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8 Secrets to Persuasive Emails that Sell, By Winning Trust

This post will teach you the ideal way to develop persuasive emails that sell, emails your prospects will actually open and read. You know exactly what you have to offer,it’s value to your subscribers, So your emails have to sell these benefits!

In the last post we promised to share with you the nuts and bolts of getting your emails opened and your subscribers responding. The aim of creating emails that sell is to establish yourself as an authority by the quality of your content which is called “Ethos.” You very quickly must appeal to your subscriber’s emotions, make them desire what you are offering so much so that they buy from you without having ever met you and in some cases ever getting in touch with you, which is called “Pathos”!

The way you tell your story while marketing contributes to the Pathos of marketing. Everything that you tell your customers via your emails contributes to your ability to tell a good story that gets them to take action. And we must introduce to you “Logos” which is advancing your argument with “reasoning”. In order for your email to be persuasive, present your side of the argument with proof, testimonies, examples, statistics, and unquestionable logical statements.

Another proven way to get your emails opened is to entertain…aka Infotainment which is best described by Ben Settle of Copyblogger see what he has to say here.

Did you know that You are a typical subscriber? Of course you know how it goes. You have a gazillion things to do; you’re not going to open any mail unless:


#1. You’re a really huge fan of the sender and you want to see what they’re up to.

#2. You’ve been looking forward to & expecting that specific email.

#3. You’re entertained, amused, shocked or inspired by the little snippet or headline of said email


The same is true for your subscribers. If you want your emails to get opened, you’ve got to create one of those scenarios listed above with the tools at your disposal. So below are…

8 Tips that Guarantee Emails that Sell or get opened!


Tip 1 Remember we suggested that you stay conscious of the fact that your emails will be opened on different gadgets PCs, Tablets or handheld mobile gadgets! So if you’re to create emails that sell, it’s essential that your subject lines are seen by every subscriber. Your snippets and preview panes are only visible in certain email clients And some mobile devices as well.


Keep that in mind while creating your messages as it will help get your emails opened.


Tip 2 of emails that sell is; the email address you use if you don’t use an autoresponder is very important! So make sure to choose one that’s hosted at your brand/company domain. is much easier for subscribers to recognize (and looks more professional) than This also helps with your brand visibility & presence! While we are on the subject of email addresses, why on earth would anyone use The whole essence of email is “communication”, building relationships”… so why block your “Tribe” from communicating back? This really definitely gets my goat for sure…! I get an email, I’m excited I hit reply and then it bounces … “Do Not Reply” in other words You are not interested in what I have to say, even if you expect me to open and engage with your message…Tut Tut, A Huge No No! Bad email marketing strategy! Don’t use it!

Emails that sell are Open

Why Use “DoNotReply” when You want people to engage with Your Message?

Below Is what the “do not reply” address can mean for your email marketing campaigns according to Aweber (Open an account here for only $1):

Using a “do not reply” address causes the following problems:

  • You close yourself off from potential conversations
  • You miss out on valuable feedback subscribers may send you
  • You risk offending subscribers who contact you and get no response
  • You may miss some informal unsubscribe requests (from people who may be very unhappy if they keep getting your emails – hello, spam complaints!)
  • Your company appears indifferent to the thoughts or needs of its subscribers Essentially, a “do not reply” address takes a two-way marketing medium and forfeits its conversational benefits, molding it into an online version of TV or billboard advertising.


Tip 3: Subject line length is very important! We did say we are going down the trenches didn’t we! So your subject line does make a difference on whether your email will be opened or not. MailChimp recommends between 20-22 letters as this ensures that the recipient will see the gist of your message and if the headline missed the mark, the subject line may keep them from hitting Delete! This resource does help in Creating amazing subject lines that get an open! And the lunch pail blog gives us 5 tips on creating emails subject lines that sell, still valid today!

Tip 4. We can assume that our subscribers are on our email list because they believe we or our products can help them in some way…right? So lets tell them how we can help them accomplish that something they came looking for. It will definitely compel them to open our emails, This is called introducing the “How” e.g.

The How To emails that sell

Use The “How To” Email Headline

If you sell beauty products you could say:
“How to Save on Your Make up and still Look a Million $$”

Or if you sell stuff on Amazon: “3 Ways to Make Money on Amazon” 

Do you promote digital products? you could sayHow to grow an income from home using a done for you system, even beginners can use” OR you could….

Ask a Question.
In your message body think about the questions it answers. Then ask that question/s in the subject line e.g.
– Steal of The Day…Did You Hear?
– 2 Types of body makeup ― one lasts 12hrs the other 18hrs, Which One Do You Need?
– Do You want to become a Paid Tourist? Etc. etc.

This email marketing strategy provokes curiosity in your subscribers/audience – and they Will open your email to satisfy that curiosity…the qn is meant to leave more qns in the subscriber’s mind!

Tip 5. Create Urgency and/Or exclusivity It doesn’t hurt to instil a sense of urgency or exclusivity

Emails that sell have all this

Create Urgency, Time Limits, Exclusivity, Sales

in your subscribers by giving them a reason to act quickly in response to a message. The best place to do this is the subject line. If this doesn’t convince them to open, then the urgency wasn’t created…!


You could use words like: “For a Limited Time Only” Or state an Expiry date i.e. imply a time sensitive deadline & Stick to it! Give discounts e.g. 30% off our unique eye lashes for the next 5 days…You get the picture?


If you use email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, you get to preview your message! We say always preview and do it on a mobile device too so you know what your potential customers/subscribers will see, before you hit that send button!


emails that sell stand out Tip 6. While the email subject line is the Attention grabber, the Opening line could easily send them running! In some instances you may fail to grab their interest but they still open coz they trust you, So watch that you don’t Kill their interest, that would be a fatal mistake, that you must avoid. This could lose you subscribers. Our secret to emails that sell & make us money is that you should not only add more subscribers but also keep the older/loyal ones.

Tip 7. For emails that sell, this is our favorite tip! Focus on benefits for them
A classic marketing saying is that you need to focus on the benefits, not the features of your product. For example, if you are selling a healthy milkshake the features are that it is made of milk, cream, sweeteners etc. The benefits are that you will still enjoy your shake without the calories and get that bikini body. The same is true of creating & sending persuasive emails.

Tip 8. We can’t emphasize enough that you must absolutely split test different subject Headlines and Titles of the same email to see which one gets the more opens & clicks to links. The better headline gets rinsed & repeated versions of it in other emails! This email marketing strategy is used by multiple 6-7 figure earners and it definitely will work for you too!

With the information on secrets of persuasive emails above, you’ll be able to put together some really compelling email that will get more opens in the inbox and ultimately sales. When you’re ready to explore other ways to make your emails even more effective here is the system we use to do that. Want to learn even more dynamic ways to create emails that sell? Get in touch with us via our social pages, details below & we will be more than happy to help you out!

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