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4 Foolproof Lead Nurturing Tips to Convert Your Leads into red-hot Buyers

Do you by any change practice Lead nurturing, do you mayhaps know what it means? Let us break it down into simple terms…

Our son asked me, Mom what are you always doing looking at adverts, taking notes and then creating videos and can I do it too! I felt proud as punch and feeling all self-important I said that I create adverts aka Lead Magnets and then nurture these people into buyers…! He looks blankly at me and says what for??? That’s the million dollars Qn isn’t it…why do we create lead magnets? To attract potential buyers, hopefully interested, targeted leads. On to the process of nurturing these precious people. So how do we turn these leads into red hot buyers? We have over the last few weeks set the scene for this topic, lead nurturing i.e. our followup processes! By sharing with you various ways to drive free traffic to your website/blog.

So let us ask, do you struggle to convert your leads into red-hot-buyers?

This year could really be a bumper year if you do the following 4 actions when you get that traffic and leads opting into your squeeze pages whether from solos, via optins or blogging whatever means you use to grow your list of leads/prospects, getting them to purchase is the test of the pudding! Well KISSmetrics gives us 15 full psychological triggers to convert prospects or leads into eager ready to buy customers! We are sharing with you some practical tips to add to these triggers!

Below are 4 Foolproof Lead Nurturing Tips!

Lead Nurturing Sales Funnel

#1. Once you have people opt into your lead magnets you must deliver on your promise Fast & Regularly. Daily even and the first thing to consider is your follow up strategy. If you use an auto-responder, like AWEBER what is your email follow up sequence? Many of you will have received our emails after you opt into our offers. We can’t emphasize the importance of this enough. Your message must be congruent i.e. your lead magnet, offer & follow up must flow and make sense to your lead for them to turn into red hot buyers. Optimize your follow up sequence add your success story or those of others, you can take these from the company sales letters. Engage with your leads regularly to build trust, brand awareness and affinity, this is what lead nurturing is all about! When a lead trusts you, or your brand, and the time is right for them, they will come to you to buy of their own accord i.e. red hot buyers!

#2. How about you create killer bonuses or an irresistible package? It could include some Exclusive training you have done and got results FREE. Or even 1-1 personal coaching; maybe 30mins time with you. People love to talk to someone having success for Free. They understand the value of this as Top Coaches charge an arm and a leg for their time! You could leverage the fact you just went to an event or are mentored by a Guru or Super Rockstar & you learned XYZ strategies…ILT remember! For instance recently we were part of a Private session with Cesar L Rodriguez and had the opportunity to get a Hot Yet to be launched package with Alex Jeffreys man these guys drops golden bricks, and in the next few weeks we will be sharing some of those with our loyal subscribers!

#3. This brings us to the 3rd way you could turn your leads into red hot buyers. By Interviewing & publishing said interview of Leaders in the Industry, esp. leaders in Your Primary Company. We Interviewed Tanya Aliza (Scroll to the bottom to play in QuickTime player). Tanya is a NM rock-star, Speaker, Trainer and 7figure Home Business entrepreneur. A very exciting moment for us and we shared said interview, our optins shot thru the roof ans we know this works. If you are in health & fitness you could for instance interview a Top Coach, who might also be your mentor & a 6 figure earner in your primary biz. Or Interview a top earner in a community or forum you are part of, someone getting results. This way of lead nurturing is sharing social proof. Can we let you in on a secret….! The easiest way to do this is to attend live events or join a mastermind. Take photos and shoot a quick video at/from the event and add these into your follow-ups. Mastermind with other top earners, Paul and I are doing just that this weekend. We are attending a Live Training Mastermind in London. We can’t wait to exchange tips, tricks & strategies; learning from the best & we will then go and have some R & R …Sweet!

Lead Nurturing is a Must in Sales#4. Lead nurturing strategy is to Help others to succeed. In network marketing, MLM, direct sales, we have to work with others closely to succeed! So Please Do Work with 1-3 people, chose people who are committed and cracking on with the job and mentor them. Share your trade resources with them, encourage them to attend training & company events to get faster results inside of your team. Then ask them for a short testimonial. SHOWCASE them to your subscribers/leads. They could shoot a short video testimony or review of your work methods! In fact talking of videos, one of the easiest ways to build rapport with your leads, turning them into red hot buyers is to start making videos of yourself either face to camera or keynote videos sharing some value. Ray Higdon rammed it into us that this helps position you as the expert, remember events above…well bingo! Amazing locations for your videos, mucho leaders, success leaves clues, you can do this. Lead nurturing is a process and you can master it!

Bonus Tip And because we can’t help but give you a bonus…well practice what we preach don’t we. We also found this article quite interesting and informative on lead nurturing, you will like it. In order to turn leads into red hot buyers you should email them Daily. Don’t think that daily is too much if what you email them is value and not a pitch-fest! You could add a 30-60 day sequence of your emails. Guess who emails his list daily? Ray Higdon and guess who is a 7figure earner, you guessed it…! Study top earners, marketers at the top of their game, and yes you will meet them in person at events & masterminds. People who attend events almost always succeed in their home business!

Do all the above, nurturing your leads and you are guaranteed to increase your conversions. Use lead nurturing emails as these play a major role in your followup and part of your lead nurturing best practice. We all have heard that people buy from people, they buy because they connect with your message so be professional and nice, be YOU, or learn to be a better you. Be kind, nice, ask after people’s health, offer value and don’t become a pitch-monster. Learn attraction marketing and you will be on your way to becoming a modern master marketer and write your own paycheck for the rest of your life…

Take Away:

To recap, in order to turn your leads into red-hot buyers:-

* Be consistent and congruent in your follow up
* Join a higher level group of top earners and successful mentors to fast-track your success.
* Attend events it’s an investment in your Personal development!
* Mastermind. Connect. Network. Make videos & take pics with Top Earners and integrate these into your marketing content…go go goo as bob the builder says Yes we Can!

We’ll leave you to ponder this: take a few minutes now and examine closely how you’re managing your leads. Are you meeting your business objectives? If not, start implementing the above ideas to stop future sales from slipping through your fingers, or reach out to us for some guidance. We love to help, in giving we have received so much more! We love to share it forward!

Got a question/s? Post in the comments below Or Contact us and let’s get you productive this side of the first quarter of 2015…

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We believe in You…!

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