STOP! Don't consider using Pinterest to market your business until you read this! #bestPinterestTips

Do you Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinterest for your Business? Here’s How to Leverage the advantages for More Traffic? 

Thinking about using Pinterest to grow your business and brand?

I think lots of home business owners and internet marketers are busy “Thinking about things” and not taking enough action. If you are totally ignoring Pinterest, you are missing out on a heck of a lot of business. And in today’s episode, I am highlighting what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of NOT Using Pinterest to build that list and make more sales! 

When we started our home business online, we didn’t even know Pinterest let alone give it any attention. We were told to make our list of 100 friends and family and share on Facebook and so we did…! 

Well lets just say that crickets are louder…We were despairing as to the phantom Blog traffic people kept talking about. The uphill task that is SEO and all that Jargon. Thank God for Paul he gets it all! 🙂 

And where were those promised daily leads from blogging…? 

Roll on 18 months later and I learnt about Pinterest…But wait, I got lost in all those amazing images and the linked content. I didn’t recognize this traffic gold mine for another year! A huge mistake!

Don’t be like Julie Syl….

But, before you dash off to correct that mistake, let me help you cut that journey shorter by sharing with you what I have come to learn as the simple advantages of Pinterest. And to balance things out the cons or disadvantages so to speak.

For those that have no clue what I am talking about…

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What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Visual Social Search engine, that most people consider a social media platform. Its creators like to think it’s a Search engine just like Google or Bing. Pinterest also has a pretty cool iOS and Android App. Here is an article I wrote on what is Pinterest and why you should use it for sales generation, Go check it out


Some people like to think it’s similar to Instagram. I beg to differ. The only similarities are:

  • They are both visual platforms with a profile and curated news-feed feature for users and an app!
  • Just like Instagram, Pinterest also has a follow feature.

What differs between the two in very short terms is:

  • Pinterest is way more user friendly for a business owner esp. a small business owner.
  • It is a Search Engine,
  • It has a lot more to offer an Entrepreneur in terms of Sales, Life of a Pin Image and attached content,
  • Searchable Online.
  • I can add as many clickable links as I Add images…Seriously its like Night and Day! No comparison! lol!  

Although some Network Marketers may argue that Instagram is better suited to their lead generation needs! Yet its limit to only 1 clickable link totally undermined that claim for us!

As stated above, on Pinterest, I can add a new link to each and every image I pin. That leads to various pieces of content and offers…and that is Its Biggest Draw for meBut I jump the gun here.


While they both have a follow feature, the number of follower in no way determines your success on Pinterest. Yet it very much matters on Instagram. See you don’t necessarily automatically see posts of those that you follow in your curated Pinterest Smart feed.


The huge number of Pinterest users, daily growing made this platform also an attractive one for me. Today it’s no longer just about women checking out recipes, fashion, gift ideas, home DIY tricks. Pinterest transitioned to a platform that helps keep track of your interests while serving your brands, products, business tips, training, plus of course the latest trend, updates, and news.


This is fabulous news for the home business entrepreneur and online marketers.

So how about we…



Dive into The Advantages of Pinterest and Its Disadvantages too:


Pinterest is free, phew! Having access to a marketing platform that doesn’t require any kind of payment esp. a monthly overhead is a definite plus.  So, head on over to and create an account for free and start saving (or “Pinning”) right away. 😊


Pinterest is also a platform that will help you find, and file away for deeper perusal ideas that Inspire, educate or entertain you. You will of course build a following thus its social network connection.

Since it has a massively growing number of users aka “Pinners.” Pinterest is a great choice for business owners looking to find a new audience and market for your business/brand.


You can automate your efforts to build up your base on Pinterest using a chrome extension that I use too. Super-fast and easy to use. You also get amazing analytics on how your Pins are doing. So, you don’t have to be sat on Pinterest for hours.




The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinterest Below:




Final Thoughts on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Pinterest!

So, what was your take away from the sheer ton of cool tips I shared above? We’ve delved into the advantages of Pinterest and the disadvantages thereof. You can do so much more for your business with Pinterest.  Do go back to the video above, dive into our Pinterest marketing Category and make your decision whether it’s for you or not.


If you need help in building your Pinterest account, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer or check out our Done for you Pinterest Marketing Packages. Use the link before to apply for your “Results in Advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away!

 And always remember to check that link before you Pin!  🙂

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More Resources for your Pinterest Marketing:

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