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Why are we writing this? Well, when we were thinking about joining the Top Earner Success School class of autumn 2014 with Ray Higdon, we were already undertaking 2 other courses with Marketing Gurus Tanya Aliza & Ryan Deiss. There were reviews, and not to take away from them, most were short & not as informative, so we thought we’d write one now to help any of you who are in the same position we were.
Be warned, we’ll be going into both the good and the not so sweet, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then read no further! So here goes,

What actually is Top Earner Success School?

Our TESS Class is the 2nd class of its kind ever by Ray Higdon who along with his wife Jessica Higdon run a much bigger more detailed Top Earner Academy. TESS is the newest and latest product by Online Marketing Rock-star, multiple 7 figure earner, Author and all round no excuses, top guy Ray Higdon. TESS arms you with the Essential basics you need to become a Top Sales person in your Home Business. The process Ray says he has gone through to get to where he is today, sitting pretty with over 54,000 hits to his website Per Month! Mind Boggling we know! He didn’t get here by twiddling his thumbs and being a scaredy cat or focusing on what he calls Comparitis. Ray teaches the absolute fundamentals to becoming a top recruiter and earner in Network Marketing, MLM and any Online or small business.

But it’s not what you’d expect. Paul & I have bought many courses, some frankly not worth the e-paper they are written on! When we first logged in to the members area we were expecting the standard sequence of articles or videos that you’d find in any other online course, but this turned out to be different – Ray Promised a Classroom style Course and by gosh he does exactly that. Ray Delivers the course in Manageable bite sizes to avoid overwhelm for TESS students! Every Class is pre-planned, and you receive a link to join the training online where Ray focuses first and foremost on your Mind-set & Vision on every Module before diving deeper in the topic at hand.

Top Earner Success School focuses on the following Modules:
1. Mind-set Training
2. Vision Building
3. Cold Market Prospecting
4. Overcoming Objections and Closing
5. Attraction Marketing
6. Blogging 101
7. Branding
8. Public Speaking & Training
9. Duplication & Team Building
10. Putting it all Together – All round Recap!

And guess what Ray takes you on as his Student, if you will, and invites you to take him as your coach; he leads you step-by-step through the above modules with one sole aim, to get you out of your comfort zone, face & overcome your fears, Give value daily, Go out there and Make the sales you need to become a Top Recruiter, a leader and a producer who makes money. (Note that making money is a result of the afore mentioned actions not the first aim). His mantra is Invest Learn Teach (ILT)!

The whole ‘personal-classroom style’ element is something we really liked about this course. Not only is there a Q&A session after every one of the Nine Modules, there’s also a members-only forum where you can discuss the teachings with Ray Himself! (As well as all the other members). Think for a second how valuable it would be for you to have a direct communication link with one of the best internet marketers in the business? This is a big plus, and something that’s been absent from many other courses we’ve undertaken in the past.

What’s more, Ray practically guarantees your success by including in the course a ready-made front-end product, back-end products for TESS student to promote as affiliates and Reports (PDFs, Audios, MP4s, video replays – wow it’d be hard not to succeed given the fact that he coaches you on top of this!
Step-by-step, here’s exactly what the program gives you:

“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to become a top producer in your business & sales person; implement the ‘TESS’ system, plus Q & A sessions, webinar replays, a resource section packed with over 20 Top earner resources, including Jessica Higdon’s Recruiting Locally Script…!”

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So what Actual System does the Top Earner Success School course teach?

Well, unlike many courses or ‘original new products’ out there, in Top Earner Success School Ray teaches a system that can truly be called tried and tested. It is the training of choice for the best internet marketers today and it works like this:

• Tackle your mind-set and Flush out any negative, non-serving habits, vocabulary, and actions. Focus on the positive, on progress, productive thoughts & actions what; you focus on will manifest. This is the same teaching by some of the Industry greats like Napoleon Hill & Brian Tracy!
• Create a Laser Focused, Fully detailed Vision of where you want to go, write it down, Affirm it daily, morning and night!
• Get over your fear of failure, what you fear the most will Reward you the most!
• Learn to Close, before learning to Sell and the selling will get easier. It’s all in the Mind!
• Give Value in everything you do, Don’t look at people like they are your meal ticket, rather find out how You can add value to their lives/business and your net worth will increase as much as you give value consistently!
• Find the kind of person you want to work with and give them what they want i.e. Attraction!
• Approach to Blogging, the basics, what to do and what to avoid! How to present your blog and brand!
• Basics to Branding You Inc., yes every successful Top earner is a Brand in themselves.
• Getting over your Fear of Public speaking and Becoming a Trainer yourself.
• In all these we have a Q & A where you can ask Ray Anything you want to regarding network Marketing and any of the subjects as above.

Also remember, Top Earner Success School with Ray Higdon comes bundled with affiliation, as a TESS student you can promote and earn with all the products of Ray & Jessica Higdon earning up to 30% commissions! It literally couldn’t be any easier.

Now obviously this is a HUGE oversimplification of TESS, there is so much value given in all the webinars thus far and Q & As with other quite successful marketers and professionals its priceless; but there’s a quick version for you. Now think for a minute: isn’t that exactly what all the other internet gurus are already doing themselves? How many mailing lists are you on from people who gave out free products to you? Slowly you can begin to realise why this works so well, and why this technique is so widespread!
It’s one thing to give you a list like that, and it’s another thing to teach you how to do it yourself. This is where Ray Higdon shines, and his Top Earner Success School coaching definitely ranks among the best we’ve seen. In short: TESS stuff works.

The Flipside:

Obviously, you could say we are biased, so we shall share what we see as the flip side. If you thought there are some bad points about Top Earner Success School, sorry to disappoint you, we have found none thus far. But here is what could cause overwhelm for a noobie:

• A newbie and many other non-serious people may find the Price-point of $697 a bit steep, if they do not appreciate the value of Personal development and Continuous Learning in network Marketing to Grow as a Sales Person! To get the absolute best training, we have learned that you have to find the best Trainers and they don’t come cheap. So listen up. That Price is given back to you in way so much value it’s amazing. And you have the opportunity to promote any of Ray’s Courses and recoup your costs over and over again…so we don’t believe and neither should you that this is a hindrance! Top Earner Success School more than outweighs the Price-point in value given and received and the growth in you as a Home Business entrepreneur and your business as a result!

• The volume of information can be a bit daunting to a blind-newbie: 9 video modules with 6 Q & A sessions and a Host of Files, audios, PDFs, multiple parts! I guess if you’re looking for a quick little system then you need to look elsewhere, because with the level of detail Ray & Jess uses and offers you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn and to grow and some results unless you don’t implement in which case whats the point of purchasing the course in the first place!

• If based in Europe or Africa, some of the TESS webinars are held in the wee hours of the morning, 8-9PM EST equates to 2-3AM GMT London and the Training plus Q&A at the end could go past 4am. Doing this 4-5 times a week is absolutely not good for one’s health and can affect one’s efficiency in the workplace as many are still on the J.O.B, those bills won’t pay themselves until the HB picks up. Yet we all know a determined HBO will endeavour to attend all the training they can to become a super sales man/woman. With several training sessions by Companies, other trainers, etc. it can be hard to keep up. BUT Ray has taken all this into consideration and made sure many of the sessions are help at 3PM EST which is so much healthier for the European & Africa based Students, we appreciate this hugely, so again Ray is the man!

The Good Points

• One of the world’s best Internet Marketers, multiple 7 figure earner, and Trainer as your personal coach. We can’t really stress the benefits of great leadership enough, check out our article to learn more about that subject.

• The included products and PDF/Audio Reports. These will save you a LOT of time, and shows you exactly what a great Training product should be like.

• The Breadth of the system – Ray goes from absolute fundamentals all the way to advanced levels of Network Marketing, Closing, Attraction Marketing, Blogging, public speaking and training, this course is For Leaders, if you don’t want to lead, it’s not for you.

• The direct-line of contact with Ray & Jessica via the forum. If the Q&A sessions after each module aren’t enough for you, you have the ability to contact Ray directly via the forum to get your questions answered. We can’t overstate how valuable this is.

This is it

And so we come to the end of our Top Earner Success School with Ray Higdon review. Overall, this is one of the most impressive and complete training courses we’ve seen in a long time. It has honestly changed our mindset, given us focus on our Vision, we are bolder to face cold market prospecting  with posture and confidence that the end result doesnt mater, we are going to succeed anyway! We received valuable insight on our Blog review with Ray Higdon and got over 1000 hits on one of our blog offers, with the tweaks we made following his advice. That is Results for you, absolutely priceless. Ray is changing the lives of so many others on the course. If you’re ready to turn 2015 & yourself into as a completely different business person, someone who knows what to do and where you are going, then Get ready for the next Session of Top Earner Success School where you will immerse yourself in 9 Modules PLUS 6 LIVE Q&A Sessions with Ray Higdon, and watch how your life and business will change!

When you consider the volume of training, the credentials of the man behind it, and the fact that you get free products to sell (did we mention forum & personal touch too?), you’ve got to hand it to Ray, he has a fantastic training course here. If you’re looking to get started in the Internet Marketing business, OR You are stuck in a funk, we cant help but highly recommend Top Earner Success School to get you started the right way for long term growth, its worth every penny!

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