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Do you agree that immediate impressions could be positive yet based on superficial details?

WHY do I say that? Because we are usually not being ourselves!  Often times we don’t instantly connect with prospects or anyone for that matter! Most people are happier to focus on self-fulfillment than on finding that connection, in the first instance.

Probably due to my legal background, I always had the mistaken belief that we are all capable of naturally communicating with others. As an entrepreneur I’ve learnt that it’s not so, and it’s been a steep learning curve. I have read a few psychology books and learnt from industry leaders how to connect with prospects aka potential customers or partners. For some it is natural but if you are anything like I was in the beginning this is for you. I am sharing with you 11 Extremely effective techniqueson how to connect with prospects. The ability is yours to learn and master and breakthrough to your desired results.

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You see we all love to connect with others, it’s as essential as breathing. As babies we love to be cuddled, touched, held, kissed, as we grow up that need becomes less visible but not less needed. Research has proven that this need is fundamental to our well-being. It’s a basic human need! So how come we find it so hard to connect with others, to understand their needs as we have the same needs? Because we have closed out minds to that need. We don’t like to feel needy, nor do we like to connect with needy people. Many people are painfully shy or lack self-confidence. Others are so egotistic as to become unattractive, not forgetting other nasty gremlins like arrogance, envy, suspicion, cynicism and the self-assured connector inside of us hides even deeper in our spirit!



#1 Get Over Your Self:  The first tip we can give you today is simple; Get rid of the crap, its baggage you don’t need. Reach out to 10 people today and connect with them on social media. For we are unleashing some super tips we have learnt along the way that have helped us recruit 200+ people in a platform before. These tips can help you out to connect with anyone you meet almost instantly, build rapport and move on to bigger things from there. Spend time literally on courtship with your prospects, build a foundation of trust and you can build the business empire sooner than you imagine.



#2 First Impressions Matter. Didn’t your grandma tell you this? Well she was right. Its been proven over and over that we make an impression and judge others aka decide whether we like you or not in the 1st ten seconds of meeting. We then spend the rest of our interaction or conversation mentally justifying our initial assessment. By knowing this you can ensure you present your best side when you connect with prospects or anyone for that matter. Esp. when presenting your offers.

HOW: Positive body language…Yes they can tell even on the phone! Your gestures could mirror theirs if you meet in person. Your tonality, facial expressions and be sure to not offend if you are from different cultures. A lil research goes along way.  For instance in India a nod up and down means NO and sideways means YES…We have learnt after several trips to Italy most recently Florence, that Italians gesticulate lots and mirroring them allows you to build rapport pretty fast. Maintain eye contact (in some cultures this may be misconstrued again research). Be enthusiastic; it doesn’t matter how many times you have made this business presentation. It’s not what you say but how you say it that matters. If it doesn’t excite you to share it, maybe you are in the wrong business! Positive body language can make all the difference in a conversation.



#3 Pay Attention and Listen!  What keeps us from making better connections with others is that we don’t really pay attention. We tend to look for the advantage where we can jump in with our awesomeness! We look for an opportunity to geg in, we’re thinking while the other person is talking. We’re so focused on what we’re going to say next or how what the other person is saying is going to affect us down the road that we fail to hear what’s really being said. The words come through loud and clear, but the meaning is lost.

You must turn off this inner voice if you want to connect with prospects or deeply with people. So what if you dont come across as Julia Roberts, or forget that amazing quote…





Your main goal is to connect with prospects and there is one right in front of you. So Stop your inner song and listen to their music long enough to HEAR what they are saying and glean a way to help them or make the decision to cut them loose! 




#4 It’s not a Competition! I have sat thru a night out with the typical “me type guys” who spent the entire night trying to one-up each other. Very common when we meet someone new. We talk about our achievements we have this urge to make ourselves look amazing, definitely better than the other. Completely forgetting the golden rule of communication…its about them. Make them feel and look good. And if you cant. Walk away! You should be trying to learn about them, find common interests or needs. For instance as a tutor I do an assessment of my student needs so I know where to focus more i.e. their weaknesses or pain points. This helps me “strengthen them” and thus equip them for tomorrow. As an entrepreneur this comes in pretty handy! 



#5 Ask good questionsObviously unless you have met frequently before, we presume you don’t know the other person, so they may be hesitant and even reticent to open up. The trick is to cajole them out of that shell by asking the right questions. Remember the one asking the qns is in control of the conversation.  For the network marketer we have created a super podcast on the 10 Questions you should be asking your prospects, tune in and take notes or download for further reference here.  (Subscribe to Your Power echoes with Juleskal podcast we do share some amazing stuff)!


We encourage you to find and ask questions that will help you to understand what makes the other person tick and their needs, without coming across like a Spanish inquisition.

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#6 Observe & Learn from them. Did you know that when you observe someone you can learn a lot from them? Go online and you can have a field day and learn loads from their shares, photos, videos, updates, comments etc. Meeting someone offline should be even more interesting coz you can observe their actions gestures, listen to their tonality, and learn lots. The emphasis is on “Listening and Watching.” This will help you connect with prospects very quickly or anyone you wish to build a relationship with! Showing your prospects that you are willing to learn from them, makes them believe that you are humble and open to learning. This will improve your chances of connecting with anyone fast!



#7 Be You and Smile. People naturally, subconsciously are drawn to your smile, in your face or voice. Try it, when you walk down the street, just smile at people as you go, you don’t have to say anything.


Disclaimer: If you do this in London you will get the crazy woman look 😀  

This has been my secret weapon to get my sunny mojo back and I know it would work like a charm for you to connect with prospects. What can they possibly do other than not smile back?  Seriously, if you want to connect with people fast, smile at them during a conversation and they will without thinking return the smile and will in turn feel good about you, how about that!



#8 Open the Veil beyond the superficial you. Like I said at the start, we usually put on a façade when we first see, speak with or communicate with someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s on or offline. We kinda like putting our best foot forward so to speak! But believe it or not, we never share our genuine selves at that point, pretty superficial huh!  Its self-preservation in a way, coz we don’t want to be rejected or hurt. So we tend to paint this pretty picture or in some cases awful picture of ourselves. We tend to chat about what we feel safe about like the weather, cars and even trending topics.  Now here is the deal, if you want to connect with prospects instantly or PDQ, try upping the ante and bring forth the authentic you. Steven C. Krivda did say in his interview with Your Power Echoes: reveal the real authentic you, it’s one of the keys to home business success.

Disclaimer: Know your limits on what part of your personal life you can comfortably. Just yesterday a prospect asked me on a phone chat “How old are you Julie?” While I don’t mind sharing my age, this was too close for someone I was qualifying! I did share my age and I realised just how important it is to get personal. Share your passion, See the young man opened up even more when I revealed a lil more about me and my family’s journey!

Sonia Simone looks at the psychological aspects of making a deep connection with prospects, its very insightful. And this leads us to…



#9 Make them Feel Free to lift the veil too & Respect their confidences! By this I mean be respectful and understand they too are opening up to you so less of the cynical comments. Avoid sharing the negative things about your life unless they lead to a happily ever after. Definitely no sarcasm or jokes that could be misunderstood! Be agreeable, reflect what they say back to them, it’s a way of agreeing and if they share an experience you haven’t gone thru, don’t fake sympathy. Rather empathize with them after all we can’t all go thru the same stuff. Guide the conversation gently back to the matter at hand or share a more upbeat story about your life and experience that is close. Or helps them get away from the negative memories.

Kerry Patterson, RonConnect with Prospects - Get This Amazing Book! #prospecting101 McMillan, Joseph Grenny and Al Switzer in their new book “Crucial Conversations” introduce a concept that we found novel, powerful and real interesting “Learn to Look” so you can notice when a conversation has gone Silent or even Violent! How often have you presented your business and got someone get to worked up over the model and called you names? Or they start out really enthusiastic and then go all uncommunicative and somehow find they have to be somewhere! We have. I really recommend that you get that book, it will be a game changer in helping you connect with prospects!



#10 Look for the good in them. Maybe I speak for a minority but I have learnt since moving to UK that the people are generally negative and often predisposed to cynicism. I have found that many people esp. in the corporate world try to find a reason to be negative instead of counting their blessings. Being of a sunny disposition, I found this very hard to acclimatize to. And I haven’t thank goodness.  I like to find the good in anyone and everything. It has helped me connect with lots of wonderful people.

In order to connect with prospects and people in general it’s best to see the good in them. Find that common good and latch on to that. Mention that positive, “flattery will get you everywhere.” When you project that positivity, you get it back. I know that when I allowed the dark British humour and tendency to moan about anything take over; I saw a negative slant in my life. So I speak from experience. Expect the best from people, you will connect with prospects fast as they’re likely to respond to your positive energy even when they say NO.



11 Extremely Effective tips to Connect with Prospects Fast! #bizips

#11 Ask for and Use their Names. On social media you have a slight advantage. You know their name no need to ask. But offline you must introduce yourself and ask for the return favour. And by the way you ask for their name by asking for the subscription on a podcast, video or any audio/visual content you put out. For instance I usually intro & and outro our videos and podcasts as…

“Hello this is Julie Syl Kalungi coming at you live from …. And if you got value please subscribe to our… and You will never miss a hot tip.”


My son used to follow me around all day  saying; hi mama I am Poso – “Paul-Sol,”  I would agree and he would beam at me. Several times a day. He would do that to every one…We all like to be acknowledged by name even toddlers. So to connect with prospects address them by name!

Listen, your name is part of WHO YOU ARE it identifies you. Others also feel awesome and validated when you address them by name! Imagine meeting Eric Worre and he calls you by name or Robert Kiyosaki… you get the picture! So when you meet someone new on or offline, don’t be afraid to ask their name yet again.  Note it somewhere and use it when you next meet them and see their eyes light up! Unless your initial meeting wasn’t pleasant!




In Conclusion In order to connect with prospects fast…

Try to be as natural as you can. Remember you are meant to be social, even a business meeting demands basic courtesies. Get out of your own way and start to enjoy connecting with people and you will enjoy what you do daily it won’t be a chore. That’s when the magic happens mate!

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