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Are you missing the Hidden Gold in Your Email Lists, We give you 3 Solid reasons Why you must Fix this! 



Boy, how long shall we sing this song, was our thought on Saturday!

Yes the song about building multiple email lists?

You know, creating that squeeze page…What squeeze page? I am married you must know that… Do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about? Huh you want to build an online presence and attract customers to your bricks n mortar business right? And you aren’t looking to build or haven’t got an e-mail list yet? I don’t need email lists or a new squeeze what do you take me for, he said…! I just want more customers and you guys seem to know what you’re doing to get them!

Have you had such a conversation before…

Well such was the conversation we had with a potential new client! He just wants new customers and won’t be spamming anybody…(he said this with upturned nose lol)!

Before we go on can we just say that this article was also inspired by PJ Van Hulle’s article – discover the gold in your email awesome, Moving on!


Okay let’s talk to you the serious business builder who knows that building email lists is an essential part of your business. I mean even our local Aldi is building an email list! The attractive value offer below is generating this store massive email lists up and down the country!

Email lists are being Built by savvy companies Including Aldi! Learn WHY!

You’ve probably heard that, “the fortune is in the follow up,” but if you’re like most of the 1,000’s of entrepreneurs we’ve spoken to and worked with over the last almost 4 years, your follow up systems leave something to be desired. So the fortune seems to have become an elusive butterfly.

We advise that you keep away from buying so called “free mass email lists” or mailing lists for sale. Simply because we have been there got the Tee. These lists are not responsive, the telephone numbers are either out of service or the person is obviously not expecting your call and isn’t interested, this hurts your deliverability if several hit hat unsub link!  This is email list marketing at its worst. Ever seen a list with a majority AOL or Hotmail emails…Baaahh you know what we’re saying then. You should and can build a massive mailing list via social media e.g. Facebook email lists or via your blog/website. HubSpot give you even more reasons not to buy mass email lists and the correct way to email list marketing:

Here’s why building several email lists is possible & just the beginning. The fortune is in the follow up, and here’s what that looks like…

1. The Fortune is in the RIGHT FOLLOW UP: According to an online marketing expert, Vrinda Normand, here is her blog, in most niche markets, or the specific group of people you serve:
3% are actively shopping for what you offer
7% are aware and open to your services, but not looking
30% are not aware of their problem or your solution
30% may know you exist, but it’s not the right time
30% are simply not a fit
This means that if you’re not following up, you’re leaving behind the 67% of people that might be ready to buy or sign up for your products or services down the road!

Your Email List Fortune is in the right Follow up Sequence!

But, what’s the quickest way to grow your email lists? Here it is below…



2. Inspire others to optin: You could start with Facebook Videos…if YouTube is a lil daunting for you. Point people to your offer at the end of the video or whatever CTA you wish to use. Here is why: Because you will inspire people to enrol onto your various offers and email lists with consistent videos sharing some great tips, strategies tricks and showcasing your expertise. What we call positioning yourself.

Videos have the power to inspire people to say yes, right there on the spot on your webpage. We strongly recommend that you have a video on any kind of webpage where you have an offer for a product or a program. This will majorly increase your sales if done right.


Think you need dozens of tools to get the job done? Think again. Robbie Richards asked 60 online marketing experts a simple question:

“If you could only choose 3 tools to grow your email list, which 3 would you choose?”

Read their responses in his article here. If 60 multiple 6/7figure earners are saying the gold is in your email lists…who are we to argue with them? We suggest we all get pretty serious about creating great offers and build massive email lists now.



To Build responsive Email Lists, Inspire Others to Optin!


3. With several email lists you are of course encouraged to find great content to share with your loyal subscribers and add value to their lives or business. Segment the lists and share what matters to those subscribers. But for many this is a major issue. It takes time, its tiring where, how, when…Questions we have been asked lots. Like how do we keep on top of churning out great content week on week. The answer is RESEARCH & CURATION. This is where we take the proven content and make it even better. And below are 3 ways we use to create and improve on great content:

  • Add depth to it…this is where the research comes into play
  • Make it longer
  • Make it immediately implementable i.e. add a how to action plan!


All above 3 elements combine to deliver instant value to our audience, because now they receive information aimed at making them more efficient entrepreneurs and can be immediately implemented. This will also attract more people to our optin pages thus growing your email lists more…double edged, sweet results. Robbie Richards has written a great monster blog on how you can triple your traffic in 30 days if you don’t find a strategy to implement…you haven’t read the blog post!  If you triple traffic to your blog chances are you will get some optins and improve your email list statistics! And your emails should accomplish the following:

  • Educate– teach them something new or who you are
  • Entertain or engage– get them to buy by appealing to their fun or emotional side.
  • Upsell– get them to buy more, if they already bought
  • Ask Questions– learn what they want, could be via a survey
  • Re-engage/re-target/entice them back– Get them to become returning customers or better still to pick up a monthly payment plan or product.


Want to learn more on the above check out digital marketer’s blog on the 6-step email marketing set up plan.

Take the opportunity to swipe our highly converting email templates here!

So you’ll need to set up your sales funnel which must include a mailing host platform like Aweber get your account for $1. Or you may use GetResponse, MailChimp, infusion soft etc. We love Aweber because of the wide range of features, the comprehensive help pages, and the way it works fairly intuitively. These will help you to manage your email lists and the broadcasts you send out en-mass. Your finances will determine which one you chose really. Whichever platform you chose this is where you’ll set up your follow up sequence Robert Frank wrote an awesome article on email campaign autoresponder series a great way to set up your follow up email series go read it. Ryan Deiss of digital marketer calls it The Machine. When you follow up consistently with great content and value, you will stay in front of these people. Even if they may not be ready today; when they are ready, you’ll be at the top of their mind and therefore you’ll be the one they hire or buy from over someone that didn’t follow up.
Imagine how much more money you could put in your pocket just by staying in touch with those 67% of people who may need you in the future.
We’ve established that the easiest and most effective way to follow up and nurture those relationships is to build targeted email lists of clients and potential clients who have “subscribed” and given you permission to e-mail them.

Email Lists Gold awaits You!

Ryan Deiss gives us the rule of thumb for monetizing your list. Shoot for $1 per subscriber, per month. So if your goal is to generate $5,000 per month in income, focus on growing your e-mail list to 5,000 subscribers…
We have found that with targeted and responsive email lists you can:

  • Attract more clients and sales e.g. via referrals
  • Promote other peoples’ programs that you believe in and earn $1,000′s in affiliate commissions
  • Fill your webinars and programs
  • Turn current customers into repeat clients

Building responsive email lists has proven to us time and again that we are taking advantage of compound interest. You too can you learn how Right Here!


The sooner you start the better. And the longer you nurture your list, the more profitable it will be. Social Triggers gives us several reasons why list building is in!
We could go on all day about the importance of building multiple email lists to grow your business online or off line, but you get the point right! So to quantum leap your e-mail list to the next level, I recommend participating in our Complimentary Weekly Power Webinars At Zero Cost to you Here

Or wait for the Annual FREE List-a-Palooza  90 Day List-Building Challenge.

More Resources for you on email lists building: 








Hope you have found value in our article on “3 Tips to find the Hidden Gold in Your Email Lists and actually Make Money,” if so we’d love to hear from you, what your tips are on the subject below. And please do consider liking and sharing this with your team or email lists 





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