5 Factors to Increase Your Facebook Post Reach and Page Visibility!

5 Factors to Increase Your Facebook Post Reach and Engagement Which will in turn  Increase your Facebook Page Visibility & Fan base 

Aside from my friend Elizabeth, who else wants to learn the “5 Factors that Increase your Facebook post reach and Page Visibility?”  Well worry no more, this is why we’ve got facebook post reach explained in practical terms

It seems to pop up lots in the Questions sent via Ask Juliewhy they’ve seen a huge facebook post reach decrease? Its a pain in their sides. Elizabeth said to me that she’s lost interest in Facebook because “her peeps” are never interested unless she tags them…! Elizabeth like Janet months ago, doesn’t realise it’s a Facebook Algorithm thing. There’re billions of people on Facebook just like you in any given month… imagine getting thousands of updates in your news feed eeeeiik! So Facebook fixed it..enter Facebook post reach algorithm changes… quite a few! 

Whether business or personal user, fact remains that Facebook post organic reach has drastically declined. By the way, in my opinion, “Reach is a wild card”, the important thing people should be focused on is NEWS FEED or POST ENGAGEMENT. The Facebook post reach drop is a result of the numerous Facebook algorithm changes, and we’ll go through some solutions! 

I noticed our fan page post reach last year had gotten worse.  Now it feels like it’s pretty darn hard to get your fans to engage with you on your Facebook Page. I have studied different posts and now can share with you 5 ways to increase your Facebook post organic reach, engagement and page visibility…Bold statement…but read on and I encourage you to watch my video to the end if you Own a Fan Page!

See I feel yours and Elizabeth’s pain, because low engagement means less people see our posts (this lowers our reach). The thing is if people don’t engage more with your content, you can’t increase your reach either…chicken and egg situation here it’s damn crazy! I am here to give you hope and good news:  YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR ORGANIC REACH. You must also get jiggy with Facebook AdvertisingThis is a given if you are serious about promoting your offers on Facebook! Your Facebook page is supposed to reflect what your brand or business is about!

When it comes to engagement, you cant beat Brendon Burchard. Man the dude gets thousands of likes, comments, shares…he is legend! WHY? Because he shares what his audience WANTS & LIKES.

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There are just four things Facebook is monitoring and you better get pretty dang good at them coz it’s the same with other social media! They want to see if your audience either:

1) COMMENTS on your post/image

2) SHARES your post

3) LIKES your post, or

4) If included, if they CLICK the link in your post

If Facebook thinks your audience isn’t bothered about your posts, they bury your content so fast only you can see it! It won’t get out into the news feed and your reach declines. Low reach=Low engagement…for business that’s real Baaad! Catch 22 or what?

Yet not all hope is lost… I am here to help and here below are 5 sure-fire factors to increase your Facebook post reach & visibility:

#1. Increase your Facebook Post Reach and Page Visibility – Engage with & Increase your Post Likes


A picture speaks a 1000 words, check above (click to enlarge)! If you have been posting text based updates day in day out, we have said it before, you aren’t getting much action…USE IMAGES. They are prettier anyway! Images get Likes Faster in turn likes are easier to get than comments. In addition to an image, add a question or a quirky comment. In image above Ray Higdon gets some engagement notice the casual, fun tone he uses in that status update – the more casual and friendly you are, the better i.e. be sociable & social!! If you post a question that sparks curiosity, evokes memories, brings nostalgia or just a really good feeling, expect to see your likes sky-rocket.  The more you know what will resonate with your audience, the easier it is to think of questions that get them to take action.

It’s a no brainer people, many of us still refuse to see the beauty of images. Plus you can save your image in another folder that’s special. Simply search YouTube on how to do that. We learnt that neat Facebook page image trick from Tanya Aliza’s Business Blog Mastery Mastermind! When you combine a great status update with a fantastic image, you will boost your posts’ likes and Facebook fan page visibility as they will show more of what you share on the News feed.

By asking questions in status updates you to open a door to having conversation with your engaging fan base, in private chats. This in turn allows you to have short but decent conversations with your leads and thus you’ll know if you’d like to work with them and help them towards their goals.

There are various solutions to increase  your Fan Page Post Reach and Suzan Gilbert gives us a whole shed load in her article! Brandon Seymour gives us even more tips in his article on how to increase Facebook organic reach for the Search Engine Journal that I must say do make sense!


#2. Increase your Facebook Post Reach – Use Facebook Insights

Page Insights help with your facebook post reach analysis

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The more you know about your audience, the better. Go check your Facebook page top 10 performing posts via Insights and rank your content by likes, comments and shares this is where you find your facebook post reach statistics. It’s the fastest way to see what’s resonating with your audience and Facebook users. Facebook Insights is an analytic resource that provides of variety of different data sets to help page owners measure the performance of their content. Currently Facebook Insights is broken down into five separate tabs: Visits, Reach, Likes, People and Posts;  we look very briefly at each below.

  • Visits – a breakdown of which pages/tabs were visited (i.e. likes tab, customs tab, timeline tab, etc.) and also which external referring sites brought people to your Facebook page.
  • Reach – is what we are addressing today and this metric tells you how many people have seen your posts. You can also see engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, this is where you want to focus your time to see what works. Rinse & repeat…! Humans are creatures of habit!
  • Likes – gives the total number of people who’ve liked your page within a specific time frame e.g. where the like happened (i.e. on page, page suggestions, mobile, desktop, etc.) and a breakdown of paid vs. organic likes, as well as how many people “unlike” your page
  • People – the demographics of your fan base i.e. location, language, gender, location, language, This metric helps you understand Facebook post reach vs total reach (engagement).
  • Posts – an analysis of your content based on post type, targeting, total reach, time of day, and engagement. So now we know what to look out for…we can get to work with getting our Facebook post reach to a better state than 1-2%!


To be honest it’s gotten much harder to achieve healthy Facebook fan page reach without spending a dime; yet it’s still possible with some effort and clever/smart Facebook marketing and strategies. Jessica Higdon shares best practice in her Facebook Marketing Course. Max Steingart gives us some of the coolest tips on Facebook audience engagement in his evergreen webinars which every network marketer who promotes on social media esp. facebook should learn!

#3. Increase your Facebook Post Reach- Host a Fan Page day

I love doing this and learnt it from Direct sales Mommies Facebook Group! We have #FanpageFriday every week. If you do this consistently on a specific day of the week, you will start to see an increase in post engagement. It’s a tried and tested method of creating excitement and buzz around your brand in addition to attracting more Fans. Create an eye-catching graphic, and encourage your community to share their page like this great example from Alex Stearn below. If you do this and you find your facebook post reach not showing a change in growth, you are not applying your self enough! 


#4. Connect & engage with active Pages in your niche to improve Your Facebook Post Reach

This is common sense isn’t it? The idea is strength in numbers. If you actively communicate & develop a good relationship with some of the Pages administrators that you follow, why not consider asking for a share-to-share? Most will say yes, as they too have experienced a decline in fans, page visibility, post reach and need to work on it!

#5. Increase your Facebook Post Reach by Connecting your Profile to Your Fan page:

Most leaders and savvy marketers know this, yet I see a heck of a lot of marketers with: Work at “Entrepreneur” or “Self-employed” as their Work Option on their Personal Profiles. Don’t get me wrong I was in that same boat a while back! Today I am sharing with you a way to link your Fan page to your Personal Profile and see an increase in page likes and visits! If you want to optimize your Facebook Profile for your business, this simple (yet effective) tip can help you do just that! Take a look at the short video below to ensure your Facebook Page gets the most visibility on your Facebook Profile.  (Caution:  If you don’t do this, you will be sending valuable traffic to a weird default community page that doesn’t serve you at all!)

After watching the short video you might find it useful to download these simple steps in this PDF esp. if you find problems getting it done (100% Free No Link).


I hope you’ve enjoyed our facebook marketing tips and our tutorial/vlog post on “5 factors to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Post Reach!”   For more tips like this, plus even more facebook marketing strategies to take your social media activity to a new level, check out our “Latest Program

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Its over to you now. What are your super tips to increasing facebook post reach and what are your results thus far? Join the conversation below, and please consider liking and sharing if you have found value!


As always You deserve more


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