Are the Twitter Polls a Fad or Super Business Tool? #twitterpoll #poll

New Twitter Polls – Our 6 Killer Twitter Marketing Tips on How to Leverage this Feature! 


Okay Okay I need to keep my hair on, super excited…Have you tried out the New Twitter feature Twitter Polls yet

Since Oct. 21st 2015, Twitter rolled out the “Polls” feature for the twitteratti. And the question on our mind is: Is our twitter feed going to be engorged with twitter polls left and right? That we shall wait to see.

And without further ado we show you what your new Tweet box should look like before your insert your text below.

What The New Twitter Polls Feature Looks like! #twitterpolls #twittersurvey



So lets get into the Twitter Tips & More on Twitter Polls below:

#Tip 1 Your Handle:

Before we proceed it would be rude not to mention this. If you haven’t yet done so, go book your website domain name as a @twitterhandle before some smart-ass grabs it and attracts your clients thinking its your account.We did. You are building a brand right…!

We also highly encourage you to follow us on twitter, Instagram, Blab & Periscope  on handles below:




We have learnt that for purposes of Congruence of Brand and for ease of finding its always best to use the same Handle or username across your Social Medias esp Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which use #hashtags as a tool for finding resources ad information. So if you haven’t yet done so, go change your handles on above Social Medias so your content is easily searchable.



#Tip 2 : The New Twitter Polls: 

You see Twitter now allows for users to create polls from within Tweets. Currently polls are limited to two ‘answers’ (ie. yes/no, true/false, X or Y). Like a scope, a Twitter poll is open for votes for 24 hours. But can still be re-tweeted or liked way after the votes are closed

Below is our Very First of many more to come Twitter polls results! And we can confirm that just about 10% is a fair number to expect from respondents to your poll on twitter unless you pin it to the top of your profile which did halfway the day.  You definitely can have fun with this! 

Out First of many Twitter Polls Results! #twittersurvey, #twittermarketing


So lets talk twitter marketing, if you’re serious about social media marketing then you’re probably always open to new ways to not only engage but serve your audience. And Twitter is on a roll following the slump in user statistics this year (See our post on Instagram Marketing).  They’ve come back fighting with Periscope, Twitter Polls, revamped Twitter cards, and of course you must create your account with your twitter handle…Or you will take forever to grow a following over there. 


Twitter Polls are only 3 weeks old and they are a hit. If you search for Twitter polls on Twitter though, you will see a huge number of results already!

You can now create your own two-choice poll, Demonstrated in Video Below


As stated above, the poll remains open for 24 hours, then Twitter automatically tallies the results. You can vote anonymously on any poll and can create a poll via a mobile app too, super! 

PRIVACY: This is super important. You can vote on any poll and neither your details nor your vote are disclosed. Not even to the Poll author. This means Twitter isn’t letting brands target their audience based on a vote Learn more on this from Techcrunch! Means emphasis is on privacy! We love it. It takes away the worry that some may have, that if they vote on a poll they aren’t automatically opting into some list! One up for Twitter Polls! 



Our 6 Sure Ways to Leverage Twitter Polls:  

Twitter Polls can be used in various ways for all sorts of things. Really get creative, have fun with this: Ask for opinions on products, services, platforms, measure peoples interest, engage your audience in all kinds of both niche related or simply lifestyle questions and choices. Below are some of the ways we intend to use Twitter Polls in our business:

  • Raise engagement esp. on trending niche topics, people can actually share their views and retweet. We’ve seen some really trendy twitter polls. 
  • Find out how our audience like to consume our content: podcasts, videos, blog posts etc. Feedback.
  • Audience or customer product preferences: e.g. styles, colours , times they prefer etc. Aka Market Research
  • Surveys on all kinds including preferred contest prizes.
  • Seasonal Sweepstakes and giveaway surveys
  • Repurpose Content by embedding polls in our Blogs posts.


On that note, please Follow, Like, Vote in our Poll and Retweet Below



How about YOU, how do you intend to use Twitter Polls?

To leverage your poll to maximum make sure you add the hashtag #Twitterpoll or/and #Poll PLUS the hashtag of a trending topic esp. if you are creating a poll about one. Always ASK your followers for a Retweet so you can get as many opinions as possible. CLICK TO TWEET


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Have you got value from our “Twitter Polls Overview and how you can leverage them?” Lets learn how you could or do use Twitter Polls for your business or pleasure in comments below and Absolutely Like and share if you did find value! 


As always We know you deserve more


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