Sales Funnel Strategy and Why you must have One!


Can I just say that today is not a day for scam alerts and all that skepticism….Oh yeah I had enough of that! I just want to answer a Question that arose form an Image I shared about my sales funnel (See it below)

Real results from our Sales Funnel, It works when done right!

Someone took the effort to Click on “ASK JULIE” with ” Why are you scamming people, showing off on Facebook that you are getting leads…we want to see the money! What!

First I never share income or earnings on Social media. WHY? Because is AMATEUR MARKETING to do that!  BUT I do share facts and results of my actions. So by sharing a Fact that today we’re getting targeted leads willingly opting into our sales funnel squeeze pages; that seems to have offended some poor looser! So I tackle the topic of why any home based business owner or affiliate/network marketer must get sales funnel training in order to generate leads and make sales!

You Need a Sales Funnel FOR ANY KIND OF BUSINESS online or off line. By the way you DON’T need a sales funnel system if you aren’t interested in Creating Residual Income online. But if you’re interested, below are the steps you need to take to get to a stage of a well oiled sales funnel management system:

  • Do some product research on/offline
  • Find a program, service or product to promote
  • Do your research online to discover profitable keywords
  • Get writing and create/produce content that adds value & is compelling.
  • Publish your content via a blog post, a Facebook pan page update, Newsletter article, forum post, video etc. pick your juice
  • Promote Promote Promote that content using a variety of  social media tools





#1. THE FORMULA – Do You Know What a Sales Funnel Is?

A Typical Sales Funnel via a Website or Blog!

I am sure you can Google what a sales funnel definition is.

So I give you something the Greens will love!

Lets get to some mathematics, remember its a numbers game. To generate leads you need the following: 


Traffic = The off or online footprints to your site or links.

AKA people who find and check out your site and/or offers.

Opt Ins = Those People who subscribe to your e-mail list via your offer

page/links aka Squeeze or capture page – without a list you are dead in the waters, can’t put it any simpler.


SALES (lots of em)= Get others to buy into your offers. This is essential to generate income.

If you are a network marketer or in MLM then your sales may include getting new distributors into your program as one of the ways to generate income.

You could say this is the formula for the sales funnel stages and it is. You could even say its a sales funnel definition, and it is too. Its the practical application and tools to get the SALES that really matter. For most people the automation of this formula is the to success and you will find a lot of sales funnel software, some work, most are duds that you shouldn’t even waste a buck on… yet some preach their success using said software! You have to test what works for you…Pauli and I use the tried and tested Branding, Blogging, Paid Ads and Use of an e-mail management system aka Aweber! This is literally simplifying it for this post or I could write a book… Not today though  Click To Tweet

But we shall talk about…




Why a Sales Funnel

This could have been the first question. Why should a sales funnel matter? Why should you even bother with one? Because you need to make sales…! That’s it…Where is that sangria.




Since you don’t have a high street shop, your online presence by itself wont make you sales however gorgeous you may be. So driving an increasing amount of traffic to your offers, links, website is the only way to be seen and get those sales made. And you wont be able to do this long term without a sales force. Going it alone is simply not the way in network Marketing. In fact its a recipe for failure.

Social media Optimization can help drive an increasing number visitors to your sites and offers. Its a learned art. For instance you need a Sales page, a Facebook Page if you are on Facebook as an entrepreneur. If you use  Pinterest then I strongly recommend to turn your profile into a business one. To do that faster, head over to our YouTube Channel and A, Subscribe and B, Use our Playlist packed full of Pinterest Marketing Tips, Training and Tutorials , Head over there and do it now! 


And below I delve deeper into why you should have a dynamic sales funnel It could get a bit detailed. Grab Your self a Cuppa…




#3. How Having a Sales Funnel that Works has Turned My Life Around: 

Before I started internet marketing, I thought the only way to have multiple streams of income was to work DAMN HARD, buy rental property or 10  and hope that by 60 it will be producing a tidy lil sum to keep us going on a cruise a year and pay our bills. That was as far as my sales forecast went!

NO NO  & NO…if you are that person today, please get out of that mindset. You need MSIs and to have a better, more abundant twilight years and so you don’t become dependent on your children or worse on then state!

Make sure YOU purposefully create multiple streams of income to protect your financial future. It’s so simple these days do so online it’s incredible how many people allow their own PERSONAL Fears & Scepticism to hold them back! You can never win without spending, and YES sometimes loosing! Having several sales funnels helps! 

Create a Sales Funnel Strategy that feeds Multiple Streams of Income, to ensure a cushy life!

WHY. Because it’s quite simply & profoundly true that if you put ALL of your financial eggs in one basket, what happens if that basket is affected in any way, it lets you down, e.g. it could tear to pieces, you could drop the basket? Well that’s your eggs gone & you could end up with egg on your face…in online marketing this is common as common goes! 

It has happened to many including myself and my family in the past. With only ONE income stream or one sales funnel, all kinds could happen to you…

The economy changes…it has changed so much in last 6 years, you know what I am saying!

People have made the wrong decisions. Did you loose your job, whether you resigned, got pushed, company closing down or you got laid off? Many have fallen into depression or other stress related afflictions  and Cannot work. And God forbid you have no insurance…you are snookered! 

To avoid falling foul of the above, We put our money where our mouth is & train Network Marketers and Home Based Business Owners how to Build a Super Organisation from the Ground Up. And create wealth through MSIs – multiple streams of income online. One of the things we put emphasis on is creating multiple sales funnels.  For instance right now we proudly promote 3 Programs and Our Own Info Product and for each we have created a sales funnel and drive traffic to them. Driving traffic is via Paid adverts, Solos, Social Media Optimisation, ppc etc. 

There are PLENTY of pre-existing opportunities out there for you to choose from, yes it can be overwhelming. I mean, do you want real products to sell, do you want to have to buy and carry an inventory? Drop ship…? Whatever it is you chose to do you need a sales funnel to generate leads, make sales and create the life you desire. 

In my opinion, Digital products are the easiest and cleanest to deal with, because they do not require an inventory, they can be delivered immediately, and they provide the buyer with that quick immediate fix that they are looking for. And I know for sure following numerous chats on and offline… 

Not everybody has lots of cash in hand to invest in a platform that isn’t a sure deal. I know for sure that in my team a lot of people start at the basic level. They are looking to make some money first before they upgrade to the top product level. They can and should invest their earnings in scaling up on their sales funnel traffic to increase sales and upgrade.  


You need a sales funnel because if you are relying on a one off sale of some product to a few people, you will always be broke. AND you are then letting those people wander off to be serviced by another marketer. We have handled List building in another blog post and wont go into details on how to use an Auto responder…Simply look at “RELATED POSTS” Below and you will learn more on that.  

We look at Some Costs that Will Get You Thinking of a Bigger Sales Funnel Fast: 

If you don’t know where you are headed any road will get you there i.e. Nowhere. So your sales funnel cannot be everything. It must be targeted! Click To Tweet

Send targeted traffic into Your Sales Funnel to make Sales!

The reason you need a sales funnel that works is because while the cost of starting in any MLM or Network/Affiliate Marketing platform may be low, if you intend to Stick it out and Make an Income that Outlasts you, then You cant forget the following:

That the regular cost of your home based or online business and In no particular order could include:

– domain name registration fees about $10/annum per domain (once any promos are done) Plus securing your domain from Hackers Properly can cost from $49/yr to ….whatever you deem fit. An SSL Certificate starts from $49/yr as well! 

– website hosting – approx $6-$20/month

– auto-responder fees  can range between a min of  $19.95-$24.95/month (Mailchimp offers a free account).

– affiliate fees – Most companies charge a subscription or auto-ship fee. Can include accepting payments to eliminate the need for your own expensive merchant account. Again price varies, but can be up to $100 per month or much more. 

– Plugin fees – if you use WP to edit your site you know exactly what I mean…Mind you many plugins are free, which is a huge relief. 

– Not forgetting Targeted Advertising for that Sweet Traffic – This is a personal Budget that you must add! Etc. etc…

So, you need to understand fully that it DOES cost money to build a business and a sales funnel online. BUT it’s A LOT cheaper than a regular traditional offline business start-up and operation costs, by a MASSIVE HUGE magnitude. Become a Sales Funnel Creator to be  successful in your endeavours to create Time and Financial Freedom for you and loved ones. 



What do you think? Have I overlooked any aspects of a sales funnel that you think are important? Be sure to leave your strategies in the comments. 🙂


As always You Deserve More!



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