Facebook News-feed- What & How Are You Getting Served?

Facebook for business – News-feed Updates Affect Your Brand Reach- What & How Are You Getting Served?

Facebook News-feed Reach – How it serves your Business! #facebookmarketing


Hello my dear, have you seen the Facebook news-feed reach and updates? Should you be excited or is Facebook tightening the bolts against social users some more.

Let me ask you, what’s social about hiding your updates from your nearest and dearest? For some, Facebook is the closest to being in the same room with our nearest and dearest oceans apart day after day!!! (Breaking into song here).


As you read this post you will not only get a better understanding of how Facebook works for you , but also how you can use it to grow your network, opt-ins and ultimately sales. Yes Big claim, but only Truth on this space. No Fluff remember…  My aim is to help you make 1k per month online and beyond. By the way if you didn’t  read our earlier Step-by-Step Guide to Making that 1K/mth happen, Do read it Now here. We can wait….

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Anyhow I bet you have seen the new button on your posts See image below. But what the heck does it mean for you? I’ll get into that in detail in a bit…

New Feature Facebook News-feed reach - Is it another nail in organic reach? #facebookmarketing

Okay you may totally mind your content being hidden from your Own Friends and Family, but do you know You can now Hide your own posts…Kinda like dark posts on your profile that only appear on your news-feed but not on your own timeline. Cool isn’t it! Why you may ask? Because some updates shouldn’t appear on a Timeline simple. 🙂 See image below!






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Anyhow, whatever your intentions online, are you in the process of looking for ways to increase your sales online? You probably realized the root question in any promotional campaign i.e. “How do I get information about my offers and products in front of more people?” Before you even decide on the content of your message, you have to know that people will see it. That means knowing where the people you’re targeting will be. 

How do I get information about my offers and products in front of more people? #facebookreach Click To Tweet

Am assuming you aren’t yet too keen on paid ads or boosting your Fan Page posts right? Even if you are a social and leisure user of Facebook, I believe you will learn something in today’s particular topic.

You see Facebook uses specific factors to assess whether your friend’s updates make it into your News Feed and vice versa. Take note of the factors below and adjust your daily actions accordingly.


So lets dive into the Facebook News-feed Reach and How you Can Improve yours: 

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I bet you now realize that it takes lots of effort on your part to get a measly amount of engagement on Facebook! Every little counts in Facebook’s book…What are you going to do about it? 

Back to getting served….

Having looked at each criterion in Video above and assessed your updates, Facebook gives your update a “Relevancy Score.” Note that the score is specific to an individual user based on their predicted level of interest. Whether or not an update reaches a user’s News Feed is determined by the Update score.


New Super Tip: Here is an interesting school of thought: ARE YOU LIKING YOUR OWN UPDATES? YOU BETTER GET LIKING THEM…Why?

  • Well if you don’t like what you post, why expect others to like it?
  • Secondly instead of using Facebook “Reply” option to comments…Start a whole new comment with the “User’s name” this increases your own post rank. More engagement right!
  • Keep doing this throughout the day and see how much more engagement you will get! This is something I recently learnt from Lisa Torres a Facebook marketing rock star!

Here is the deal. It’s advisable to log out often. You see when you leave Facebook and login even a few mins later, the above process starts again. So if you post a few updates one after another even if hours apart, without logging out, you will notice that some barely get any engagement…! This is because Facebook ranks all new content that’s posted every time you get back on the site i.e. login afresh!



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Facebook News-feed Reach – How it serves your Business! #facebookTips #socialmediatips



What else can you Do to Improve and Increase Facebook News-feed Reach?

  • Post on your personal Profile via your Fan Page, this helps to acquaint your new friends with your Page where you can share your brand content without spamming. Add a Call To Action i.e. ask For the Like your Facebook Page, some people actually don’t do until they are asked.
  • Allow others to post to your Page. This is great for engaging and building rapport with your audience and allows 2-way communication with your fans and potential clients or prospects – It’s all about rapport. Attraction marketing is key so avoid spamming your own wall with ad after ad. A great balance is 4 lifestyle, educational, inspiring, funny posts to 1 Ad. Use Page setting to filter out what you don’t approve of on your wall!
  • I encourage you to also like and engage with other similar niche Fan pages and groups. Share their content on your page if its will be of value to your fans too. Great for increasing your own page and brand exposure.
  • Start posting at least 5 times a day and all you have to do is use the Facebook Scheduling tool. Check your page at least once a day to engage, thank your audience for liking, sharing and commenting too. All this will help increase your Fan Page rank and reach which is what you are looking or on Facebook right!




Yet we have another option. Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Are you tired of Facebook always pulling the rug from under your feet?

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ARE YOU SERVING & GETTING SERVED? Only you and your bank balance or wallet know the answer to that! Are you going to change that? Again the ball is in your court! 

Now I get it, not all of us are great at adjusting to all kinds of technological updates and the ever tightening changes that Facebook and other online platforms are making.

That’s what We are here for. To bring you not just updates and band-aid but working solutions to help you build Your business and brand online! So….


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