How To Increase Your YouTube Followers

7 Steps You Can Take Today to Increase Your YouTube Followers & Website Visitors!


Lately we see lots of videos on Facebook, twitter, IG you name it, its clear videos are a great way to increase one’s followers & YouTube videos are a trail blazing way to increase your web followers esp. when used with a blog post. YouTube is currently the leading platform for Video blogging and marketing. When someone chooses to subscribe to your channel and video content they have become your YouTube followers and ultimately if you serve them well, you have a fan for life. Thousands of footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is after all the World’s largest video site. This article will help you to become a YouTube marketing machine by giving you 7 vital Tips to get more YouTube Followers.


When someone subscribes, they want more of what you are offering and they expect to be served. Are you stepping up and serving your video fans value? Are you actually telling them a story that makes them want more of you and that makes them want to share Your Video on social media, whatsapp, as a link to family & friends or team mates…This is what we all aspire to. We want our Videos to go viral. If not done, Today Join a Video Syndication forum…your videos get instant attention within the first 24hrs. THIS IS IMPORTANT…YOUR YOUTUBE VIDOE NEEDS TO BE COMMENTED ON AND LIKED WITHIN THE 1ST 24 HRS. AFTER THAT YOU ARE FIGHTING A LOOSING BATTLE WITH RANKING. Yes a video on YouTube must rank to get the Holy Grail…FREE eye balls/Traffic & it’s from traffic that we get YouTube FOLLOWERS & subscribers!


Why you need a Strong YouTube Followers Base?

Building up a strong follower base is essential for creating a powerful community online and building a list. In this competitive fast growing Internet global market we need to attract hundreds of thousands of views on our YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo Videos? Are you asking yourself the Qn: How do I a home business entrepreneur create a great income through driving traffic to my website through YouTube? A while back we shared a basic set up of your YouTube Channel & how you can SEO your Videos for better ranking. Remember YouTube is evolving and subscription rules. Your brand needs to work esp. with the new one Channel lay out. This is how you can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans, as you show case your video content.



How To Build a Strong YouTube Followers Base.

Now that we have a channel set up. It is great housekeeping to create a Channel Icon. Think of your channel icon as your profile picture. You can either upload own photo (approx. 800x800px recommended) or choose a still image from one of your videos. Add some channel art, YouTube recommends a 2048w by 1152h image. This provides the best results on all kinds of screens and devices, including hand helds e.g. phones, tablets; desktops, laptops, even televisions. Add your Trailer or Intro video. Use this video to show-case your channel and encourage viewers to subscribe. You can use a URL & also add Custom and Social Links. YouTube allows you up to 4 social links on the top of your channel art. These are from a drop down menu of social networks such as google, twitter, Facebook, blogger etc. NOW Your channel is ready to be marketed for profit and below we share some fabulous Tips to attract more YouTube followers.

Tweet_Icon 7 Ways to attract YouTube Followers & Build Your List:

#1 Leverage Featured Channels: As you grow your audience, try this simple way to get more YouTube followers. Establish strategic partnerships with other YouTube content creators, definitely Join a syndication group. In your YouTube channel page there is an option to add “Featured Channels” of those YouTubers you like and recommend. When you get other people with similar interests to feature you, you can expect to see new viewers coming your way. This is a not so much used yet effective strategy to get more followers fast. DO this by simply Asking. Be Consistent, this is the key to developing a lasting relationship with existing YouTube followers and adding new ones. Your subscribers won’t like a channel that’s not consistent. There is no couching it; you need to increase the frequency of uploading new videos on a regular basis. Try to create a Schedule & publish a video per week or at least once or twice a month. For best results in increasing viewers and YouTube followers, post consistently and frequently. Ensure that your content is consistent with the theme of your channel, e.g. if you start by releasing recipes for weight management, do not move onto uploading car repair videos later. You can create multiple channels for different themes and contents and link your channels, but keep varying content separate so as not to confuse viewers.

 YouTube Followers via Featured Channels

#2 Captivating title: to attract YouTube Followers, you did do some research on your niche right? So your Video title & script reflect this! The title is the Face of your video, chose wisely. A captivating Title that grabs the viewers’ attention making them curious enough to stop & view it. Make it short, appealing, colourful, creative and targeted. It should represent your brand. You need a script describing what you’re sharing in the video; this helps it perform better and in your videos organisation. Focus on subjects related to the content you want to deliver, remember you want targeted YouTube Followers, not every flake looking to drop a nasty comment. So try to do unique and creative videos. The script ensures a perfect flow of events and could point to your website where there is more for the audience. Focus on your target audience and include as much detail as possible in the scripts. Produce highly engaging evergreen content & you will attract passing traffic…


#3 Entertain & inform or educate: For quality YouTube followers, upload videos that are entertaining and informative. Some people do a video series according to a chosen topic/script and present them in a proper sequence. If you have done your homework on this part the rest of the steps will flow easier, thus draw attention to more followers to your videos…They will be expecting the next one …”A series.” A tip on creating a great series & steady stream of content is to produce shorter versions of long-form content. Build a theme around a topic and post a bite-size version of the theme 4mins max on a weekly basis. This keeps your audience engaged, anticipating & coming back for more.


#4 Add a You Tube widget to your website or blog: An awesome way to leverage your website visitors if you have a one. You can encourage your visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. We have been lax in this. They can do this with the click of a button in your website. Once you start embedding YouTube videos on your blog, there are two easy ways to get more followers to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Call to Action graphic: YouTube has added features that allow interacting more with viewers, even when the video is embedded in other web properties e.g. your blog. Take advantage of this update, add a small graphic above your embedded video. Tell people exactly what to do while watching. Here the visitors can subscribe to your channel if you add the “more info button”.


  1. YouTube subscription widget: Insert this widget at the side bar of your blog or website. ThisFor YouTube Followers Add Subscribe Widget can help your blog or website visitors to easily find your videos and subscribe to future content. Installing the widget is simple: Copy & paste the Iframe into your website’s HTML code.


#5 Annotations: These are the notes that people paste over their videos once uploaded to YouTube. (See image below) It’s a fab way to grow your YouTube Followers and website visitors. You can add more than one… A strategically placed annotation can make a difference in increasing your followers. There are two effective uses for annotations; Call to Action (CTA) and Click to Action Annotation. In Call to Action add a speech bubble annotation directly under the Subscribe button to all your videos. If used in a proper way, you can get more followers by making your visitors click them in-video e.g. a link added for channel subscriptions can be placed as a CTA. For a viewer to easily subscribe to your channel, they can click an annotation inside your video, i.e. a Click to Action. Add an image or graphic to the video and overlay with a spotlight annotation that links directly to your channel subscription page.

Add Annotations for mofre YouTube Followers

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#6 To Grow Your YouTube Followers don’t be afraid to Ask for Subscribers i.e. add a Clear Call to Action, this can be done in Your Title. This is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Depending on the message, you can use the beginning, middle or end of a video to direct your viewers’ actions. Below are some important actions you can use in your videos:


  • Comment: Encourage your audience to participate by asking specific questions or requesting a topic they would like to see covered in an upcoming video.
  • Video Graphics: Create a video end slate that appears at the end of the video to direct viewers to your website, some people use annotations & we will talk about these later, this helps to position you as a leader with a web presence where they can find even more goodies.
  • Subscribe: The simplest way to increase your followers is to “Ask for” subscribing to your Videos. This is a command, a compelling CTA. Ask them to click the “Subscribe” button right below your video. Clearly state what you want them to do, how to do it and why. If you have a video series, after 1st one be sure to suggest in your Call to Action like “make sure to click the subscribe button” to stay up to date with my Next videos”. You will be amazed at the reaction you get when you simply ask for it. Ask them to Like/Add to Favourites/Share: Inside the video ask the viewers to Like and share. This is an excellent way of guaranteeing that more viewers will watch your video and you’ll get more followers. Your new subscribers will see all your uploaded videos on their home page and also get notifications via e-mail.



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#7 Social Syndication OR Cross Platform promotion: This may be the last but definitely a mega important step to take your business to the next level by pulling more YouTube followers. Being present and active on multiple social platforms is a must. It’s easy with various platforms linking to others. Establish your presence by being discoverable through various platforms. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Create a Social media strategy to syndicate & upload your video to multiple social platforms at a scheduled time. Use buffer, Nitrosedge, Hootsuite, Networked blogs or any other such apps to promote your video or article across platforms.

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Your Takeaway: Concisely apply the outlined principles and grow your presence on YouTube. Rome wasn’t built in one day so don’t expect it to work in two ticks. Continuous production of high quality content & application of above tips will deliver amazing results for you. We are sure you enjoyed this – before you go drop your thoughts below, share & like…

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