to take action. This article shows us 15 calls to action that convert, whats good for blogs is good for emails, because a while back we did share with you over 70 blog titles/headlines that convert (BOOKMARK THAT ARTICLE) and we did say they work for emails as well !


I tell you The whole crowd was riveted, totally taken in and would have done anything POTUS Obama asked them to do in this clip! He literally made an irresistible Call to Action, If it had been an email, I too would have opened it and read/watched WATCH Below!


The lesson here is let’s tell some good stories about our lives… or imply it as above! 🙂 Read about our story here.  And then connect such story to a product/service you offer in a killer Call to action! Our goal is to engender like & trust remember! Here is a resource you must check out on how to set your emails auto-responder series to gain maximum leverage with your subscribers. Robert Frank a sales rock-star sets it out so well we had to share it with you check that blog post out here!

This is a Great way to lead to Call to Action

Give a good tale, Tell a Great Story…

Today we share some juicy bits on how to do that…hang on for a bit longer! Just like subject lines, our stories can lead to or be:

– Benefits
– Tips – remember How to?
– Shocking
– News/trending
– Question/s

And in order to lead to a killer call to action You need to…


• Make conversation i.e. be normal no need to have any great writing skills! This is simply because people buy from “People” thus they do so with their emotions & justify the actions logically! So it’s all in the mind as we said in Part1 of these series (read it here if you haven’t done so)!

“Email remains the most intimate touchpoint we can have with our audience,” says Jerod Morris, Copyblogger Media’s VP of marketing. Check out their new rainmaker media apparently a resource to help your marketing efforts!


Riveting emails and Call to Ation

Be Sure to Properly Link Your Social in Your emails

• Secondly, we have learnt from personal experience & it was confirmed by author and expert Murray Newlands. Don’t just think about email as simple PR & broadcasts; also think about subscribers & customers sharing your newsletters. It is imperative that you ADD Social Icons within your email campaigns. I’m not talking about putting a small Twitter or Facebook icon at the bottom of the email, which sadly we all know we rarely ever click on! Be more proactive, this is another way to call to action; Ask your subscribers to connect with you on social and to share your emails & articles. Add a ‘Retweet this!’ or a ‘Share This!’ in the email. Occasionally, social icons aren’t enough. While most subscribers will recognize the LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook icons, not every person will know what action to take as they view them within your marketing email. Don’t hesitate to tell them, because an explicit call to action is always necessary!


• Ensure your email newsletter and marketing message is multi-dimensional. If there is nothing you have personally to share, How about sharing other people’s great content. Use language such as “I thought you would enjoy this” and insert a related story PLUS your call to action related to your offer or Older content (Content Curation, keep your content fresh and exposed to eyeballs”). There’s always something out there related to what we do that can bring value to our audience. It can be as simple as doing a quick Google search.


• If done correctly, your STORY and call to action will make the subscriber or customer feel as though they have learnt something new or gained more info. This creates a better relationship with You & Your brand. At the end of the day, we as typical subscribers/prospects & customers don’t just want to buy a product, we like to feel good about it…! So Engage will you!


Our Take Away: The key to writing riveting emails is getting your inspiring uncut story out, don’t worry that it may not be exciting, it’s Your story! That story in conjunction with a CLEAR call to action will get your subscribers looking forward to your next serving and truly getting their wallets out for your offers! If still shy about your story, search for something that has a lot of interest (Buzzsumo can help), yet possesses a unique perspective that brings something fresh to the table. Ensure that your subscribers and audiences in different world regions will be curious about your story. We cant leave you without a Comprehensive Resource on different calls to action from various authorities in this one-stop-shop, by all means read it here! And of course to wrap it all up for you with a nice pink ribbon Here are The 5 elements of an effective CTA by Lisa Furgison.


And as EMP’s Vitaly always tell us; “The money is NOT in the list, but in your relationship with the list!”


We sure hope you enjoyed this Email Marketing series esp. the Call to Action finale. A little different from what you knew hopefully and we definitely hope you will implement. BUT before you do that, do drop a comment below, share and subscribe to our usual socials Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn, EmpireAvenue, Tsu and YouTube!

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