Our 7 Key Strategies to Attract High End Customers! #attractionmarketing

Attract High end Customers or Clients for your Network Marketing or Home Based Business with our 7 Proven Strategies! Podcast

Attracting Red Carpet High end customers! Its a #mindshift

Attracting Your Red Carpet – High-End Customers or Clients 🙂

Because you’re reading this, we salute you…It means you’re doing whatever it takes to Find your Aces or your High end Customers and build your brand online. You started your business not only to make money; you actually care deeply about positively changing other people’s lives.

You’re here to make a difference. So we are going to share some entrepreneurship and network marketing tips that should help you find those customers/clients, business partners ready, not only to work with you, but deliver results too.

Before we get into all that:

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Do you agree that it’s every network marketer and entrepreneur’s goal to get and keep high end clients or team members? These are people or organisations that can really create a big difference in the profitability of your business. The big Hitters as we like to call them or Aces. To attract high end customers we need to have a high end mind shift, or it wont happen. How? If for instance you bulk at charging or spending $5k in one go, then you have  a huge problem. You might like to consider this:

Marc Acetta one of the industry’s best trainers of all time says:

“if you flip enough cards you will find your aces.”

Having been in network marketing for coming to 4 years, and learning from some of the industry best; we’ve found that if you block out all the noise and distractions, there are some super effective ways to attract dedicated, networked business partners or high end customers aka ACES, which we’ll share with you today.


In this post you’ll learn the following:


  • Sure means to Find Awesome customers fast
  • Where to Find such aces
  • How to Leverage Your Time to Earn More and Work Less


In no particular order, let’s share some network marketing tips on what we really need as entrepreneurs to attract high end clients, team members or customers.

In addition to recognition for what you do for others, you of course… are looking to boost your revenue. In order to do this you can either

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Get our existing customers to buy/Invest More from/with you. Or
  3. Get them to buy More often from you.

Yet we hear you ask…but how do I do this? Hang on to your boot-strings, we got you covered!

If you’re relatively new and don’t yet have any clients, or if you’ve only spoken with a handful of people and none of them are ready to buy/invest in themselves, you may feel like it’s an uphill battle.

Plus it can be tricky figuring out what YOUR OFFER really is. If you got a few in your team you may not have the expertise to create something new and impact on even more people. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin…

So below we will show you how you can attract more including high end clients! 

Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 1: Create a profile of your ideal high end customer

It’s not enough to wish for high end clients. It’s important to know exactly who that person is that you are looking to serve or work with. Create an image of those people excited about:

–          what you have to offer

–          can afford to pay for your products and services.

–          Their Gender – Male or female

–          Emotional buying triggers

–          Specific problems, pains, opportunities or situations that would compel them to buy

In other words look at the psychology and demographics and create what we call an Avatar of your Ideal high end client/customer/team member. If this all sounds strange to you, we suggest you grab our Fully loaded Downloadable PDF on how to Find Your Ideal Client with less known techniques to get you to your destination faster; grab it below.

You Can Create and Attract Your High End Customer today! #avatar #attractionmarketing



Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 2: Increase your network

Aha but some of you might say…how does one increase one’s network? The Internet, Social Media…We are sure you have heard of these things, in fact you are probably logged in to one right now. Have you read Robert Kiyosaki’s book: “Rich Dad Poor Dad?” It’s been bandied about so much we are sure you have either read it or heard about it! He says:

“…if you intend to have a great rapport with your clients, if you want to grow your business, then the one way in which you can do that is by increasing your network. When your network is expanded, you can tap into it to make the most of your business.”

Proper networking is needed to reach out to a niche, which is where the real business prospects lie. And also this is where survival of the fittest comes into play. Sorry to be the bearer of this news, not everyone is cut out to win on this field!


Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 3: Focus isn’t enough…What?

Laser Focusing your strategy will attract high end customers for your Business! #networkmarketingtips

To find your high end customers, you gotta narrow it down, as stated above, create and find your ideal aces. By narrowing your focus in our industry, you will not only define a place for yourself and your products or services, you’ll be able to take advantage of an existing market in your niche including the high end customers!




Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 4: Find Your Aces at Speaking Gigs!

Network Marketing Haven Family :) How to Find High end Clients, #SpeakingGigs

A speaking gig is as an opportunity to find high end customers or team mates. This is where you can present, share, or educate a group of people in your niche. And if you are proactive you will find a few in your local area. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Local Meetups
  • National trade shows, local or further out!
  • Networking Groups locally based and/or Clubs
  • TV, Radio, Broadcasting/Podcast Interviews
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Workshops, Retreats, Seminars, Trainings
  • Google hangouts, webinars, tele-classes
  • Tele-Summits
  • Local Church Meetings

We learnt from PJ Van Hulle of RealProsperityInc & List-a-palooza that: Over deliver amazing value in 90-95% of your allotted time. In the 5-10% of the time, offer them the opportunity to work with you at a deeper level.


You could also offer a Free say 30 min one-on-one session with you to, dig deeper and find out if you’re both a right fit for each other. We’ve seen people make a paid offer, and enroll paying clients right there on the spot. Do this only if you are allowed to do so at the event.

The people at these events are already open to receive knowledge, tips, info and resources to help them grow in some way…You are the vessel to deliver that and you will find many more than happy to have a chat with you after your gig. Your chance to collect lots of business cards too.

Our mentors Tanya Aliza and Ray Higdon always say don’t take any cards yourself…You are there to collect as many cards as possible. Call them within 24-48 hrs & follow up.

Pros: You have instant credibility as the expert when you’re on stage. You can & should maximize your time to enroll a bunch of clients or potential clients’ esp. high end customers at once. The pull is, someone else has done all the marketing & delivered an audience for you…all you have to do is show up and deliver a rock star presentation.

If you impressed them on stage, they will be more than happy to listen to what else you got to offer.

People like to be lead and to follow success!

Downside: The biggest is actually finding quality speaking gigs. Typically organizers and hosts book speakers 6-12 months in advance. So your breakthrough may be if one flakes out on them. If you get 3-4 good speaking gigs a year you are in business. We are working on this too.



Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 5: Provide Special Benefits for Premium Clients

Just Recently Cesar Rodriquez and Tanya Aliza launched a product with a 5* Vacation for 2 as part of the perks for two lucky customers…! Qn is are these lucky or the ones that have put in the most work? Of course it’s the latter. So now you got the answer as to how do you know who your premium customer is. Put a lot of thought into the bonuses and special privileges that you can throw in for big accounts.

Showcase your brand’s exquisite taste and efforts to take care of your hard working team members, big customers, clients or business partners.

Like the example above, add some perks of perceived high value, that act as a “BONUS” to your main offer to enhance the results!  When you do this, you will not only attract some high end customers, Your existing clients or Team Members will become your biggest brand ambassadors.

Team and/or client retention will be sky high and kerching…more sales! See how that works?



Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 6: Create a Strong Business System aka Lead Generation

Some high-end clients can be found easily through internet marketing campaigns and social media. Others may be influenced through an event or referrals through their network. These are ideal situations…

Yet if you create your own powerful funnel and position yourself as an authority We guarantee you nothing fuels high ticket sales like strong, authority based lead magnets e.g. a blog, a book, weekly, podcast etc.


For more customer acquisition strategies view this article with 128 Growth Hacks


In our Weekly podcast on Your Power Echoes Julie Syl also creates content that specifically addresses the needs of our target prospect. These are: network marketers, home business entrepreneurs and “high end clients” that want to create a residual income in their niche.

By offering similar content, you position yourself as an expert that understands their problems and can help them.

We know and you too should, that high end customers or clients are not looking for quick fixes, tricks or hacks. They want quality, unique and value stuff. Above all they want you to be authentic. Something Steve Krivda said in an interview with Your Power Echoes with Juleskal




Attract High End Customers – Network Marketing Tip 7: Build a Quality Brand

What you put out, you attract in equal measure. So if you offer quality content, products or services, you will attract high end customers or team mates. It is the brand quality that will attract them. So pay attention to the small seemingly mundane details.

Here is an example, when you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for a loved one, you will look for quality in design, shape, size etc…So In the same way, your website is Your Online Shop Front and You Are The Brand! Make sure your site is well designed, hire someone to do it if you can’t and Share quality content. Sooner or later you will attract high end customers, esp. if you follow Kiyosaki’s advice and expand your network!

We have said it before, A higher ticket or price point will attract the kind of people who can afford that quality at that price. As an entrepreneur you must always endeavor to offer the very best at the Right Price, and ensure that your potential client believe it to that it’s the best value for their money. Slowly but surely you will build a solid reputation  & establish yourself as a top respectable, reliable brand.

Confession…We decided to handle the “How to Leverage your time and earn more while working less as a whole topic on its own…with a twist. Look out for our next post…

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That’s all there is to it – I hope you learn as much and find and attract the high end customers you desire. If you found value like, share and we look forward to your insights below. :-)

You absolutely do Deserve more…

Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi








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