What could it be? The Idea is to Think Out of The Box!

What’s the most Slippery Thing you have Ever Caught…The idea is to get you thinking outside the box!


Oh yeah its coming round again, who knows that song…? But I digress, guess what I caught…Ha the idea is to think outside the box

This is one of the blog articles I first published on my Blogger account right here The Ideas I had then were real quirky yet I did then and still do believe I am sharing value!

I still share blogs over there from this site. What am I getting at here? That with consistent focus, taking massive action, an overwhelming self-belief, daily affirmations and gratitude galore you can get whatever the heck you want! When you learn to laser focus on creating the results you desire that is when the magic happens.

Well it’s been a long, adventurous, fun, challenging, exciting, but above all totally focused road thus far and boy things are manifesting in my life and that is such an amazing feeling!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be a guest on this awesome radio show called I Love Entrepreneurship by Marquel Russell. If you don’t know this guy…well I suggest you pop over to www.marquelrussell.com and you could learn a thing or 20! I genuinely believe I was being called to speak to lots of people an share our message and this internet Rockstar contacted me via Facebook. This man speaks to lots of people and has a huge reach too!

I am sharing this because I want you to understand that anything is possible. When you have an idea or ideas, the universe is speaking to you. Learn to properly ask, align with and connect to…the infinite source. The I am who I am, the Universe. When you Consistently share value, consistently learn new stuff, consistently apply it, consistently prospect, consistently close…you get the picture! Be CONSISTENT & ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING is possible.  We will share the broadcast as soon as its available…!

Do you want to know how Marquel found me? Because of the value content we share via this very website and on Social Media! Remember our article on Social Media Management and the info-graph we shared….all it said was POST…SEE BELOW

Social Media Strategy that Sells

And he isn’t the only person who found me via our POSTING on social media or our website. The X Ray Cat aka Marko Krist found me too via our passion for travel articles. We’ve been consistently publishing content 3X a week and ensuring its quality value content that our audience actually needs and helps solve some problem or other!

Because we show up every single day in our business.  My friends Be present in your business, be consistent in sharing value to the right audience and the world shall find you. 



Okay What’s The Most Slippery thing…Watch the Video Below:

And now let’s get back to the topic for today…Ohh yes I bet you think I am talking about fishing or goodness knows what else…! Although we all agree that fish are slippery, especially eels. Which are certainly slimy. You may have even heard the expression “slippery as an eel” to describe someone who is particularly elusive or devious. But are eels more slippery than regular fish…?

When I was young, I used to visit my grandma. With cousins and uncles we would go down to a stream where we would try to catch mud fish & eels. One of my cousins always said all we need is a super sharp knife, keep stabbing the water until we stabbed one… Saying that arrrrgg even now I shudder at the thought of stabbing the poor fish. I never complained when my platter arrived at tea time though…! Well maybe that will be a topic for another day 🙂

See we can all do this in network marketing, keep stabbing blindly in the pond and hope for a stab at success with no real plan. Or we can get the sonar, grab a net and get that super fishing boat and go where the fish are abundant and cast our nets on the right side….grabbing our 153 large fish! Our Aces, Coachable, Hungry, Focused, Business builders..! We are all looking to attract such people, the idea is they are supposed to find you! 

If you are a scripture reader, this message will resonate with you. What I am getting at is that not many people think outside the box! My cousin always had quirky ideas, he thought outside the box, not a very effective plan but hey he tried and guess what he seemed to have the Midas touch. He always got 3-4 fish! And today he’s relatively wealthy because he still thinks outside the box.

Marketing is Akin to Fishing, But the Idea os to Fish in The right Pond!

So let me ask you again, what is the most slippery thing you ever caught? Take a moment to write down an idea or 10, this is a serious exercise. Hint…think outside the box!

Meanwhile I will tell you about something I like to do in order to make the day more productive. And at the end of this I will tell you the most slippery thing I ever caught…you will certainly be surprised and for some intrigued by my answer. 🙂 I have already told you what it is….!!!

I like to think of a Topic, Theme, Subject I could research and share with our community and hopefully help you structure your day and therefore business, job, life better. Above all I like to think about something entertaining to share that is also educative and adds value to someone’s life. BUT in all this I like to be consistent! In other words I like to Give Variety yet keep it familiar; coz many people like to feel comfortable yet be entertained. Does this make sense to you? So in everything you do, make sure you provide fun content in a variety of ways yet keep it familiar! For instance if you like watching Oprah, or Ellen DeGeneres you will see that they present their shows in a familiar setting i.e. creating a comfort zone, a familiar sight. Yet they have a VARIETY of people they invite to their shows and do a VARIETY of things to provide the “Entertainment factor”. So we keep going back for more week after week, and even have “Withdrawal symptoms” when they don’t air the show or if we for any reason miss it. So in all your business adverts, add variety, don’t post the same thing day after day, week after week, even your link can look different yet offer exactly the same thing, by shortening it using various URL shorteners like www.tinyurl.com , www.goo.gl , www.bit.ly  etc.

Don’t you like to have variety in life? Wouldn’t it be so boring if we did the same thing daily the same way getting the same results? That’s the definition of madness by the way… :/ That’s why some jobs become so routine & unbearable esp. if you work in an assembly factory… I also like to hedge my bets and NOT Keep all MY eggs in one basket. But I am a sucker for a challenge, something to get my juices flowing and not just double my cash BUT Actually make 5-6 figures per month and I cannot emphasize enough how massive  this program is getting, watch this space.

The idea is You Must have a Plan B! Do You?

Are you waiting on a Company Pension Plan or CREATING IT?

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If we can do this…SO CAN YOU!

I believe you have what it takes.  It’s up to you to just say….

“I’m Ready To get Started NOW…. That’s it….PERIOD!

Okay okay….So what’s the most slippery thing I ever caught? Well wouldn’t you like to know and I won’t keep you in suspense any more. And it’s not something tangible nope.

Drum roll please…

==> IT IS AN IDEA esp. if that IDEA came to me in a DREAM! Yup….I bet you were not expecting this  

AN IDEA IS OFFICIALLY in my world The Most Slippery thing….if you don’t count human evasion!

Have you Got an Idea? Did you write it down? Then you haven't got it!


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely find that if I don’t put an idea down on paper esp. at night. I wake up to a hazy something that I cannot put my finger on and it’s so frustrating. Yet the ideas I manage to grab before they SLIP Away have been the most rewarding thus far. I literally now look for ways to keep my mind alert, my eyes peeled open and my notebook close at hand coz these things are damn slippery…I tell you my friend an eel has nothing on an idea bent on getting away. If you even consider the possibility of …ohh well I will look at that tomorrow then poof its gone, never to come again. I think they float around in the ether, if your mind is tuned in and aligns with them, they fleet in and stay. If you are Alert and Grab them, bingo you could have an idea worth developing and possibly creating a business and or make some money out of.

The majority of the rich and wealthy always take notes or have someone doing that for them. Because they have the means to develop ideas into something tangible. But guess what, most of them didn’t start out rich. Not by a long shot, take a look at Warren Buffet, Sir Allan Sugar, Peter Jones, Duncan Ballantine, The Trump, etc.

All these programs people invest their hard earned $$ in. MLMs Networks, on/offline investments, high risk bonds and stocks, …someone woke up to these ideas & created their own cash machine. You too can. Look at the celebrities many literally worship. They either had a brilliant idea OR SOMEONE had one and they are the Face of the idea and their lives have never been the same again.

Very few have the sheer luck of being born wealthy. Most have to work hard for what they have. They create business ideas, money making ideas, cash-able ideas or use an existing idea and resources. You get the idea?

But the majority don’t like to step out of their comfort zone. They let ideas slip by and away, they let fear and doubt cloud their minds, they let a failure or 10 stop their creative juices, and end up envying those that have achieved & reached their boundaries! My dear friend wake up to your idea/s, tune your mind, keep a net handy aka pen & paper and Grab them before they slip away because by Gosh They are slippery yet the negative vibes are so easy to settle in and clog your mind. Don’t Let Them.

Hope you enjoyed our article on “What’s the most Slippery Thing you have Ever Caught?” Was it an Idea? If you enjoyed please do consider liking and share with your community. We’d also love to know what is the most slippery thing you ever caught the idea here is to share views, experiences and expertise…

Have a brilliant week won’t you!

Because you deserve more


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