Battle Tested Tips- Increase your E-mail Subscribers - Part 2 #emailmarketing

Tutorial: 6 Steps to increase your Email Subscribers by over 120% And Obtain Your First Customer Without Paying for Ads! Part 2


Everything disappeared…no copies nada, Facebook glitch or sabotage? We’ll never know…What happened over at SBH unless we get the services of Inspector Gadget…  Ah well let’s get to the topic at hand how to increase your email subscribers fast!

So this is Part 2 of our Tutorial and drive to help you increase your email subscribers…so if you haven’t read Part 1 this won’t make sense, Go Read it here. And even as we write this, the popup we created in Part 1 has attracted an extra 8 subscribers…taking the tally from 116 – 124%


That SEO and Web tools PDF content upgrade and popup took less than 5 minutes to set up using the process outlined in Part 1, that’s Amazing! Now am gonna be real straight here….

It’s a total waste collecting people’s details if you haven’t got a way to communicate with them in a non-intrusive way…Or you just want to send them a message full of offers once a month. There is a better way and that’s where an autoresponder comes into play and you can trial aweber for 1 month for a pittance $1! With a CRM like this you can Track Your Growth. Without tracking you are not gonna know what works and what is a waste of your time and resources so in today’s Post I share with you how to…

Track, Scale and Increase your Email Subscribers and Sales Fast!

You can do this for all your posts and be able to increase your subscribers and email list on an ongoing basis. For this you need to take a close look and track your best performing blog posts, let’s take a sample 5-10. See the trends, i.e. which categories are performing best. Remember you are going to create Super posts refresh the older better performing content and Create Content Upgrades with a click of a button.



Step 1 to Increase your email subscribers: Watch Short Video Below

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Step 2 to Increase your email subscribers: Once you have watched Step 1 above you should create a Google doc or a simple excel spread sheet with your top 5 or 10 performing posts as below. These are your next offers and content upgrade ideas: Take the time to do this only if serious about growing your business and brand online. 

Simple & effective Guide to increase your email subscribers Part 2. #emailmarketing #contentpromotion

Click here to download the Free template Spreadsheet No optin Required!

Step 3 to Increase your email subscribers: Once you know which posts are performing best, decide which are going to be Content Upgrades or simply where you will post your offer or both to be honest. Details on how to do this in Part 1. You are creating a download or resource linked to that page instantly providing value to your audience, those that take action anyhow.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have published a refreshed or new detailed and content rich post, create extra materials for  it e.g.:

  • A step by step tutorial
  • A checklist
  • A video walkthrough
  • A podcast
  • A PDF of that post for future readers
  • Any other type product that will enrich your audience.



Step 4 to Increase your email subscribers: Create a Landing page for your Offer: 

Now its super easy to create a landing page for your additional content using either a simple Aweber form, or whatever tool you use to create your landing/capture pages. We recommend a Free resource if you don’t have one try Landingi (Free resource right here) and offer it to your readers in return for their email.  

I know that most people are super tired of offers and popups, so you want to stand out for all the right reasons from the noise of popups. And as Ray Higdon says,

You can take a horse to the river and make it drink…By salting its food.”

You can take a horse to the river and make it drink...By salting its food #RayHigdon Click To Tweet

Battle tested tips to Increase your email subscribers Fast! #emailmarketingtips

So you should make Right & Integral use of your:

  • In-content Forms that I talked about in a post before.
  • Headers like Hello Bar
  • Use your Side bar
  • And end-content bar or forms

Always remember that your audience will only pick up what they find valuable, so always over deliver in your posts. You will capture your audience’s attention for the sheer value you give…Build on that trust it is so worth it.


Super Tip: I know for sure that by adding your image in your Landing, Capture page or popup of your content upgrade can increase you email subscriptions by a great deal at the very least another 40%. The above simple tips can be done by anyone even a technologically challenged blogger.

But we all know that some do, some don’t and that’s why 97% don’t get! So for the action taker reading this, Go back to Part 1 Create your content upgrade.  Use a WP popup Plugin it allows you to add images or Magic Action Box. If you use the Thrive Leads Theme you are ahead of the game.

Read our Free Traffic sources Resource so you can place your posts strategically on busy online highways.

Use this strategy on your most visited posts and pages on your site/blog, scale your results and why not let us know your results 3-6 weeks from now. You can thank me later.

Now if you are really anti popups, why not try the Feature box.

Step 5 to Increase your email subscribers: Why Use feature Boxes to increase email subscribers?

Why Use feature Boxes to increase email subscribers? Click To Tweet

They are a super powerful list building tool right on your blog too.  This works for many, a Box of content that is placed above your content.

It showcases a brief synopsis of what your Site or Blog is about and why people would benefit if they subscribe. Check out a couple of examples below.

How to increase your email Subscribers Optins by 124% #neilpatel #emailmarketing


How to increase your email Subscribers Optins by 124% #Juleskalpauli #emailmarketing


These features are recommended because:

  • They are attention grabbing, thus capturing the readers attention from the get go.
  • You Can use them as an opt-in form Right on your home page, or Top of any page/post thus helping you convert more of your readers into Subscribers as soon as they land on your site. So that Popup you may not like so much is not needed to trigger an optin.
  • You can use it to target feature box a specific post/page on your site. Why not promote one of your A content upgrades.
  • They state exactly what you are offering or what your website is about to your visitors, so if they’re interested in learning more they’ll likely sign up.
  • They are a conversation starter…A Welcome Message for your audience so to speak.
  • The Targeting abilities of feature boxes cannot be overstated. You can target feature boxes on different posts on your site, effectively turning them into content upgrades and capture pages.

Again you can use Landingi or a feature box plugin called Plugmatter to create your feature box to help you increase your email subscribers and build your list. You can create, manage and track multiple feature boxes from a single user-friendly interface in either of these. The latter is a paid product from the get go. Landingi allows free usage, you get up to 500 visitors to your pages free after which you could upgrade. By then it either pays for itself or you can bin it!

Your Home Page is a List Building Machine waiting to be Leveraged Click To Tweet

Your Home Page is a List Building  Machine waiting to be Leveraged. In any Analytics you will find it is The top Visitor landing page.  The first thing most people see when they hit a home page is Your Image or slider or some other generic content. Others don’t even have a home age, they use it as their blog roll…a total Miss on Creating a Page that will be the most visited page on your site, turning it into a list building tool and Bingo you will increase your email subscribers in no time.

Check out our Home page above. Forget Sliders, no one waits around for the next slide. Sliders also slow down your website lots trust me I know. They also increasing your bounce rate…Aaarrg! You can use Sumome to create a super Welcome mat am sure you have seem it on our site.

Sumome needs a resource like Aweber Email Marketing to deliver your subscribers to a safe, place where you can build rapport and share with them more of your awesomeness! 


So Use a Feature box to provide an enticing message of what you offer plus a call-to-action connect it to your CRM and you are good to go. Don’t know what I am talking about…For goodness sake ask for help right here!

In today’s online space, any internet marketer or blogger serious about growing your online presence, business and audience would be insane Not to leverage content upgrades. They just work so much better and are the best for your Front end Zero-Cost offers leading to a paid offer on the back end. They are the Complimentary value you offer your audience for being supportive and helping them get quality content without having to scroll through all our blog posts or categories to find it.

Bring services closer to the people and keep your content fresh; in the forefront of your audience, each PDF/Video points to more of your posts. This strategy leads to more targeted sales conversions on the back end.

Ensure your content is getting that initial traction Click To Tweet

Step #6 of increasing your email subscribers: Ensure your content is getting that initial traction and eyeballs by promoting it immediately after publishing. The quickest way to do this is by pinging it of course, share with your email list & Joining 2-3 private and dedicated Blog tribesActively Participate in the giving and sharing; keep tracking your results! Below in no particular order are our recommendations:

The Bloggers Pit Stop

The Social Bloggers Hub

The Blog Exchange and Syndication Group

Social Marketing Blogs

Blog/Vlog Love Club

All above are all week apart from the Bloggers Pit Stop which is open only From Thursday Evening through to Monday Evening. And you need only visit once so use Banner below to join this week’s Blog loving. We know how busy you are so simply grab 10 mins of your time and drop in, you will definitely receive in return. 


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