Maximise your Sales via your Email List

Christmas Bonus Post- How To Maximize your Sales with Your Email List

Hey its Julie Syl,

I bet you were not expecting this today. How to Maximize your Sales with your email list, just before Xmas to boot! Well let me tell you a secret, Leaders are setting their plans in motion ready for the new year, Followers are having vino, eggnog and mince pies ( I love all that stuff…except eggnog )

Pauli and I are simply saying a huge Merry Christmas and wish you every happiness in the festivities, don’t drink too much eggnog and by all means don’t drink and drive Next time we share a blog post will be in the New year, Or maybe we will send you some sparklers for the dawn of the new year, wherever you may be 🙂 feeling all generous and wonderful so I will share some tips and training Today, just because I can….

HOWEVER, if you are like most home “business” owners out there, it may be completely irrelevant to you because you probably don’t have an email list to market to…. YET! Or maybe An auto responder is news to you…!

If you fall into this category this blog post and training is definitely not for you, BUT stick with me anyway …coz its Christmas right and you might learn something new eh!

You need an email list, not any old email list but a Responsive, Engaged, Interested, positively riveted email list for your business to run smoother and residual income to flow. If that is you then this blog post will work for you. If you don’t have an email list, stop fooling yourself into thinking that you are actually building a business online, because I am sorry to say, you are not! Email list building is key to growing your online business and brand. Plus if you are not investing in your Personal Development and set aside a budget for Training & Promoting your Business again, you are fooling your self! Our friend, Top Internet Marketing Trainer and Mentor put together a free 4 part video series on how she gets between 15 and 25 high quality leads (list subscribers) per day. Access her value packed free series here if you don’t have an email list yet and if you still have any doubts about Branding you, building your email list and creating a constant flow of residual Income then You might like to read our Uncensored reviews of said product here!

So at this point, if you are still reading this lets both assume that you are actually building an email list and you want to get the most value (sales and money) from your growing list of subscribers. BUT you don’t wish to build a Brand online or a website and go into all the rigmarole of SEO & becoming a webmaster. Well worry no more because we got you covered with a Full Package all round Training program that will get you maximizing not just your email list and making sales DAILY; we also offer & recommend a host of resources that are not shared by most Trainers or Gurus out there! This program has been on offer pre-christmas. Because we believe in YOU we have extended the offer Until Midnight  30th December thereafter the offer will go away including the price-point and definitely the bonuses! So I will boldly suggest to you that the above recommendations are going to be gold for you and your business come the new year.

We also would like to share Adam Chandler’s Training Video on Maximizing Your Sales via that email list you are building. He really explains very well why you should follow his training which Makes pure sense. Take a look here below!

Maximizing your email list Adam Chandler Training Video


The training Adam Chandler gives in the video above is pure gold. Its the kind of training not usually shared by email marketing gurus out there! Watch and Learn. Thank You Adam for that.

At this point we know you just want to get to that eggnog, so all I can say is Paul and I hope you are building an email list and we wish you every blessing and joy this holiday season. And we hope we have served you well this side of 2014! We love you loads and as always appreciate your comments and shares!

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