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How to Get 701+ Free Twitter followers in 90 days or less Using Proven Steps!

Have you tried to get free twitter followers lately without doing a thing?

And have you ever wondered how to effectively use twitter to build your internet business?

If not done right, it can be like pulling teeth out of a rat’s mouth. Seriously, its not happening unless you use tried and tested methods.

And today we are super excited and on a mission to share with you the strategy and resources we use and our results so far.

So we tried something new the first quarter of the year & it’s time to share the results! We also revved up a gear while we were on vacation on our fairly young business twitter account, we are very pleased with the results and we know you can too!!

We have been allowing this twitter account to grow organically for the last 5 months. We also grabbed some twitter training that promised a faster way to get more twitter followers, without having to follow everyone back like most Facebook Follow parties demand! We don’t encourage you to participate in such events as the “followers” you get are not targeted and not interested at all in what you offer. They are more interested in your #Followback…. I did a broadcast on this learn why it’s sheer insanity to do that share with others it may help them out!

Anyhow, we wanted to test the strategies out and boy have they delivered!

What should I Post on Twitter to Get more Followers? #Twittertips #Wednesdaywisdom

What we’re sharing is pure gold nuggets, for attracting one-way follows i.e. getting people to follow you on twitter without having to or being obliged to follow them back!

When we started applying the strategy our Juleskalpauli twitter account (By the way Follow us already)  was kinda stuck at 423 organic followers, doing nothing special. Since we applied the tips and the training we share today…We have more than doubled the number of followers and you will find we only follow back those that we find interesting or wish to learn from!

Before we go further, Grab the training at Zero cost to you here, you will find it absolutely amazing and useful to you in attracting targeted, Free engaged Twitter followers fast, thank us later!!! 

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Of course there are so many ways of getting twitter followers, since every one, their aunt Kay and puppy are social media experts!  But we want to share what’s working for us. We tracked this strategy in place and our Twitter account grew from 423 to over 1120+ and the highest growth was while we were on vacation in Punta Cana you can learn how to have your dream vacation on a budget too!!

So without further ado below are the tips we used to Get More Free Twitter Followers fast without having to follow every one back and they keep coming! You can Download the audio or Listen on then go & Subscribe to our Podcast will-ya! :


Okay so if you got the tips mentioned in the podcast above you will be able to Get Free Twitter Followers without obligation to follow back, but you’ll want to also follow some back right! And if you want to find and get targeted niche followers you might like to try TWIENDS.COM too. So below are some more tips on growing your twitter follower base organically, your subscribers & sales to boot! Cool?


What We Do To Get Free Twitter Followers Organically in 5 Steps!


#1 Join chats to Get Free Twitter Followers

We’re not talking about any old chats, twitter chats are open to all who wish to participate, on various topics and they are really common, identified by #hashtags! Do some research and find twitter chats that have lots of your target audience and join the conversation! Do not spam the chat or anyone for that matter! Social Media Examiner gives you an ultimate guide to hosting successful twitter chats and they state that it’s the most engaging way to promote your social media presence, we agree and encourage you to read that post if you intend to use this strategy!



#2 Get Free Twitter Followers by Following people who follow your top followers

We have shared tips before on how to find your top followers on Twitter. So identify your top niche or same interests followers who also engage with your tweets most. Scan their followers and follow those that are active & look interesting, real simple! If they don’t seem to engage, respond or even follow back in 7+ days or seem inactive use crowdfire to change your decision, if you so wish! 



#3 Get Free Twitter Followers by Replying to & Mentioning Popular Users

Following on from the above, now you will find those people that have it going on twitter, and this is a super tip: if you have something interesting to say, then @reply to related tweets from popular users in your niche. While it may or may not elicit a response from them, what’s awesome here is it will include your tweet in the replies section of that tweet. Target tweets that have a handful of replies or yours will be lost in the noise, and of course they should be interesting. Mention your most engaging followers and absolutely respond to others who Mention you or add your handle to tweets, MINUS Spammers of course!  

If your Twitter account or strategy is rusty, you can turn things round Fast! #socialmediatips Click To Tweet

how to get more twitter followers organically #socialmediatips #twittertips



#4 Get Free Twitter Followers – List your Handle in Directories

While this is not as effective anymore, it still works. You’ll find plenty of directories online then find people listings in your niche. Even if you can’t find one, why not create your own listing? They’re mostly free to add yourself, in some instances they may require you reaching out to a page author or site owner.

To be honest you should be putting your social media links everywhere including twitter of course! Offline, online, everywhere you can add them. Link to twitter from Instagram, Facebook you can learn how to in this video. Talking of videos, link via YouTube, from your blog, if you do a guest posts, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of. Add your twitter handle on your business cards, brochures, placards, posters, merchandise etc. This is one of the passive & easy ways to get free twitter followers.

This is one of the passive & easy ways to get free twitter followers #twitterhacks Click To Tweet



Use #TwitterPolls to get more twitter followers #Wednesdaywisdom

#5 Host a Twitter Poll and Get Free Twitter Followers

We did write about Twitter polls (see image above) as a means of growing your social presence! And they are an engaging way to build rapport & find out what your audience esp. new users need. Some of the voters may re-tweet it to their followers, expanding your reach. Some might receive a notification when the poll ends, allowing you to re-engage with them. Either way try it at least once, have fun, engage with and get free twitter followers to boot! from those followers will come some of your subscribers and so you need to learn the art of recruiting or selling to get to the next level

how to get more twitter followers without following back #twittertips


Grab your FREE copy of Total Recruiting Mastery for Bloggers & Network Marketers!



Bonus tip: Tag Your Niche Influencers to Get Free Twitter Followers

Don’t get us wrong by tagging people in random posts. Make it count! For instance, if you attend an event, Why not mention it and use its hashtag. Go have a chat with presenter/s and take a selfie with them and post it to your socials Inc. twitter. Quote them, or share something worth sharing. Tag them e.g. @syl_Julekalungi. Guess what, chances are they’ll retweet you, especially those that aren’t arrogant or who are also looking to grow their social presence more or use it as testimonial! You could Scope live at the event with the influencer or presenter and ask them a couple of Questions answering your target audience needs! You’ll get lots of Periscope and twitter followers in one go! Prior to, you should announce that you’ll be Scoping live at the event to your followers so that they can tune-in!

And there you have it, 10+ Proven Free organic ways to get Free Twitter Followers for your business in 90 days or less. (Don’t forget the audio) Depending on how aggressively you follow the above tips and engage with your followers you will see a major and pleasing increase in your follower base, blog traffic, subscriptions and Sales of course!

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