Prospecting and Selling for profits is an Art that We all Must Master!

6 Sure-Fire Prospecting & Selling Tips to get You Making Sales and Residual Income Fast!

Before we started in a Home based business we didnt even think about prospecting and selling! We thought selling was well the supermarket selling stuff, shops, online stores OR worse one of those annoying cold calls you get or an annoying windows & conservatory sales man. The Car salesmen, you only spoke to them when in the market for a new car! Real ignorance…that wasn’t even blissful! Today we know that Selling is a Great profession, we love sales and marketing and It is fun…most of the time anyway! The fun bits are: talking to new people, sharing what we find exciting, our passion, being knowledgeable about what we’re sharing and at the front line of doing it, impacting someone’s life hopefully for the better….and Best of all Closing the deal!  On the other hand prospecting to us was something altogether different…like mining minerals etc…don’t laugh honestly! Prospecting & Selling techniques vary, yet in our lil bubble of ignorance we assumed they didn’t go hand in hand…How times change!

What are your views of Prospecting & Selling…would love to know later? But now let’s talk about how to knock your prospects for nine and get them qualifying themselves to buy your product/service! As coaches we know that mastering prospecting and selling is overcoming your FEARS and learning a freakin awesome life-skill!

When we started out in prospecting & selling if truth be told we hated the prospecting bit. Even calling our family and friends wasn’t something we looked forward to after the first 4-5 calls! Geez at the time we probably would have preferred to step in dog do than prospect. We know it was down to Mistakes in network marketing -reinventing the wheelFear of Rejection & really Poor Posture and if you don’t know what posture is…we urge you to watch out for Ray Higdon’s 3-minute Expert! GET THIS PROGRAM

Worse than calling people we knew, was trying to find new prospects and Cold Calling them..eeeiiikkk honestly poking out ones eye sounded more fun…no thanks we thought. Yet for any sales professional to succeed, ramping up the ole sales funnel packed full of cold prospects is essential…it’s the life blood of affiliate/network and direct sales marketing! You got to prospect to make the sale Simple! So without further ado we give you…

Watch our Short Presentation on Prospecting and Selling Below:

Our 6 Sure-fire Prospecting and Selling Tips Below:

Tip 1 on knock em dead Prospecting and Selling: Prospecting is an ART!

One of the earliest Books we read on prospecting and selling literally painted a picture that

Prospecting becomes something that you can control, because you are the artist and this is your canvas. If you start a work of art and don’t like it, you can stop what you’re doing and start another one.”

Peospecting and Selling are an Art form, Master Them!

Its a Work Of Art, Like This Jar You Get Out What You Put in

Isn’t this beautiful? So treat your prospects like YOU ARE AN ARTIST IN CHARGE…authority posture simple. They will connect with that. We humans like to be lead….so we will follow. You will attract and retain your prospects! The way we see it is, that by treating prospecting as an art, You eliminate uncertainty and the pressure is off. You are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, and even paint over them if you like. And guess what you develop your own style as you go and create a massive beautiful piece of canvas based on principles that you have practiced and work for you…yet can be shared. If you document what works for you and create a resource for others, you will stand out from the crowd!  

Rest assured that prospecting and selling starts the moment you begin the thought process of: Whom to call first, what do I know about them, their needs, pain, problems before I call, How should I approach them to increase the chances of Closing the deal! Yet sadly lots of people thing prospecting and selling starts and ends with when they actually meet a person, show them their link or product and expect a sale there and then…WRONG!

You Gotta Lead in Prospecting and Selling with Value

Cold Calling can Be Chilly

We learnt that cold calling in all its shapes and forms is necessary when you first start out with no list

and even when you are a seasoned networker with a burnt out warm list…trust us you will cold call at some point. So we figured that if we gotta do it anyways, and if mastering it will increases our earning power & brand value, then by heck bring on knock em dead prospecting and selling already…! We are on a journey to master this beast and are sharing some of the lessons that have helped us get to where we are today, the art of communication!

Tip 2 on knock em dead Prospecting and Selling: Practice Makes Perfect

Heck yeah…what did you expect, a fairy wand or genie in a yes maam? Yes go stand in front of the mirror or with your loved ones or even team mates, do it often. Our daughter came up with a brill idea. She suggested; why don’t you call our landline and leave a message like you are talking to someone, then listen to it over and over…(Lol we imagine she was tired of being the test bunny lol!) What she didn’t know is that this idea is a super strategy to Master fear and gain confidence in what to say to a prospect! When you listen to your message, you’ll be able to hear the kind of message you leave for others. The tonality, your mood, and even your posture and make changes to it. Above all, perfect practice makes perfect…Get on with it! Its Not what you say..Its How you say it…!

Another example, if you are a parent to a teenager you will relate…whats really riles you? When that chat with your teenage kid boils down to sheer attitude and how they say it…! Almost like you don’t have a clue what they are saying or going thru…It’s like they have an antenna for what annoys mum/dad. So in prospecting and selling be sure that HOW YOU COME ACROSS i.e. PRESENT matters. The positive attitude does come across esp. on one-on-one presentations, your gestures, your actions…Tony Robins says Mirror your prospects gestures to have a deeper connection with them!

Let’s juts say that a positive attitude will win you friends, bring you rewards, and make you more successful at prospecting and selling.

Tip 3 on knock em dead Prospecting and Selling: Its Always About Your Prospect

In Prospecting and Selling Its about Them Always!

Its Always About Them

 The Founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, said: “You can never go far wrong by thinking like a new customer.”

We agree wholeheartedly with him. Always remember its not about you, its them Ask Qns, and LISTEN to their responses. So its always best to create offers and content aimed at your customers needs. As Neil Patel of Quicksprout fame a highly respected figure in online Marketing recommends too!  We recommend that following in-depth research you must create content or offers that your audience needs or believe they do. These could be blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails, info-graphics, products etc. And you absolutely must promote and market your content in the right niches and forums; if you’re to succeed in online marketing or a home based business.

Did I hear you Ask How to build rapport fast? Ask Questions and let them talk about things that matter to them. Listen attentively. It doesn’t matter if its their nana, cat, the apple tree or the neighbour who keeps flashing… Listen for the Key/pain, so you’ll know whether they are the right fit for your services! Plus you will learn about their buying cycles and preferences if you ask & listen hard enough. The ratio is 90:10—90% about them and 10% about you.

See they will always remember that nice man/woman who listens! 


Tip 4 on knock em dead Prospecting and Selling: Do Your Homework and Go for That Sale!

Be aggressive in your research on what works best for your target market and be ubber confident that what you are offering is exactly what they need. And Ask For The sale! You see every successful marketer genuinely believes that what they have to offer will help their prospect in a big way. And that comes across every prospecting & selling  contact they make! We are on a mission to help our customers in every way, and this comes across in the way we communicate!

If you are loving these tips then please:


Tip 5 on knock em dead Prospecting and Selling: Persistence Wins half the TIME!

Have you heard that scripture about the widow who persistently worried the Judge regarding her case that he gave in and ordered the case in her favour to have some peace from her persistence…? Well now you do! If someone says no Today but THEY DID OPT-IN to your funnel. Be 100% sure they were looking for something you could be offering and if you handle them right…keep in touch, find out what they do, social media is such a wonderful resource, connect with them one way or another and build on that relationship, drip information on them….sooner or later they will either unsubscribe…or BUY…Bingo. 

Did we say prospecting and selling is a journey not a destination? You must realise that even though you have that super-duper product with bells and whistles, the time must be right FOR THE BUYER not yours. Their buying window has to be open…Timing is everything! If you neglect your subscribers…you will miss that window! You will miss the signs, when they are ready to make that change or leap…Be social on social media & you’ll know just when to re-offer your product & nail the deal! We do that often and well we try to stay on our Team Sales Leader-boards


So remember to be Positive in your communications, Do your research aggressively and Be persistent…Always make that extra call…Their window may be open that week or 2mths away!

Knock Em dead Prospecting and Selling Tip 6: The Money is NOT In the List

Woohoo don’t shoot…Listen lots of wannabe entrepreneurs keep bashing it out that the money is in the list. NO IT ISN’T. We know people with thousands of connections and lists and not making a sou! THE REAL MONEY IS IN THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOUR LIST…!  How DO YOU “relate” to your list – communicate, interact, and involve them. How do you “market” to your subscribers? Are you applying smarter marketing techniques? What tools do you use, are you applying proven methods that command your subscribers’ attention and invoke action! If not why?

You can build the largest list from Timbuktu but with no rapport and trust you wont get those sales. Do it right, understand their pain, hang out where they do, offer your listening ear and deliver when they need and you will write your own checks for life! 

Lets Wrap this Prospecting and Selling Report up:

Add value, share stories, lessons, inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to take action this is the way to prospecting and selling baby! We want you to model, learn from what we do. We know what it feels like to suffer and have no one buy from you when you spend so much time creating content, list building & then not knowing what to do with them thus turning them off…

So Its time to stop “assumption marketing”. Let Us Help You Get on the right track, we have the resources, community and leadership you need. Once you’re getting “leader worthy” information and consistently implement, You shall make those sales in large numbers, guaranteed!

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