The List Building Process

The List Building Process is One You Can Build Into a Cash Coughing Machine. Part 2 – We Give You The Machine


As an engineer I love processes thus this list building process to me is analogous to a machine! It has different parts working together systematically for an end result! Okay it’s taken us a bit getting here but, you now know how valuable and powerful having your own list is. Here is The Machine… the List Building process. Many will think its too simple…BUT GET THIS Business is Simple…people make it complicated! You see whatever others are selling to you, calling it Amazing, New, Super-duper etc. they usually sell it via …you got it email. The power of email marketing is quite unreal. And once you have your list built and automate…well you will be printing your checks daily, weekly, monthly and No SCAM!

And Here is How…..

List Building Process


List Building process- The Squeeze/Capture Page

We assume you have a product/service, a domain own or company provided & are ready for the next step in the list building process- the capture page. Below is an example of the text of One of our squeeze pages:


List building the squeeze page

As soon as you enter your details i.e. names & email address, they’re added to a database where we are able to email everybody at the same time. So if you have nobody on your list, well you have nobody to email then! But what if 5 people go find the squeeze page & enter their details i.e. optin? The next time we send an email, it goes to five people…! Here is the system we use to Build our squeeze pages, Guess what…ITS FREE & super easy to use Shhhhh don’t tell anybody. 


The squeeze page could have an image, a video, could just ask for an email or names, telephone, email, etc, In other words its there to capture your audience’s details! SO once you have an offer and you create a squeeze page and put in place an autoresponder…you can automate this and its the PROCESS baby! Its as simple as that…don’t complicate things people! So lets talk about the autoresponder…!


List building Process – The Auto responder

When somebody opts into one of our squeeze pages, they enter their email address usually to learn more or to get a free offer. They are added to our email auto responder. And the automatic system we put in place kicks in…Our first email is usually a “Congratulations and welcome” message. And we deliver what they opted in for immediately along with something free…Now we don’t want to reinvent the wheel on what your autoresponder series need to say. Different niches, same process and Robert Frank wrote an amazing article on this, read it here!

After day Zero our subscribers receive an email every single day related to their optin for 7 days strait! They also receive our blogs and any interesting info we feel would benefit them. We don’t usually ask them to buy anything directly i.e. pitching. Rather suggest & encourage them to take Certain Actions i.e. Call to action through Our Blog posts!


Any other Actions in this list building process?

How to Get what you want the Honey & Vinegar ProverbYes… The Offer…and this is exciting my dear. Find or create something once and sell thousands of it to an audience worldwide. We created A Product and sell it on JVzoo and are earning thru the sales…making money whether we are asleep, at the cinema, playing golf, singing at the cathedral…you get the picture! You too can do this, it doesn’t have to be your own product, but find something that adds value to your subscribers and you can automate the whole process. You can have other people drive all the traffic for you (for FREE!!!!!) Whilst you sit back and count the cash. Whether at home, by the pool on vacation – it really doesn’t matter.


The main thing to understand in product creation is: You too are The Product & are already creating products… Ha you are looking at this wondering whether I have gone bonkers…Well let me ask you…Didn’t you shoot a vlog on “How to bla-di-bla” last week or week before…? Didn’t you just write a blog on a topic you felt comfortable about…! So yes you are already creating products you just aren’t monetizing them yet! It can be a Life Changing event once you learn how to leverage it!

List Building Process, The Offer

Product Creation Can do This For You!


Get this my friends, in order to super charge your list building process you got to change someone’s life with the info you give.

You don’t have to change the world in one go with your information. You just have to educate the person who is less educated than you are on a given topic. That’s what makes you an expert in their eyes. Plus you don’t have to know everything, you just have to know something someone else doesn’t! Put it together professionally Create a killer sales letter (Grab our 100% Free Ultimate Sales grabbing sales letter Guide here) and you are set …check out one of our sales letter Here!


So we are done Right? Oh Yeah…the only thing left is to drive “Targeted Traffic” to your Squeeze or Opt in page and get on with your list building … It doesn’t matter what niche you are in or want to work in. The focus in your list building process should be…you got it; to build your list. Once that’s in place you have the power to generate thousands of dollars anytime you please. It’s funny, most people when they come to us say, “I know I need traffic. If I only had traffic, I would make money.” They think exactly like we used to. In fact traffic is the last bit you set up, you have got to Deliver Value first. Remember, delayed gratification. For traffic check social Media in Billions, Solo ads, PPC etc.

As a Consultant in the Engineering field (something I am passionate about) I will tell you this secret, once you get people on to your list, to the buyer’s process. A buyer is a buyer is a buyer … I was taught that you stop selling when the buyer stops buying. So you keep selling, and the buyer will let you know when they’re ready to stop. That’s why you’re able to set up the email auto responder, and if they keep buying, well happy days. As typical Buyers we do exactly the same…When we wanted to learn about affiliate marketing, Julie & I bought every training we thought was useful. We were on a buying frenzy…until we got what we wanted. Not that we stopped buying, but we now only buy what we like. Its not a frenzy anymore, we’re not desperate any more thank God…does this make sense?


For me personally, I don’t remember the last time I sent an email recommending an offer and didn’t make sales. Just think about that, you’re sending an email and making thousands of dollars. Make sure to promote quality products that truly benefit your subscribers. Then anytime you feel like making some more money or launching a new website, you can promote an affiliate offer or launch your own offer to that list and literally count on making stacks of money just by sending an email to your list.

Once you have responsive mailing lists, you can literally make money at a push of a button. I hope you understand that I am not talking about any push button software. I’m talking about a real system that you set up, you put the work in upfront. This list is your asset. A list of people who are hungry for your offers and who are ready to buy at the push of a button!


By the way you can also build your list fast by Recommending someone else’s product or service. Oh I know I know, it may seem counter-productive; as we are talking about growing OUR lists! But think for a sec: if someone with huge social influence recommends YOUR site or offer to THEIR subscribers, What do you think that would do for you? Remember Reciprocity? You must consider returning the favour! Please use this one sparingly and choose who and what you share with your list very carefully. List building will help you monetize your sites and open up for you new avenues for marketing and partnership!

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We have helped lots of people. But right now we are not looking for hundreds. We are looking for a
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Meanwhile dig into this Free PDF from winningware on the List Building Process & why!


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