3 Effective Email Marketing Basics, that will Get your Emails Clicked!

Let’s talk about email marketing! Why…Because we focused on a social media strategy last article and part of the process was “Get them from Social to email“! Use social networks to spread the word about your offers, and push consumers to your website for email subscription. Where you can marinate them via your awesome content thru newsletters, blogs, broadcasts using email marketing services like MailChimp which is free, Aweber, GetResponse etc. We use aweber and you can get started emailing your list for as cheap as $1!

Well we usually protect Sundays for family our faith and touching base with why we are who we are…everyone should ask themselves the Qn why I am who/what I am…! But we digress…One of the activities we do on Sundays is clear our business email. Check whats cool, what we don’t need any more ouch…that unsub button comes into play sometimes! And yes we would like to think we are typical customers! We are also very much aware that somewhere in the universe, someone is doing exactly the same thing to our emails, thus today’s topic…email marketing!

Email marketing is not new, yet it has evolved so much, people are less trusting of what they get in their emails and thus more cautious in opening any old email! Yet email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a responsive customer base and can provide that much needed boost to your content marketing and ultimately your conversions & sales! This marketing strategy is quite simply founded in Permission Marketing as propounded by Seth Godin best selling author! Who encourages brands to first seek permission before sending customers email marketing messages.

In fact email marketing must be a big part of your content marketing arsenal.


Email marketing is not new, yet it has evolved so much, people are less trusting of what they get in their emails and thus more cautious in opening any old email! Yet email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a responsive customer base and can provide that much needed boost to your content marketing and ultimately your conversions & sales!


EMAIL MARKETING, THE BOMBARDMENTEmail marketing needs a lot more skill these days because we all are bombarded with emails so are very protective of our time …right!!! Well first if you open your emails first thing in the morning you could be losing time as you can easily get lost down “rabbit holes.” Email per se is “Minding another person’s business” Yup…! But since as business owners we know that email marketing is one of our most important ways to promote our products/services; we must learn how to grab our audience’s attention from the get go. And today we are going back to Email Marketing Basics! And nope its not what you think…!

 So Below we reveal 3 Super Tips on Email Marketing Basics!

There are a lot of technical guides on email marketing out there and one of then best we found was written by Kevan Lee content writer/blogger for bufferapp you can read it here on the “science” of effective email marketing!

#1. The central idea of this blog series is to dig into building relationships with customers and then getting them to willingly BUY our services of products. Never forget that your marketing approach must be customer driven so integrity is key. Hypey promises of fast results are a no-no!

If you can find the perfect balance between being compassionate (i.e. know their pains) yet assertive (Provide a solution without sounding like a “pushy salesman”) in your emails you will definitely get more opens! Did you know that there are 2 predominant types of customers? Of course you do. Let’s first put aside freebie seekers, who simply take what they want and never engage or even promote who/where they got the wonderful free products from! In email marketing and indeed any other marketing, we have:

1. Customers who buy
2. Customers who don’t buy but promote your products and send new custom to you because of the relationship you build with them via your emails…! We shall talk more about these below!

Keep in mind that both the above types are inexorably important and thus our main task & target via our email marketing strategy or approach is to keep both of them happy. We don’t want then going anywhere near that “Unsubscribe Button!

#2. The reason why many hit that dreaded unsub button is because, email marketing is not easy as it sounds. We know someone with a huge list of thousands of emails, and barely making any sales. This guy, has sent his list every cheap offer he promotes. That’s the gist of his emails, buy this buy that, here is what I am selling, did you see my this n that..”me, me, me!”  By gosh it may be your email but It Is About Them

So how can we make it about them?


By Personalizing the messages we send whenever possible.
Your website visitors and subscribers, and those we connect with on social media believe it or not will appreciate your messages even more if its personalized. You could add personalized recommendations into marketing emails for the ultimate in one-to-one communication. This could be based on your tracking info on each subscriber’s browsing behavior on your website. Its been proven that adding personalized recommendations into marketing emails can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%, and click-through rates by 25-35%…What could these figures do for your business?

Remember that effective e-mail marketing process goes like this: They gotta buy into Your Lead magnet, then You and your Message...& finally what you offer! Simple! So watch what you send out. Tweet_Icon#3. Email marketing starts the moment someone opts into your squeeze page or lead magnet! Whatever you used to get them to release their e-mail to you, you must deliver first & foremost! For instance the method we use is key in giving us an idea on what to expect from our customers. Thus we mentioned that we must beware of freebee seekers….


Because if your lead magnets are predominantly free stuff, then you will have a list with a majority freebie seekers! OR cheap product buyers. You could be hard pressed to sell them a high ticket offer or get them to purchase anything as they have come to expect free stuff…! Note that we say “majority,” not All freebie seekers are cheap! But we are all looking for higher numbers of quality customers.

The danger here is simply that you may find it hard to get your list to become responsive to quality higher ticket products or services. Yes you could turn this around and offer some lower ticket cheap products, and the product quality may not even matter! But the cheaper the product, the more you have to sell to generate a viable ROI & income you’d be happy with!


On average it’s great to provide incentives BUT make sure that the Content you offer is packed Full of value that this alone acts as an incentive and people tune in just to keep updated with your content.

eMAIL_MRKTINGHere is the deal; your average quality customer is not hooked on freebies. They’ll buy products from you because they trust you and consider you an authority through your email marketing content! Here it’s all about trust, price may not even matter. Our email marketing goal is to sell high end quality products to such customers.

Remember that every other marketer is generating leads & list building on social networks. And this is indeed a real effective way of permission based marketing. Trust us that almost 9 out of 10 people check their emails daily, even several times.


So do whatever it takes to learn how to Create Killer emails, because it is an effective long term process of promoting different offers to your list. Practice makes perfect and always test & check to see which style/offers got more opens & clicks on your links and rinse & repeat! Be consistent; never let a week go by without communicating with your list however small! Yes for Winning is a habit and it’s best friends with Consistent Productive Action.


Food for thought: Email marketing, in conjunction with a well presented website, great content and customer experience, forms a stable foundation for interactive content marketing. Cant forget that our audience is made up of both smartphone owners and non-smartphone owners, so we gotta make sure our strategy addresses both users.


In our next post we’ll share with you how to create different elements of emails to win trust and generate sales. Until then thanks for dropping by, please do share, subscribe 🙂 and let us know your views below!

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