Profitable Email Marketing Campaign in 7 Super steps! #emailmarketing

7 Steps to Jumpstart your Email Marketing Campaign, Build a Responsive Email List & Make More Sales Faster!

Create Email Marketing Campaigns That Sell! #CTA

According to Digital Marketer, the average adult receives 147 emails a day! Means someone somewhere has crafted an email marketing campaign and hopes you are gonna take their desired action. If that person is you, what are you doing to stand out in my inbox? 

Following our Split Testing post, we’ve had a few questions on how to kick-start an Email Marketing Campaign and Build a responsive list, so we are sharing the lessons we’ve learnt on proven email marketing tips!

In this post we share our 7 steps to jumpstart your email marketing campaigns, so you get more opens and clicks! An email marketing strategy for building e-mail lists or newsletter marketing as it’s called by some, that enables you to reach more people, make a bigger impact and more sales! You will see that your email marketing campaigns have a lot to do with your success rates. So why do you need to kick-start your email list and what does it mean for you? It means that you can;

  • Attract more subscriptions, sales and customers
  • Create Brand Ambassadors who are repeat clients
  • Promote affiliate programs that you believe in and earn lots of commissions
  • Fill your webinars, tele-seminars and training programs

7 Steps to jumpstart your Email Marketing Campaign Today! #emailtips

We cannot emphasize enough that kick-starting your email marketing campaign today is your journey to creating residual income.  Literally akin to being the recipient of compound interest. So the sooner you create a funnel that works for you the better.

FIRST, forget the much bandied about saying that; “the money is in the list.” Excuse our Greek that’s BS. The fact is; the longer you grow and nurture your list, build relationships of trust with the PEOPLE and offer them the solutions to their problems, the more profitable your email list will be period. SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.

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Diane Hochman an internet marketing Rockstar, admitted on a live webinar that her list is just over 4K+ and she makes sales over and over again from said list. Yet we know a man with an over 100k list and he bashes that list with offers on a daily basis and he isn’t getting as much traction. We bet you would like to know how Diane make such sales? Well its the same program we use to generate 10+ leads per day  you are gonna Love this Short 2 minute video right here!


Well today you’ll learn how to:

  • Kick-start your E-mail list even if you’re just starting to build one of haven’t even thought of it.
  • Rekindle and reconnect with your existing subscribers if you aren’t getting much reaction from them.
  • You’ll learn 3 action steps to building a Super E-mail List.


Unfortunately, we see lots of home business owners and online marketers who haven’t yet decided to focus on creating viable email marketing campaigns, or build on your existing e-mail list. Many are too busy or overwhelmed with “putting out fires” and working IN their business instead of ON in. Man it doesn’t matter how many fires you put out, if you aren’t building your network and creating residual income, your business will fizzle out!


Using some of the tactics we’ve learnt over almost 4yrs now, to grow our list from 200 to almost 6k. And this year we are on track to double this figure…

You’ll be able to reach more people all over the world and make a bigger difference with your message as well as make $1,000’s just by sending an e-mail. That’s what we do and what we want for you, our audience, clients, partners, friends and community! That’s why we always say “You deserve more” 

Well in order to be able to craft a profitable email marketing campaign

#1 You Need an Attraction and Follow Up System

Now we have been shouting it from the rooftops that in order to build your online business like a pro you need email marketing tools. And as a blogger you definitely need a Customer Relations Management system (CRM) or an email marketing service to collect those contact details and be able to follow up effectively. We use Aweber and highly recommend it.

With Aweber you can create a simple website landing page or capture/squeeze page in 5 mins flat, to which you drive traffic. Once someone subscribes to your list the work begins. This is because it’s been proven that the average conversion rate on a sales/squeeze page, is between 1% – 3%. The relationship building work and the moolah is in the follow up.

7 Steps to jumpstart your Email Marketing Campaign Today! #emailmarketing

First you gotta be comfortable with others following up with you too…that’s how you attract the same! Most Online marketers hate receiving follow up emails and complain it grumble about them. They go about throwing suspicion on every one who reaches out to them online lol. Could this be you? You know that “in most free offers there is an upsell or sidesell!” And hello, you are doing the same so why not check out what others are doing. Put aside that resistance you feel, look with an open mind and see how their follow up message is crafted. Does it pull at your heartstrings? You could learn something….

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Follow up is important for developing rapport and get people to LIKE and TRUST you, this takes TIME & skill. Having a done for you strategic follow up and rapport building system can create predictable and measurable results for your business, for this you could use email marketing tools we mentioned a few in our Split Testing Post!


Listen to the Audio Below for THE REST of the steps you need to kick-start your Email Marketing Campaign. Plus some ideas on subject lines that sell! Subscribe to our iTunes via image below for our FREE Weekly Tips and Training most of which does not make it to the blog.


Click Here only if  You wish To learn How to Craft Awesome Sales Letters as part of your email Marketing Strategy



You have heard from the Podcast that Stories do sell and thats true. If you Want to Sell More stuff, you gotta get good at STORYTELLING!

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People connect more with a personal experience than facts or statistics. Paul and I used to be the official, corporate, facts kind of people. Heck we believed that our life was meant to stay private…how wrong we were!

Until we learnt a system that taught us how to share our story in a way that people relate to and yet not too intrusive. This system is right here for you too, I believe this is your year & some things need to change in your system, So be the change you seek


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Hope you got value from this post? If so, what did you find most insightful from this email marketing campaigns training? And do feel free to share with your team, like and share on Facebook too…


We totally appreciate it, you deserve more!

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