A user Friendly site makes for a great customer experience!

4 Super Tips to create a more User Friendly Site or Blog, Ensure More Happy  and engaged Visitors that BUY from YOU! 

We don’t know about you but we had a wonderful weekend as you can see. Well we also thought we had a user friendly site! Simple to navigate, shows clear headings, clean lines, not too crowded and is aesthetically pleasing….Well until we got an email from someone called Cassandra J…Whoever they are. This person said she had checked our website and found it wasn’t user friendly and she proceeded to say she couldn’t find a site map and that made her user experience awful…lol! Drama, Drama..I mean which site did this woman visit! Then we thought, spammers aside…do our customers get a great experience when they visit our site? We decided to tackle this beast today…How to create a user friendly site aka ease of navigation, browsing experience for our customers!

It brought the question to bear, is our Website Design Driving Away our Customers? Absolutely not as it fulfils the criteria for user friendly navigations and ease of use? enough about our site bla bla Let’s dive in on why a website should be user friendly….

A Suer Friendly Site Is all about them...Your Audience! Even Your About Page Is Aimed at Helping Them Understand How You Can Help Them!

Its Always About Them

We give you our …4 magnificent tips to a user friendly site below:

#1. Get To the Point, Be direct and don’t drone on:

Did we ever tell you about the windows sales man who went on and on about his double glazed super awesome self-cleaning windows glass for over 2 hours…after he had asked for only 30 mins of our time?

Sometimes I think we are too polite. This man talked for England…and the poor fellow failed to realise his PRODUCT not his sales pitch sold us within the first 25 mins of showing us the brochure. Have you ever encountered such a salesperson?

Honestly Julie wanted to punch him in the face…hard…I know but hey she just wanted to say we’ll buy already! This man had the typical pushy salesman crammed pitch and he had to show off…and finish every word!  

Now imagine visiting a website that is the online equivalent of such a salesman…Run friend run!

Julie recently visited a very simply laid out and easy to navigate health & fitness website that does what it says on the package. Its called Femme Fitale fit Club by Diatta Harris. (that it has some cool products and offers didn’t hurt either) check it out here (not affiliate link)

Julie & I have visited many a website that are the e-version of the over practiced salesman! Let’s look at some characteristics of such a website:


  • Poor browsing or navigational interface. Many websites hide some pages such that your audience has to click on several embedded links before they find what they are looking for. A website is meant to be user friendly and encourage customers to grab what they need asap! With the attention span of less than a gold fish you would have lost ¾ the human population with such a site.  Have you visited a website with a series of steps meant to get you to a specific destination…but you get bored before you even get to it! You get to the Home page, and find a long drawn out intro, with a link at the bottom granting you divine access to the next. Then on to another long, wordy, verbose repose to the next link and page….Imagine if you have already decided to purchase the product! This would put me off big time. Julie recently decided to purchase an online PC security software and gave up at the 6th try…that’s 5 too many, a customer gone, imagine how many more!


  • A Website with high-pressure sales definitely leaves visitors with a bad taste. It isn’t a user friendly site. And chances are wont get many impulse purchases…leaving money on the table or what? If a salesman visited you and made a long drawn out sales pitch you might switch off and never buy…Make your website uniquely inviting for your audience to not only make impulse purchases but to recommend and come back again and again because of its user friendly layout! Don’t forget that with a website, we can leave any time during your sales pitch, yet we may politely stay with a “live” show. Don’t delay that purchase it can only hurt your business. Have a clearly marked PRODUCTS Page with a Brief but succinct description of your offers. And if you can provide a short-cut to the order form for your visitors, do it. For instance we use an amazing Social Media Manager tool that we don’t know how we managed without it before…Check it out Below. TRY IT, THANK US LATER 


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Christopher Heng actually went one better and wrote an article about Ways to annoy your visitors read it Here…Lol! Well we want you to have a user friendly website so this is Just so you don’t fall foul…

#2. An Easily Marketable Blog Makes A User Friendly Site 

Do you realise that there are many websites and blogs that aren’t simply marketable. They even have a loyal following, a community of interested people that could easily spread the word about the awesome content, but alas, no such luck…Not user friendly sites! It would be a waste esp. if you are an amazing writer with valuable content. Remember this doesn’t make you marketable, unless your audience have a vested interest e.g. affiliates! There are different ways below on how to make a more user friendly site or blog and thus more marketable!


  • Use social share plugins:

A User Friendly Site allows for ease of Blog Shares & Marketing.

One of our most admired bloggers, a super pro-blogger a multiple 6-figure earner and all round paradise hopper Ryan Biddulph actually visited or blog and tweeted the article to his over 30k followers, because of the value we give and of course ease of sharing!

By the way Ryan has an amazing offer for Amazon Affiliates Check it Out Here and If you aren’t yet an Amazon Affiliate..Well its free And you already own a website, what are you waiting for!

Here is something Cool, If You Hover over our Images on any blog post, you can actually share the article & image direct via the Image! Cool or what 🙂 ASK ME HOW Or Better still when you Get to “More Resources” Part, you will find a Link to the Awesome Emily La Grange’s blog on A plugin that does just this, Implement & enjoy! 

Only use plugins that are absolutely needed for the function of your blog. Any more and they just take up server space & slow down your site loading time! We use Shareaholic & Sumome, to make it easy for our audience to share our posts and content thus making our content also easier to market.  Think about your use of colours, widgets, ads, etc.

Sumome - a Social Share plugin that makes a user friendly site!

One of our Social share plugins – Sumome

  • Make use of List posts: These are numbered headline posts. Which also allow you to have breaks and create spaced paragraphs between lists, making your content easier on the eyes. They are favoured by your audience trust us on this. So break up your content to lists, and bullet points. Give a brief description per bullet e.g. headline: 7 Top Secrets to Youthful Skin, 4 easy steps to blog traffic, 4 awesome tips to a user friendly site…ok ok you get the picture 


  • Use Infographics and/or Videos instead of Text based Articles. Make your site More Visual, pictorial than text based. Use Pic monkey, Gliffy, Google free images, ppt to create your own graphics. Pull out your trusty Nikon, tablet or smartphone and take interesting photos and use them on your site & blogs, this breaks the monotony of text and keeps the reader interested. Making it a user friendly site…! Don’t go overboard with the images and graphics, everything in moderation don’t you think! Videos are also descriptive, saving space and keeping your audience on your page longer thus reducing bounce, which is all good for ranking


#3 User Friendly Site: Make it Fast Loading

Nothing more annoying or time wasting than a slow loading website/blog. If we click on a web link and it take ages to load, we find the next site and get on with it. WHY? So many awesome websites out there, why wait for a slow loader…21st century hello…speed it up already!! Unless we really need what we are looking for from your website…you get the picture! And guess what, slow makes it a not very user friendly site. Many people will simply bounce and go to your competitors! If people don’t stay on your site how can they take any action or enjoy your awesome content? So absolutely, your site speed decides whether people stay or bounce. And by the way a high bounce rate drags your ranking down arrrg! 

Optimize your website to load fast (less than 3 seconds). This makes it a more user friendly site and help you retain your readers attention long enough to take some action or engage! We have optimized our site for mobile users, another criteria for user friendliness and search engine ranking! This has helped in its load speed too, super! 

#4 Leverage the Mandatory Items on the Site Navigation Bar for a user friendly site!

User friendly site with a simple yet pleasing Title Bar

If your website is for business purposes, ensure that certain links are accessible from every page. We use a navigation bar: If you don’t know what a navigation bar is, take a look at above image. On the top of every page is a series of buttons which give you access to the main pages of the site. Your navigation bar could be on the side or bottom. In our humble view and from the Business Blog Mastery Mastermind we are part of, the following items must be present:

  • About Page, which should tell your audience about You or Your company/services.
  • Contact Or Support Page: for ease of contacting you by customers, ensure it has all necessary communication contacts, social, telephone, web, emails, Times, etc.
  • Products: This would link to a listing of all your products. If you have Lots of products we advise that you create category pages that are accessible through the main product page. 
  • Order Form: If you are all about ONE product, make sure the order form & price list is clearly visible so your potential clients find it easy to decide on your offer! And the pricelist improves your site user friendliness and your income!

Assuming you know what your target audience wants or what you want from them i.e. you want them to engage right? Take action Yes? Then make sure those elements are clearly visible in the right places on your site/blog, user friendly remember! For instance we want people to optin to our various FREE OFFERS & have to put those forms in the side bar and sometimes in our articles as well to make the process easier.


Its essential to blog to share value on purpose for traffic and profit, which should in turn bring you more sales, Period! If this isn’t your aim, then Don’t worry, blog away and leave your website be! 

But if your aim is to earn from your blog and brand, hen be sure that while people may hear you out due to politeness; on the internet, customer service starts with a user friendly website. If you have a webmaster have a quick word with them. If you are the web-master, listen up, how you design your site will determine whether your visitor becomes a paying customer or buys from your competitor. Your Choice today, make it a good one!  And the cherry on the cake for a user friendly website is it also ranks better in search engines and that means sweet ole organic traffic…love me some of that 😀

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Okay I think these will do and I truly urge you to Like, Share & join the discussion. Share your tips too or just drop a hi below 🙂 



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