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7 Secrets on How to Become a Top Earner  That You need to know, Learnt from The Top Earner Event and My Take on it! This could be in  a Home based Business or MLM

Want to Become a Top Earner?

Well don’t we all…I mean who ever starts their business looking for some pocket change and that’s it? I hope it’s not you my friend because then this article on how to become a top earner in your business is not for you…WHAT!

I am not looking at the traditional ways of say how to become a Top earner in New York, Paris or how to become London’s top earner. I know there are several articles online on this subject on how to become a top earner in various niches and areas! This one used it as his domain name and I don’t mean that as a compliment, sorry!



Do you know that one of the top characteristic to becoming a top earner is GRATITUDE? And the One emotion we must get rid of is feeling Unworthy! Hmm I bet you are thinking; I am grateful and worthy why isn’t the cash flowing to me…lol. Well I shall tell you why in this post….Pay attention really, its hidden in plain sight!

You see I love attending events…by the way a sure fire way to shorten your journey to become a top earner…


I just returned from a sold out Top Earner Event in Tampa Florida hosted by Jessica and Ray Higdon, with a plethora of amazingly giving and super successful multiple 7 and 8 figure earners, trainers and entrepreneurs. These men and women dropped Gold nuggets. I was smiling like a Cheshire cat the whole time. I mean who wouldn’t? The speakers included the legendary branding juggernaut Peter Montoya, Video Marketing Aficionado Mark Herbert, The Tim Sales OMG you joking me.  Jerry “DRhino” Clarke, Vince Reed the traffic beast, Tanya Aliza the Recruiting machine and her Fiancé Cold Market recruiting rock-star Cesar L Rodriguez, Jessica Nelson Super competitive, Diamond achievers Kate & David Ingram, and of course Jessica & Ray Higdon. Need I say any more about these two, I love them to bits and feel blessed to have met them in person. And many more I tell you I was in Self Development Paradise These people are not only Top earners financially and spiritually, they are super generous with their knowledge on how to become a top earner in your industry or niche!

How to become a Top Earner. Hosts of The Top Earner Academy Event Ray & Jessica Higdon!

Here I am with the Top Earner Academy Hosts Ray & Jess Higdon, Awesome Couple!

You know that I love to Invest, Learn and Teach, so it would be out of character for me to sit on the wealth of knowledge I learnt without sharing and help to impact someone out there.

Let me take you on a journey…When I was struggling in our home based business & online network marketing, I thought it was a brilliant idea following and try to add a bunch of successful marketers in the industry on Facebook. I chose a few and followed them, some followed back and that’s how connected with the amazing Ray & Jess Higdon. Sadly many simply ignored me!  The problem is that when you’re not yet established, aka a “nobody”, most of the time your messages are left “unseen”. These people are too busy to respond. And with Twitter, Facebook Newsfeed or even email. I came to realise that my messages were buried in the inbox or news-feed. And some not so integral ones chose to try and get me to buy their products without so much as a how are you…Lol And I thought they were better than that! So some presented their business opportunity seeing that I was “fresh meat”. They’d chat me up to see if I wanted to join their business. And here is Secret Numero uno on how to become a Top earner



How to Become a Top Earner Secret #1

Connect with those whose Success journey resonates with you and are OPEN to connecting too. Who have integrity and offer value freely on a consistent basis. Note that there are so many so called gurus who only see you as a dollar sign. Neither will you become the loved top earner if you take on that persona. Integrity is key to attracting more of what you want and of course being open to receive from others with integrity.

Mind you, remember if you weren’t there during their struggle, it’s very hard to get into their circle during their success too. They are human and in a position where they have to be careful who they relate to. A reputation to protect too. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day so these people make time for people who show promise, integrity, drive and who they really want to talk to…Period! CLICK TO TWEET



How to Become a Top Earner Secret #2 Money = Value

So how to do you become somebody when you’re a nobody…To be noticed by an industry top earner or 10? Why would people want to know or follow you? Because you can be a great leader even when not yet financially successful, or have the bank balance of a prince, maybe be broke and afraid to talk to people.

See while successful in other fields, I felt like I had nothing to show people. I was a social media introvert…perhaps still a little bit like one.. I just knew if I create great content and share what I know or learn on social media, someone out there will catch the vision.. someone out there will find me .. someone out there won’t say “I will join you when I see you have results” See the more Value you put out there the more money you will make and this takes time, effort, commitment. To become a top earner is not something that happens overnight. None of the people named above did that!

So stay the course. Someone out there might not know what to do or how to get started in the business, and they will be so drawn to you. You both will figure out a way to succeed! That’s how to become a top earner! 

See some of My TEAL3 event experiences…Some of the Top Coaches we had below! 

How to become a top earner, Get the right Coaching

A woman’s gotta eat , so the food snuck its way in. Healthy body healthy mind!


How to become a top earner in your niche, Mastermind!



Ray Higdon hosted teh Top earner academy event...This is how to become a Top earner in the industry. Hold Masterminds!

How to Become a Top Earner Secret #3 Perfectionism – a killer

Man was I a perfectionist or what. Even today it takes me ages to be happy with a post or an image I create or video…I found out a while back that this was holding me back and guess what was confirmed at the TEAL3 event by none other than video marketing beast Mark Herbert! You guessed it. Perfectionism is a killer, it blocks your ability to impact others’ lives as you wait for something to be just right and procrastination kicks in. I actually created a video and posted it on Facebook.

By jumping in with both feet you open doors to your greatness and possibly becoming a top earner! People are not looking for perfection. They are looking for you!

So where does perfectionism come from? It comes from an employment mindset. In that scene you either deliver or you are fired. If you work on a huge project, one mistake could kill the whole project and cost a fortune, so we are fearful of the consequences. Of what may happen.
Employment mentality and a business mentality are different. You are stepping from one area into another. Nobody will fire you, only you can do that ….by quitting on you, that’s not how to become a top earner!



How to Become a Top Earner Secret #4 You Are Worthy

Step beyond your ego and be that compassionate leader.  If you ever want success, you need to understand this: You need to let people, know that: they are worthy first. That’s it. Tell them:  you are worthy, you are here for a reason, people love you, there are people waiting for you to play big, you deserve more, you are here to make a difference. You deserve success, people appreciate you deeply all over the world. You are here to impact a lot of people. Do you accept that? You are worthy because you put your energy in the right place. You’re saying that this life isn’t big enough for me, you did the things that others said you shouldn’t do, won’t happen etc. You are worthy coz you are here reading this post, playing big to get where you want to be. You have a story inside that will inspire others. You are gonna run into people, who it’s up to you to impact them. I am telling you YES YOU…<3 I LOVE YOU, PLAY BIG, IT’S YOUR TIME.


How to Become a Top Earner Secret #5 Communication

Learn to be really good at communication. Learn to be good at writing and conversing. Compliment people on what is good in their lives or persona. Learn to say less yet impart more. The best sales people you’ll learn that they’ve honed their communication skills.  You can build influence without social proof in the short term but not in the long run. To break that barrier and make more money on or offline you need social proof.

Don’t make this mistake though; there is no need to splash fake or real cash on Social media. And the ones that want financial proof are usually the ones that quit a week later because they don’t see the same results. Top earners don’t splash money online, its crass and unprofessional. You can share milestones though as social proof!

So stop stalking big leaders and hoping one day they will join your opportunity. It’s okay to talk to them, but don’t expect anything out of it. Neither should you judge others though. See the next person who may appear a “nobody” that you connect with might make you become a top earner, a millionaire even. Keep searching for people who are hungry for success. There’s someone out there with a few dollars to their name. There’s someone out there that needs an opportunity like you offer or even more than you do.

Your Network marketing program or home based business is a gift… keep sharing it… spend more time talking to and communicating with people who need your offer. Who knows the next Rockstar and top earner is a phone call skype/FB chat or tweet away




How to Become a Top Earner Secret #6 Brand You Inc.

So you have heard all this before and its boring right? Really…Then humour me will you. Here is Why you should do this:

In most cases people fail coz they target everyone and try to be all things to all people.

Ask yourself who do you want to spend your time with? Past performance is the best indicator of future success. What you’ve been good at in the past is a really good indicator what you will be good at.

And no disrespect to anybody but when I say brand you, I mean YOU not your company. Not a company branded resource or website. I mean YOU. Get a website, Branded to YOU, you own the rights to it. You book and save that name and if you can; copyright it too in all forms .com, .net, .info, .co.uk and in various connotations of it. SPECIALIZE…this a whole topic on its own and Peter Montoya handles it wit finesse. Make sure your tagline is clear for your customers, includes your Keyword and will attract your target market. Here is the Formula on how you create that:

 I offer a “……service or product” for “…….target market”… ~ Peter Montoya

How to become a Top Earner - Brand You Inc!

And Here I am with the Branding Authority & Legend, the Man Peter Montoya!

Here is Peter Montoya’s website. That’s it! Yes K.I.S.S always and when you look at the above simple formula it says it all! CLICK TO TWEET



How to Become a Top Earner Secret #7 Delete “Someday”

SOMEDAY – I will do that someday, I will lose weight someday, I will buy that product someday, I will make money, I will invest in that program etc. This word is a constant reminder, eating away at your worth. What you are admitting is you are not worth it now. So instead of someday just say “I will never” … ? See it’s the stress of not doing something that kills you. Instead embrace it, go all in, do it. And let the stress go, eat that chocolate, sit the heck down and watch telly eating potato chips, smoke that ciggy and enjoy it…. Don’t stress about quitting even as you carry on. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO NOW That’s it. Not soon, not later, not someday. Be consistent and honest with yourself and the people you deal with, than tease yourself and others by saying “someday” This one word is a block to you from making more money and becoming a top earner or top achiever! Watch This Video to help you Get Rid of SOMEDAY CLICK TO TWEET



How to Become a Top Earner Bonus Secret – Always Over deliver 

Yes remember I said 7 secrets…well here is a bonus and it says exactly what it means on the packet. Always over deliver value consistently, remember More Value = More Money…

Meditate and affirm your intentions daily, in fact here is an Esther Hicks Money Rampage to set you up for Abundance and another secret to how to become a top earner in your business. BE SURE TO LISTEN TO IT! 

Make new friends and cement relationships with existing ones that’s how to become a top earner too. Here I am with some really cool friends who I value lots! 

Align yourself with the right People thats how to become a top earner!

And a woman has got to try the Tampa Burger right…TBH that was Robert’s 🙂



Don’t expect everybody to join your program, get over yourself already. Have an efficient enrollment system online. You can check out ours Here! Until Next episode. Over n out!

Make sure to implement the advice above. Remember that there are things that the leaders & top earners do which others just don’t. Have you got any questions about how to become a top earner in MLM or this subject?

If so, let me know in the comments & Please share & comment  if you’ve gained value from this post!

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As always You deserve More


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