Start o Chase Your Dream today

IF YOU START TO CHASE YOUR DREAM FOR 2015 TODAY, YOU Will Hit the Ground running in January!

Over 2.5yrs ago when we first started Online Marketing we just chased the money, as our upline simply told us to get our family & friends and get on with it, neither were they into Mindset and vision stuff, nor were we advised to Chase your Dream, not in the proper sense! To us chasing the money meant chasing our dreams! Let’s share with you why you must start to chase your dream properly Today…

By the way most will advise you; Don’t Quit Your Job To Chase Your Dreams, while this is totally true, you must not use that job to dump down on your desire to chase your dream, because your job is meant to be a means to achieving your dreams and if its not going even half way to that end, you owe it to your self to make come changes and start chasing your dream again! In other words Smack that Fear in the face and get on with it!

We can tell you that like most people we chased the cash, and the harder we chased it the faster it run away from us! Does this sound familiar? Well my friend you are not alone. In fact most affiliate marketers and HBOs new & old do this every day and literally lose money hand over fist! We are here today to help you make that mind shift this side of the New year TODAY! And don’t even think that having tools is enough to make money online… bear with us

Do you think that the more tools and knowledge you have – the more money you’ll make? Well that’s not even close to the truth. Because often we have all the tools, a website to die for, we are not stupid, in fact most of us are highly educated and know exactly what we need to do, but still nothing happens…

Why is that?

We can tell you from our experience that the amount of money you make has nothing to do with how much knowledge, products or tools you have.

It’s about YOUR reason/s WHY and HOW BAD you want/need the money?

“I want to make an extra $2k a month” is just not good enough or strong motivator! WHY?

Because you should be chasing your dreams, desires, your biggest scariest goals. Think & talk about them every single day, no matter what they are, not forgetting Putting them on Paper, could be in form of a Dream or Vision Board put in a place of pride that you see them every sleeping & waking moment. If you are new to this, below are some ideas to get you started:

“I want get out of debt, pay off my mortgage.”
“I want to give my family a better life.”
“I want to ensure my children have a college fund so they don’t get into debt to get a degree.”
“I want to quit my day job, because I can’t stand it anymore.”
“I want to move to a better house, neighbourhood, city or even a country” (have the exact place in mind).
“I want to buy a dream house” (have a specific one in mind, go take a photo of it ad it to your dream board)
“I want to buy a dream car” (have a specific model in mind)
“I want to go on vacation and visit _______” (have a specific place in mind)
“I want to travel around the world” (These last 2 are favourites)

The more specific & articulate you are, the more brighter you can paint yourself in your dreams and seeing you achieving them – the faster you will reach them.

Stop thinking about money, rather think about your goals and dreams and Chase your Dream HARD. Because if that’s strong enough, you will find a way to cross that bridge no matter what it takes. Whether it’s a hard work, lots of failures, challenges, sacrifices, disappointments or risks, you won’t let any stand in your way! So follow, in fact chase your dream and the money will follow.

We urge you to Sit down with Paper and Pen, dig deep and Find your reason WHY. A strong WHY.

to chase your dream, articulate it The next step is the practical, With your dreams clear, Set some goals, write them down, Put them in place of pride by your Work station! Read them daily & Action! Believe in YOU.

Don’t give up on your dreams after a few setbacks or days/weeks/months and by gosh don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Dream stealers they are called!

Think of Any successful person you know, someone you look up to, Maybe Sir Richard Branson, Your Mentor/Upline. Imagine Bill Gates’ dream was, to provide a computer on every desk on every home. He worked very hard to achieve his dream, he was extremely driven, ambitious and competitive, and today we all know his story! Not because he chased the money, but because he went after the big dream. In our Next Blog post we will tell you more on how you can Chase your Dream and Make money!

If you are struggling In getting your vision and Dream Clearer in your mind we highly recommend Ray Higdon’s course on the Influencer Connection!

The only thing stopping you from chasing your dreams right now . . . is you.

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We believe in You, Go right ahead and Chase your Dream