Proven techniques to Increase your email optins by 116% #emailmarketing

Proven techniques to Increase your email optins by 116% Using Your Content – Tutorial Part 1 of 2

Are you frustrated by your lack of subscribers  from your blog and traditional social media sites?
Have you been promised instant gratification in a guru’s $500 course only to be disappointed by the lack of the promised immediate results? Maybe you have heard great things about the ability to increase your email optins via Solo Ads costing $200 for 50 clicks…Well in this 2 Part Series I am going to blow all that out the water by showing you some seemingly simple tweaks to your existing strategy to help you increase your email subscriptions by almost 120% ORGANICALLY!

I am sharing email marketing tips that Really Work. In this post I share how to use or create content that gets more targeted people to subscribe to your lists. In other words I am gonna help you increase your email optins using your own content, getting you more leads and sales! 

So now you got your CRM sorted, you created a Lead magnet and started an A/B test experiment! Well now we gotta get those subscribers flowing into your funnel and getting those sales. Today I am sharing with you Proven techniques to also increase your email Open rates by almost 120% and I am not even joking! After all that’s what we purpose to do. Helping Home business owners, bloggers, network and internet marketers build a super organisation from the ground up…Creating a solid residual income & live your life by design!

Proven techniques to Increase your email optins by 116% #ContentMarketing

Now whatever it is you do, you can increase your email subscribers or optins using various ways. So buckle up coz you may learn a thing or 10…

We are focusing on using your own existing content and pop-ups. Yes almost every blogger has pop-ups and hates them in the same measure…Will you make up your mind already what you want?

If you hate or dislike pop-ups…well guess what you will attract people who also do the same and you won’t be getting their details anytime soon. So from today repeat after me…

 I Love Pop ups, they actually intrigue me, I love to learn whats behind them…”

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Feeling better about those pesky lil pop-ups now? I thought not…Still am gonna share with you a way to use said lovely things with your awesome content, to increase email optins by a good margin lets dig in…

You are gonna need to have that CRM setup already…you know that. We recommend Aweber but you could use GetResponce, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, Sendblaster etc. Yes unless you are blogging for fun, you better get that sorted Right now. What are you, business owner or simply hobbyist? And you got your Gmail and Google Adwords account too right?


You are really gonna need them…You are going to find out which of your posts or articles has had the most engagement or visitor count and for that…

Login to your Google analytics, click on Reporting and on the left navigation bar scroll right down to “Behavior” then “Site Content” and Click on “All Pages.” Should look something like below!

How to increase your email Optins


On the right viewing panel you will see how your website performed in that month and the page with the highest views is what we want. That’s the page I recommend you use for this technique; where you will pop your pop-up (Pun intended). See that page is already attracting lots of interest online and thus with the tips I am gonna share, you will attract some more, much desired optins. So this is your first step to increase your email optins.

It’s important to choose where to place your lead magnet. You wouldn’t put your Hot Dog bar on a lonely unused and vegan neighbourhood road…You would ensure it’s placed by a highway with lots of hungry traffic… Same plan here! You want all your goals (message) to hit the Net every time right…

Tutorial: How to increase your email Optins by 116% #emailmarketing

You are going to Refresh that Awesome post, or page. You are going to do what we call a content upgrade! Something that’s gonna give your audience immediate value and which is also irresistible to most.  We are also gonna K.I.S.S…you know what am saying! How? 

Well, for Instance last year paul created 37 Incredibly Useful Tools and Websites for Home business owners ad Network Marketers.

It’s a topic close to most internet marketers and bloggers so I knew it would be a great resource. We created a Downloadable PDF and offered it to our Readers on another post that it complimented very well. That’s a content upgrade! You get?


Okay, how do you create that content upgrade?  I hear you asking! 



How to upgrade Your Content for Better email Optins!

Do watch the short video Below for the details on how to Create your content upgrade to increase your email Optins and sales!


It’s as simple as adding a PDF Converter Chrome Extension to your browser. Seriously this takes less than 2 secs lol! And then Watch video below for more details.

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Okay now that you got your content upgrade which is now your lead magnet, you are gonna Add your brand new PDF to your autoresponder thank-you page of that Squeeze page you created. And boom, you are done. Now use it as a pop up to get even more email optins. See short Tutorial below on how you can do that!



How to Create a Sumome Pop-Up to Increase your Email Optins, Generate leads & Make More Sales!

And now for the Ninja Trick for You, Yes you thinking you have no Lead Magnet or blog post that warrants to be turned into one! Why?

Because you might predominantly write short posts that do not make great offers. So in Part 2 of this Tutorial, I am gonna show you how you can create a Super Offer in your niche and you are gonna use your very own Content to Craft one so Keep your eye peeled for Part 2

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