11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –SOLUTIONS

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money, PLUS SOLUTIONS AND MY TOP 5 TRAFFIC GETTING TIPS!


Did you have a plan for getting website traffic? Are you getting a constant flow of website traffic and is it making you money?

A question I was bluntly asked by a Tom who’s looking to work with us and to start a blog too. In my mind I was thinking, you could have all of 23 ways to increase your website, but is it converting?

Instead I looked at him and said, do cows eat grass and is their poop green!


Yes getting website traffic is truly a serious business, a puzzle and challenge for many!

We’ve also had lots of inquiries on how we got the August traffic results shown here.

More important today is why your website isn’t getting traffic or making money! Several people have also asked me to Professionally Review their sites…for this reason!


Now we all started our blogs to educate Joe Public and make money…right? So why is the latter not happening when you pump out super value?

Allow me to share with you My Top 5 Traffic Getting Rules: or watch below



For without reviewing your website, I can only give you some general ideas why. And I won’t waste your time. Below are 11 reasons why you aren’t getting website traffic! I believe that maybe 2 or more of these could explain why your site still isn’t making any money.

1.      Why you Ain’t Getting Website Traffic – Poor Headlines:

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –SOLUTIONS

If your headlines are lacklustre, they don’t grab anyone’s attention. They don’t have your focus keyword, thus nobody is really finding your content even on Google page 20 you are truly not getting website traffic from search engines. It’s simple as that! Your headlines are what STOP and get people in the door. Even more crucial if you’re sharing your blog or content on social media. Stand out from the noise. Make sure your IMAGES and HEADLINES pique their interest. Clearly set out the benefits to your target audience. For help with this see “How to create Killer Blog titles that convert!” with 72 Killer headlines in an infographic for download!



2.     Poor Site Design = You Won’t Be Getting Website Traffic!

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –BE CREATIVE!

We dealt with user experience as key once they’re on your website! If you’re getting website traffic and aren’t making any sales, then look at your design!  From the word go we purposed to create a website with utility, aesthetics, ease of navigation and awesome content in mind! In addition to our skills, we decided we needed a website created for our niche so we invested in the amazing step-by-step Ultimate Branding Blueprint, by Tanya Aliza to stand out from the online noise!

Would you agree that we have done a stellar job? Glad you like it and agree…

So if your website looks unprofessional, overcrowded, has spammy links, is impossible to navigate, looks/sounds exactly like thousands of other sites or is just downright unsightly… you won’t be getting website traffic soon unless you buy it in copious amounts! Understand that your visitors won’t trust you to handle their business or problem professionally. Unless your offers are super appealing they’ll simply bounce!

Study sites like Highrisehq, Free-Electrons, MWH global, they look professional, they have visual appeal, very easy to navigate and have all those good things Google loves! Check your website performance using this free resource and improve on whatever points you need to fast!


An appealing basic design is easily achieved. We provide a very affordable website Review Service and have a 50% off quoted price promotion for professionally designed WordPress sites using WP templates. Our reviews are comprehensive & recorded for your consumption in your own time. We also suggest some cool resources that we only share with paying clients so contact us if you need a better user experience!



3.     You Ain’t Getting Website Traffic coz You Aren’t Creative Or Sending Untargeted Traffic

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –UNTARGETED

If you’re driving traffic to your web site via only the traditional ways, learn Traffic Hacking. Also if your site is responsive & aesthetically pleasing, then you may be sending the wrong visitors, or right visitors to the wrong page, depending on SEO…!

For Instance we are getting lots of Impressions on Twitter, And Optins as well… And they’re targeted the activity stats are astounding:

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –SOLUTIONS

Yet a while back, we were advertising our e-book on Google Adwords and directing that campaign traffic to our homepage somehow. We lost quite a few potential sales not counting the wasted money on ads. Quickly fixed thank God! Moral of this, when promoting specific offers, send your traffic directly to the landing page on your site that provides the related information.



4.     No Website Traffic – Yes it’s a Problem!

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –TRACK!

Are you Tracking and checking your Socials & Website Traffic stats? Most of our Tweets are our blogs, driving traffic to our website. You’re wondering why I am repeating myself…no am not! See if all you do is write whatever takes your fancy, even if its amazingly awesome expert content, that people badly need. But fail to ensure on page optimization. Then you hit publish and think the job is done. Sorry to burst your bubble!  The job just begun…Promote, Promote, Promote, did I say promote the heck out of that blog post? If you do have a marketing budget, I suggest you drive traffic via Pay Per Click (PPC) to your site. Get those eyeballs on your offers and presentation, the more targeted traffic, the higher your site visibility and guess what you will start getting website traffic organically too…Yipeee! Actively attract visitors to your site via a variety of methods. If you don’t do this and you are pumping out great content well that till won’t be ringing fast will it?

The most effective method for increasing or getting website traffic or blog visitors is one you can control and track results. In my view this is pay per click advertising and social media ads; another form of ppc!

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –TWITTER ADS

Just starting out? I strongly recommend you join blog tribes or forums like disqus, Tribepro, and lots of private groups on Facebook. Get social and visit as many niche related blogs, leaving valuable comments, attracting influencers and other commenters. This will help build value links esp if you use your social as website links. Will bring a trickle of traffic from your socials e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. don’t be a mean blogger. The Golden rule of pro-blogging and getting website traffic is GIVE, give, give comment love, social shares, connect, reach out and offer help to other established pro-bloggers and a few good ones will return the favour…sending you some super awesome organic traffic!



5.     Not Getting Website Traffic Because You’re not Responding to Blog Comments:

This is how to get traffic to your website, goggle loves it! So get with the program. Here is the deal, if I visit a website, find some cool info, scroll down to comments to leave my opinion and find no response at all from the author…I don’t leave a comment & I leave, wont visit again! YES! You heard! Traffic trickle effect. How many people do you think do the same?

Also when you visit someone’s blog post with great content…DONT LEAVE ONE LINERS like “Great info, thanks for sharing” Really! If you can’t give a constructive comment, then don’t! You are hurting YOUR OWN TRAFFIC. Influencers and other pro-bloggers won’t be clicking on your name to visit your site either – its link juice. So you’re missing out on getting website traffic by being MEAN with your words and social shares!

Solution: As an author respond thoughtfully to all comments on your blog. This is great for relationship building and bringing commenters back to your site.



6.     Copywriting Problems Could be the Reason You Aren’t Getting Website Traffic!

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –CHECK COPY!

If you’re driving traffic to great offers and still not getting much traction or making sales, then your marketing funnel may be lacking.

Solution: Check your landing page OR

Check your ad copy for grammar & spelling errors.

Check copy quality and length, too short or long is a problem.

Check if your ad clearly communicates the benefits of your offer for your audience’ needs.

Check if you are advertising in the right place/forum!

The art of good copywriting for profit lies in your ability to create great product reviews that focus on benefits – how your offer will improve their lives. We have you covered and encourage you to get our “Ultimate Lead Grabbing Sales Letter Guidevalue of $97 now FREE for a Limited time only.


Rosalind Gardiner shows you how to write a product endorsement. If you are lacking in a skill, work on improving it or OUTSOURCE it…You are learning fast! Man this is your website traffic guide innit!  CLICK TO TWEET



7.     Optimize Your Existing Posts to Get More Website Traffic:

If your old posts have broken links, are not refreshed and just sit there, they aren’t getting website traffic or page traffic are they? Worse still they could get de-ranked, even if they ranked when you first published! So comb through your old posts ensure they have unique and relevant title tags, URLS and meta descriptions, add unique tagged images and update the info, i.e. refresh them. Promote them and keep your site fresh! Here is a lesser known trick; demote irrelevant Google site links. These are automatically generated, but you can demote or unindex/unfollow URLS you don’t want to show. This may increase the chances for those you want listed showing up. Do this via Google Webmaster Tools. Also how to get new traffic to your website my friend, by adding text to your blog post images –Include your post title and URL in your blog post images for optimal effect when pinned or shared. I see so many awesome pins, with no relevant info or link back to blog…! Tut tut!



8.     You’re Not Getting Website Traffic Because You’re Not Promoting Others:

11 Reasons you’re Not Getting Website Traffic or Making Money –PROMOTE OTHERS!

Golden rule of blogging, as propounded by Ryan Biddulph Author of Blogging from Paradise (Grab your copy via that link above for less than a cup of coffee) is; GIVE, GIVE, GIVE. To the right people/audience of course and you shall receive huge, more than you can ever imagine. Some leaders are just not givers. So find your givers. And JV with them. The more value you give the more website traffic you will attract. And the more money you’ll make. So how do you give back? Here is a novel way: Create a top 10 blogs/websites post in your niche. Contact the blog owners in advance and inquire if they are open to that and whether they would promote the blog. You want to get interactive, coz they promote that blog post I guarantee you will get a torrent of continuous traffic to your site.  You may also want to create a simple badge or banner for those blogs/websites to embed again for promotional purposes! That banner of course points to your site…Link Juice baby! So make sure the blog or site is a good one! You want to use untapped sources to get more website traffic fast!



9.     You aren’t Getting Website Traffic? Are you On YouTube or using Video?

Video Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for some people is getting in front of the camera! I know the feeling…Have you seen Paul on any video lately…! OMG don’t tell him, let’s keep this between ourselves okay Our secret!

Video Marketing is the bombdiggity; it’s IN its cool. It’s amazing. Let me share with you my very first Video experience Here


What I am trying to tell you is that you need to plan for getting website traffic. Because getting website traffic in competitive markets can be a full time job in itself, if you are using the organic route only. To start with it could be the only way, but for heaven sake as you start to make some money, please invest in Paid Traffic! You need to get this on autopilot don’t you…Well the sauce is in Video Marketing. Your evergreen sales man working for you 24/7 365, all online while you snooze, golf or snorkel!  Get on YouTube – and do it consistently. BE VERY TARGETED in your approach. Shelling out 2-4 min videos is all good, but don’t make it all about that. There is very little value you can share in such a period of time so don’t be misled. People look for videos of at least 15-30 mins when they need some information on a subject! So give us some meat will you! YouTube along with Pinterest drive the most engaged traffic out of all social media sites, with an average of 2.99 pages per visit, via YT. See VISUAL more VISUALS please!





10. Not Posting Enough Content means you’re not getting website traffic:

Okay you decided to create a website, and to blog, right…So get regularly blogging already will you! At least 2 blogs/wk surely you can spare the time. So many sources of awesome content not forgetting your very own Brain…A super computer packed full of wonderful experiences and lessons! Go write, you must hit 100posts fast to start really ranking and getting website traffic organically. Could be a trickle to start with, but this grows as you put out more better value content! So the problem of not enough content to get website traffic is…drum roll please…

Solution – Post more frequently for website traffic and profit – We’ve learnt from Neil Patel that by posting 6x/week high-quality posts (as opposed to 3-5)..OMG we gotta keep up! Apparently his blog traffic increased by 18.6% what!  So what is your magic traffic number? Commit to hitting it and beyond, the more the merrier. I am sharing getting website traffic secrets so…




11.You’re not Getting Website Traffic Because You aren’t Following Up:

I’ll tell you a personal experience. I posted a vlog on a trip we took a while back and got a shedload of comments. Many expressing an interest how we do travel. I judged that these people were “being kind” or already working other programs and so didn’t pick up on their interest. Guess what…3 people promptly joined our primary business with other people! And when asked why they never came to us…guess what they each said! That we hadn’t followed up with them when they showed interest in our vlog…! They later asked for my help…! One big family I gave support, but you get the picture…

FOLLOW UP! Keep people in the loop… Be the first to enthusiastically share that nugget about a new plugin or resource that you liked, tested & got x results! To build trust, let your audience and subscribers know when to steer clear of the ‘bad apples’ that they might otherwise be influenced to buy through your competitors. Don’t give them a reason to jump ship…Unless they so choose in which case they made their bed!


Okay meat and potatoes: if you’re driving traffic to your gorgeous high-ticket offer, highly niched page with a professional endorsement and still not making sales. You just need lil tweaks…FOLLOW UP with your website visitors. This is extremely critical to nail those sales. Of course you don’t have to do it personally if you are oceans apart. Simply create killer follow up series via your email management service like Aweber for as little as $1!

Ensure you have great offers, with captivating headlines on every relevant post. Don’t make your audience search far to find your offers! Could be one of the reasons why you’re not getting website traffic or making money! CLICK TO TWEET


Well there could be any number of reasons why you aren’t getting website traffic or making sales. And there are several actionable ideas and solutions! BUT EACH of the reasons & solutions listed above is critical to your network marketing or home business success.

I promise you that once you start sending a constant stream of targeted traffic to your attractive user-friendly site; focused on benefits and your audience are eager to read your newsletters – you’ll start to attract plenty of sales and make lots of money.


Know any other reasons why people aren’t getting website traffic? Enjoyed our article? Consider sharing, liking, and let us know your insights below!



As always you deserve more so…

Live. Learn. Love

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