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Oh Boy I just got back from a meeting and I found a voice-message and here is part of the script: “I am confused, I am miserable, I am in a fix, I don’t know what to do. I’m in a total business rut.”  “I feel stuck.”  I am not bringing in any new customers, I cant recruit…its too hard!

Thing is, these’re words Julie and I hear lots from network marketers, audience, subscribers, home based entrepreneurs and oft times our coaching clients.  Truth be told, most of us go through this stage so much so that a whole 19 entrepreneurs gave their tips on how to get out of a business rut in 2013, an article you should look at. But it’s only a speed bump so take heart…If you’re going through this funk right now, it’s time to break free and push through.  We are going to share some tips to help you out…

We learnt a while ago that we each have the power to shape our destiny. Yet Les, the friend who said those words wasn’t even aware that they are shaping their tomorrow! Whether you believe it or not, when you use the word “I am” whatever you say next positive or not is a powerful creating phrase! FACT: You have the power to change your tomorrow and progress no matter what Wall of Jericho or Mountain is before you!  You have the power to live up to your highest vision of how your life can be…And you have A CHOICE, we always do!  So why not chose to go forward, chose to have a plan, choose not to feel stuck choose not to be in a rut, chose action that takes you towards freedom? Being in a business rut is not the end of the world.

Do you feel like your home based business or program’s pulling you every which way? The Answer is simple…Take a step back, sit down with a blank pen and paper and close your eyes, if you know how to meditate, do so and let the creative force, the universe speak to your spirit. To your soul, don’t rush it even if it takes an hour…Review your brand. After all you’re stuck!  

When I feel a little lost I take time out to realign myself with what I value most in my life, FAMILY, LOVE, PEACE…!


Allow yourself to Break free of your old, familiar habits, assumptions, stereo types and self-limiting thoughts.

Today is a new day, filled with new possibilities, so remember…

Changing a Business Rut to a Win- Take the Following steps:


#1. Get Out Of that Business Rut -What Was My Goal, What Do I need to do?  Is it worth it? If you’ve been asking the same questions for a long time, it’s time to change the Qns you ask. Also you may not like the answers you receive.  Remember, it takes a great deal of courage to admit that something needs to change, and a lot more courage still, to accept the responsibility of creating that change! Growth and change can be painful sometimes, yet nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you don’t belong. I suspect your goal included making a ton of mullah, more time with your family, maybe become a pillar of your community. Yet things are going nowhere! You feel as though you’re in a business rut with no solutions?

Is this You…

Then take a fresh look at the goal/s and decide whether these have changed and if it’s worth going in the same direction! You see you are NOT STUCK! Typically your first instinct is to look outside of yourself; I know I do it sometimes. To blame someone else! The fact is you should be focusing on your feelings. How you felt when you first started, the excitement, recreate that feeling! While you can’t always change what’s outside of you, you can certainly change your thoughts. So staying focused on what’s not working attracts more of the same to you, keeping you in a business rut, not cool.  Funny thing is, when you change the way you look at things, you will start to see a change, more positives!

Focus on then Prize




#2. Altering Business Rut –Focus on Tomorrow and what you can do. Truth be told we love to rummage through yesterday’s left overs…such bad news is not worth reliving nor does it make tomorrow better! In order to free yourself from that business rut and get motivated, you must learn how to let go of whatever old news is keeping you stuck. Release old, frustrations, pains, that lying prospect who didn’t keep their date or order etc.

You see the energy it takes to hang onto these things is literally holding you back from the good that awaits you.  What is it you want to let go of today?  Do it! Feeling stuck oft times is a huge red sign to make a change! A change in habits, focus, actions, priorities, resources etc…And even when you feel in a rut you still know what to do…you are just not doing it!


Alternatively, according to Buddha’s Brain, when we are closest to a breakthrough is when things seem the most still (read this book). It’s akin to a river flowing towards the ocean…in business the same thing happens to us as we get close to a major breakthrough.  Our flow must contract before it can expand, both are equally important.  And according to the Huffington post getting out of a rut can be as easy as letting go of our fears and facing our greatness, one of their solutions is “make changes in your life!”

#3. How To Get out of a Rut Fast – Look at your business with A CUSTOMER’S EYES. At the forefront & back of my mind I know that I am in charge of the day-to-day operations of my home based business. So its gotten easier to focus on what I need from the business and how it can best serve my customer. This is how to get out of your business rut. You need a fresh outlook. Imagine who might like to buy your product; how may it benefit them, make their life easier, better, more fun & entertaining. How differently can you present it? Is there a better way?

If you work specific hours, are these hours convenient for your customers?  If I bought would I be getting the best bung for my buck? Be real honest with yourself in answering these questions. Ladies and gentlemen we aren’t offering a magic wand or band aid here. These are long term solutions on how to get out of your business rut or indeed life rut!


Usually when we feel stuck, we are waiting for something magical to happen.  Someone said they are waiting for their ship to come in…I asked him, did you send it out and are the winds in your favour? They looked at me funny and walked away in a huff …

What is keeping you from breaking through and growing your business?  Whats holding you back from recruiting new reps or making sales in a world filled with billions of people? Could be fear of failure, laziness, overwhelm, procrastination, Insecurity; what’s your excuse?  We all have one.  And when we focus on our excuses, we stay in a vicious cycle of “Stuck.”


Time Out can allow you to look at things different & get new ideas to Get out of a Business Rut!




#4. Take Time off, Go on a Vacation, or simply “take off” for a Bit! I like this bit of getting out of a business rut, cos it’s fun.  Yet for most people any time they spend away from work is begrudged!  It is never a good time to have a vacation! Or there is never enough money, and who will stay with the children, it is the wrong time etc. The longer the list of excuses, the more important it is they take that break. Could be a mini break, a day off, a weekend away, a day goofing off with the children. Anything to help get the mind and the body feel good, goof off, enjoy your life, clear the cobwebs & take a fresh look at your business. Take a Vacation to Re-energise, without having a GUILT Trip.

Trust when I say, I know what it means being in a business rut; everything seems that much harder, less fun, less clear. Once I literally spent hours looking at a blank screen. I like to listen to some motivational Ester Hicks audio, Go for a power Jog and run Hard. If you do a physical fitness routine go at it like you are facing godzilla and don’t think just act. This helps reset your mind and free you from the stress. I also may call a friend and chat while scoffing a full fat latte or ice-cream…Goofing off, I love it!


#5. Kick out of that Business Rut – Focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO Bite sized! Trust me when I am stuck in a rut, I look at what I have been putting off for ages. Things I thought I could do later coz they looked easy OR Too Hard! Get cracking with them. Many times these activities are actually either admin or we “fear them.” So we put them off.  Create a schedule and a To-do list and do them with a focus that’s almost fanatical. I tick them off one item at a time…as I do this my spirits lift and I feel accomplished…bingo positive energy…which in turn attracts more positivity.  Andrew Griffiths propounds this in his article on 10 things you can do to get out of a rut.

I don’t let other people’s opinions faze me either! I know my value and worth…do you know yours? If you’re constantly trying to prove your worth to someone else, you’ve definitely forgotten your value.  Don’t become a prisoner of their withheld praise…! As long as you cling to other people’s definition of you: what you are, what you look like, your happiness etc., you will always be chained.  Did you know that thoughts that begin with, “I have to…” or “I really should…” reveal where we feel most obliged to direct our energy.  Redefine things for yourself.  Write your own Story… You are more than capable in every situation so in the same way you can find your way. Look inside, listen to your inner man intuition.  You know what you truly need to do…Get it done!

Detatching yourself form the end result Is a great way t get out of a Business Rut. Frees you to look at what can be done NOW!

#6. How to get out of a business rut – Reflect & Detach from The Results! Are you so focused on your results, you are “Resisting them?”  See we attract what we focus on and if your mind is focused on WHAT YOU AREN’T ACHIEVING…well you will attract more “Non achievement! Listen to me – Detach from the end result! Whatever your prospect says doesn’t matter. The universe is infinite you will find those people who need your offer, in large numbers. If you allow your mind to focus on abundance …! And then let it go! Let go also of ingrained superstitions, doubts, conditioning! You didn’t start to fail. Focus on GRATITUDE…that everything is aligned for your success, the day you invested! You may be in a business rut today…it too shall pass! So why not have some fun, life is phenomenal, if you so wish it. Make the choice today, to feel good about yourself, your business, your world, the infinite possibilities and the steps you’re taking right now! I love the way Marc & Angel Chernoff put this in their article being beautifully human, “Remember you are human, you are beautiful and your life is a journey”, you’ll enjoy it!


#7. You are Not stuck in a Business Rut- Look at your achievements? It’s all in your Mind…You can change it All. One of my mind hacks to get over being in a business funk is to count my blessings. I remember my achievements, business or life. Think of all the things I’ve completed. How far I’ve come…! You Can do the same. An entrepreneur who never celebrates achievements is a miserable guts! – You’re way stronger and a lot less stuck than you think. Take heart, and remember that the biggest breakthroughs often come after a seeming struggle or drought…Farmers know not to worry about the periods between the planting and the harvest. They focus on Action, to keep the crop free of weeds, bugs and bad weather (in your case it’s the negative non serving, non-empathetic, unhelpful humans or situations) So remember what may seem being stuck for a while is actually necessary for the growth of your business too!  Embrace it, enjoy the journey, take baby steps if need be, but keep looking & moving forward that’s all that matters today to get you out of that business rut!

Your turn…

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