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Financial Freedom Versus Job Security…decisions, decisions!

Everyone we know who has achieved financial freedom is a reader… So we read …a Lot! For us esp Julie, the decision to go for Financial freedom was the only choice. You can learn more about that here!


While Job security is nice to have, it has become a thing of the past. So much so that our parents &  grandparents are looking for work after their retirement because their so called job security ends before they retire. Their pension plan dwindled away to peanuts as well. So they are forced to work longer in menial jobs they would never have dreamed of in their worst dreams! Do you realise this could be You in 10,20,30 yrs time?

Our biggest take aways from Alvin Hall’s book “Your money or Your Life” and Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is the value of information and learning from a mentor even if it means doing a job for free to learn from them! In his book Robert shares that he ignored the temptation to buy the things he desired in order to get to his target wealth and financial freedom…aka delayed gratification!


What has delayed gratification got to do with financial freedom or Job security?

A heck of a lot…


Patience is Key to Financial FreedomWe work for someone for 30 days in the hope that they will pay us a specific amount. In return they control our every move for at least 7-12 hrs of our productive day inc. when we can take time off etc. etc. you know the drill! While in order to achieve financial freedom, one has to get some of that monthly income and invest it in something, and put in the sweat, tears, grit, pain they need to make it grow into a desired income. With no specifics on how long this could take…Are you willing to wait however long it takes to make that happen? That’s “Delaying your gratification”! If it don’t work Do Let GO!


Today’s article is meant to share with you the valuable lesson about the potential dangers of job security vs financial freedom. And to encourage you to Stick with your vision to Financial Freedom. What most of us do is go to school/college, study hard, get a job and our dreams to financial freedom literally start to drain away in a plethora of acquisitions! We buy property the wrong way thus acquiring liabilities thinking they are assets i.e. our Homes or houses! We also spend on other “luxuries” e.g. cars, expensive furniture, caravans, boats, etc. We invest in things like cable, get a couple of smart phones, pay for monthly gym memberships which we never utilize…a vicious cycle of spending in a sea of debt! Never really planning how to make that same income/salary work for us. Have a lil less for a while in order to have a lot more later, at whatever price we chose! In short a lifetime of working for money instead of having your money work for you. Robert Kiyosaki is a great proponent of Financial security and he shares his views regularly on the “Rich Dad” blog We are firm believers in his type of tough self love!


In the video below Edgar Trent Makes a Strong case for Security Vs Financial Freedom



To be a successful entrepreneur, who can claim to be financially independent takes time and effort without financial reward to show for it. You can check out our chosen path to financial freedom here. In fact many do invest everything they have including their college fund to get their business off the ground. You know what is scary and keeps people in a vicious circle of debt & spending and no plan B?…In the beginning while you build your financial fortune you will definitely work for no money… Only your huge dream and vision will keep you going most times. The fear of the unknown and worse still fear of failure, the time it may take to achieve your vision or see financial reward for your efforts, could even stop you in your tracks if you let it! We almost gave up until we connected with a powerful mentor who encouraged us to simply keep going until…


Below we share what we believe is a mindset and path to Financial Freedom

Many jump into a business without any real specific idea if they are cut out to be entrepreneurs! So before you do the above do you have the following characteristics and skills commonly associated with successful entrepreneurs?


Can You Take Baby steps?

Are you that person that thinks you can invest today and be a millionaire tomorrow? You are in the wrong place my friend! You need to start being comfortable with taking baby steps, learn the ropes, take small actions consistently, daily to achieve your dreams!


Have a mentor?

Do you have someone you look up to, someone successful? Someone already where you want to be? If your answer is No, then you need to find that someone fast before you start any business! You see we learnt this pretty fast when our upline abandoned ship to go play poker and we felt lost, when we finally got thru to him, he said he wasn’t our “Daddy to wipe our sorry a**es.” So pray tell would you look up to such a person? You could become that person to others. In order to attain financial freedom you need a system in place and definitely You Do need a business mentor. Someone experienced, successful and willing to provide advice and guidance?


Are you happy with Delayed gratification

You must be willing to make short term sacrifices for long term gain! Can’t put it any Embrace change to Financial Freedomsimpler…Be happy to not drive that bad-ass new car today (on your credit card) so you can have a drive full of Ferraris & lambos (debt free) tomorrow!


Happy to Change Your environment i.e. do you embrace Change?

If you are rigid about change and hate to even throw out an old pair of shoes, you could be in for a rough ride. If you want to become a super surfer and live in a land locked city, you gotta consider relocating to a seaside town…Change is the one constant in our lives and those who achieve financial freedom embrace it whole heartedly!


Get Comfortable with taking calculated risks

Entrepreneurship is a journey into the unknown, with lots of corners and curves! For sure almost every business decision requires a degree of risk, so your willingness to take calculated risks gives you an unfair advantage.


Embarrassment…Whats that?

Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of decisions on their own. Do you trust your instincts and are not afraid of what others think? Good, you will do just fine 🙂


Can You convince a bobby you aint jay walking…i.e. Negotiate?

As a business owner determined to get to financial freedom and security, you will need to learn negotiation skills. It your job to get the best deal, from leases to contract terms. Polish these skills & you will save money and keep your business running smoothly.


Are you a Tenacious optimist?

You gotta be like a dog with a bone, hold on to our vision or dream through thick and thin…trust us there will be many thins…!


Well dear friend this is it…Its crunch time. If being an entrepreneur is for you, start today to see the purpose of your job or business as more than meeting a financial need. Trust that its meaning can go infinitely beyond financial security. Visualize a world where you no longer need to rely on a paycheck. This will begin the change in your mind-set that will lead you to financial freedom. Job Security is a myth, one you need to break and start on Your Plan B, we know you can!


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