How To Become A Top Sales Rep in Your Company in 16 months!

Become A Top Sales Rep in Your Company in 16 months! This Will be Lead Generation Immersion To Fast Track Your Business Success!


I bet you dream about it every blessed day…Yes to become a top sales rep in your primary business!


Are you telling me you don’t want to walk on that stage, be recognised with a shedload of your team mates getting the same recognition too?


How will that feel for you?


Feel it Brother & Sister, feel it.


Feels great doesn’t it. Well Guess what. You can become a top sales rep, or anything your chose to be…It’s all in your power!


You don’t believe me? Talk to any top recruiter and they will tell you, they dreamt it, they envisioned it, they felt it way before the achieved it….and they Took Massive action!


BE, DO, HAVE it’s that simple….



So feel that elation…Yes like you are walking on that stage right now. Having become a top sales rep fast…For you are about TO LEARN JUST HOW TO BECOME ONE!


I bet you are always on the lookout for the newest strategies, tips and tricks to grow your business off and online. So wouldn’t you like to learn what’s working right now from one of the top experts on lead generation and recruiting on social media?


If you are then it’s a no brainer that you are ready to discover whatever it takes to become a top sales rep and recruiter, to rank advance like a Rockstar, to have your team follow in your footsteps, to maintain a high team retention and have a great team culture…yes you are about to learn from one of the best of our times!

Do you agree that to become a top sales rep in your company or become the top anything in your niche, it’s essential to take the time to immerse yourselves in learning specific strategies?  WELL that’s exactly why I can’t hold my excitement at the long awaited online webinar designed to unleash that lead generation and closing machine that you are…


Become a Top Sales Rep in Your Company - Training with Tanya Aliza!




Introducing: How to Make Daily Sales Using Social Media & How I Became the #3 Sales Rep Webinar 2015, hosted by The Tanya Aliza!

If you want to stay ahead of the crowds and noise online, keep abreast of social media trends, you’ll love this webinar. You’ll discover:

  • How to Make Daily Sales Using Social Media & How she Became the #3 Sales Rep in her Company in 16 months. Without Calling Deadbeat Leads or Hounding Anyone


  • A Step-By-Step Walk through of How to Attract 10 -30 New Business Leads a Day & How to Perfectly Position Yourself Online


  • The best tips to build rapport and get your business presentation seen. How to promote your business, drive traffic and make those sales. Sorting and sieving! The webinar will cover whats working now on social media. Plus She’ll also include powerful training on lesser known techniques that are getting her results so much so that she was able to grow her team by over 100 sales in 6 weeks! Ranking up in the process.


I personally can’t wait to learn how to “Build Instant Credibility & Authority.”  As this will improve my attraction marketing and ultimately sales. We are talking how to become a top sales rep in style baby! What do I like the best about this? I will be sat on my cosy sofa, with my remote streaming on my Telly …

You can join in too – from wherever you are in the world DON’T MISS OUT!



Why This Lead Generation Webinar is a Must Attend!


Looking to Learn How to Become a Top Sales Rep Like Tanya?

Well because Tanya Aliza ROCKS… 

She is the architect of Business Blog Mastery, Done For You Blog, Home Business Survival Guide and The Ultimate Branding Blueprint that frankly speaking positions you not only to become a top sales rep, but an authority in your niche.

Read Our Full on Unbiased review Review of The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Here!

Just this summer She & Cesar won Top Recruiters again, for the most sales of The 3-minute expert with Ray Higdon, over 250 sales…You want to learn how to become a top sales rep form Tanya! (See image above)


Okay keep your hair on… This is what you’ll get:

1.           How to Build a NEW List of Interested Prospects & Leads Using Social Media PLUS One of My Favorite Strategies that’s Working Like Magic Right Now!

2.           How to Get in Front of More People with the Right Message so that you can really have them understand and SEE Your Business in a BIG way – I’m giving you my favourite SCRIPTS to use on Social Media!

3.           How to Build Instant Credibility & Authority so that when you talk to people about your Business they’re excited to Buy from YOU

4.           How to Enroll More Customers Faster so that you can join the Leaders on the beach when you WIN the next Company Incentive Vacation

A Snippet of The Topics of How You Become A Top Sales Rep in Your Company in 16mths!

Become A Top Sales Rep in Your Company in 16mths! 

So how would you  & your team mate/s like to become a top sales rep before the year closes?

Are you struggling to get a decent amount of organic traffic? Is leveraging your Facebook Newsfeed a struggle? How about Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube?

What I am sharing in this blog post is not even scratching the surface. The full webinar will be Value Packed and you can’t afford to miss it! You and I know that guidance from such a person as Tanya Aliza would typically cost you hundreds of dollars! Yet this webinar comes to you FREE.


Bring your Notebook!

And after this webinar you’ll have your own social media blueprint to go take massive action and become a top sales rep you dream of being! So GRAB YOUR SPOT BELOW NOW, THE SPOTS ARE FILLING UP FASTER

Become A Top Sales Rep and Win Contests in Your Company!

If you don’t already know her, learn more about Tanya here: About-Tanya-Aliza

Connect with Tanya Aliza on Facebook: Tanya Fan Page

Grab The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Here : UBB


And Here is the Kicker: If you register via this website you will receive 2 extra Bonuses that will truly compliment what you learn in this training:

1. Our Webinar on: 7 Great ways to Be a Sales Superstar! 

2. And Our New e-book on Recruiting Like a Rockstar! 

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If you do Register Do Drop a Comment Below. Heck like and share & just drop a comment if you know how awesome this woman is in our Industry! 


As always I believe you deserve more…


Live. Learn. Love


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Become a Top Sales Rep with This Proven Blueprint!


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