New Facebook Reactions or Emoticons & Business! #facebookmarketing

The New Facebook Reactions or Emoticons – We’ve learnt and Share what they could mean for your Home Business!



In today’s post you are going to learn how the new “Facebook Reactions” feature works and the potential impact on marketing, your business and users behavior for tomorrow. This was one of the questions that arose from our Survey of What topics yo would like us to share, and the next post will be answering another question too! 

I know you’ve already met your new Facebook emoticons, pretty aren’t they? Trust me I used to think that “Wow” emoji meant Ouch….lol 


New Facebook Reactions preceed changes for business users!

Watch 2 min Video for How the Facebook Reactions work


Posted by Rise with Julie & Paul Kalungi Ace Group on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And I imagine you thought they were just a thumb, heart and 4 little smileys, come on admit it! Question is what do these Facebook reactions popularly called the new Facebook emojis mean for your business? I am a curious type so I dug a lil deeper and…

In this post I share what I’ve learnt with my ear to the ground. It’ll help you understand some new trends as a home business owner or online entrepreneur who leverages Facebook for your business growth…Drum roll please.

So these Facebook emoticons, are they an alien force coming to getcha, or are they telling us something about Facebook’s next changes?

You bet they are and this is what I learnt from a TechCrunch update!

A few months ago Facebook announced the use of “Facebook Reactions” and rolled them out to some test geographical areas and a select group of business users and influencers. Last couple of weeks they rolled them out to you and I – on our time lines! On the face of it, this may seem like a great functionality upgrade…or is it? Well I suspected there was a whole lot more to this for the business user. Facebook reactions product manager Sammi Krug posed this question to CNNMoney:

Are we giving people more tools to express themselves more accurately and authentically?

Is Facebook giving people more tools to express themselves more accurately and authentically Click To Tweet

You see prior to the Facebook Reactions’ launch it was suggested by Social Media Influencers that Facebook has plans to implement Facebook ads inside of its messenger app.

So what has this got to do with Facebook reactions and your biz…? Well Advertising, monetization that’s what. You will soon see……

New Facebook Reactions preceed changes for business users! #facebookemojis #businesstips

“Ads inside of Messenger, though different from those that appear elsewhere on Facebook! They will only appear in message threads with businesses. Which will only be able to serve ads to people who previously contacted them via Messenger.” WHAT?

In the same update that brought Facebook Reactions, there was also a change made to another part of the timeline that you might not have noticed. User comments on posts by businesses no longer show whilst scrolling the News Feeds. Here’s an example…Have you shared a fan page post to your private newsfeed lately? The comments only show on the fan page not on your newsfeed!

Facebook is taking emphasis away from post engagement via comments Click To Tweet


On the face of it, according to HubSpot, clearly Facebook is taking emphasis away from post engagement via comments. See lots of people simply comment things like “Nice one”, “Lol”, “Good job”, “thanks” etc. No real meat to their comment…Or the majority just “like” and bounce. Facebook changed the algorithm and now it’s facing the results i.e. some people tag those they specifically want to see their content. Thus by passing the algorithm.

So Facebook now wants, well more Facebook Reactions…More engagement, more action. Coz even the likes have become scarce for many…have you visited your friend’s newsfeed lately? For many it’s like a solo act….they are posting for themselves. No one is engaging at all coz FB isn’t showing their content and the poor buggers don’t even know it!

So it seems from Chinese whispers , Facebook Reactions could be a replacement for “Comments.” It’s an attempt to improve on-post engagement. BUT Facebook haven’t promoted this new functionality. Most simply don’t know how they appear and can’t be bothered to find out either!

For you as a business user, the original use of the comments section was for your potential clients or customers to engage with your business. Now it’s not the case.


Because Facebook is not as social as it used to be. It’s more a business advertising platform and thus streamlining its services for that purpose.

This overhaul is thus also attempt at keeping Facebook fresh, and deepening people’s attachment to the website and messenger app!

New Facebook Reactions precede changes for business users! #facebookemoticoncodes

The new Facebook reactions functionality, the plethora of changes, and the planned addition of Messenger ads all prove the above points.  Facebook is also subtly forcing you the business user to use Messenger to communicate with your customers or prospects! It’s shifting goal posts from Comments to Messaging. In fact surveys have shown this Facebook push into video, shopping, messaging and media, shopping over the past 12+ months!


Messenger is a fully usable communication resource for chat, email, call and video calling! So Facebook wants you to use it instead of taking the customer to “Skype” or to your phone! When it was first launched it had such poor quality video  audio it wasn’t even funny…That has changed a heck of a lot. I now hold most of my Business Calls via Facebook Messenger, unless it’s a tutorial then its Skype or!

While Mark Zuckerberg denied it, surveys show that there was a drop in Facebook usage in 2015. According to CNNMoney


surveys show that there was a drop in Facebook usage in 2015 #facebookmarketing Click To Tweet

“A shrinking number of people are posting status updates or uploading photos, according to a recent GlobalWebIndex survey of tens of thousands of Internet users from 34 global regions.”

Facebook is still the most used social media platform hands down compared to LinkedIn, Instagram its baby, or Twitter.


BUT, it did notice the drop in users to other resources like Snapchat , Instagram (which it owns) and WhatsApp! In another super business move, Facebook noticed how much people use WhatsApp so it recently went and bought it. By the way if you are a WhatsApp user you might like to check out a fellow entrepreneur, Renard Moreau’s post on pending WhatsApp updates that may affect you soonest. Could be one of Facebook’s firs moves to cleaning house and monetizing this app even more I betcha!

Back to Facebook, have you noticed that it’s a lot faster to send a message directly to a business page than commenting on someone’s timeline post lately? If you can find it! Remember the “see first” tool? If you don’t know what am talking about check the “See First” Facebook update here & how it affects you!

Hang on to your pants because this year you are going to see lots of Facebook changes and additions. More to support the existing ones like; See first, Facebook Live, Social Integration for fan pages, which Facebook has already monetized at $50/year for fan page owners. There are likely to be more functionality updates to support said changes.


What are the Benefits of The Facebook Reactions For Online Marketers?

Here is something potentially super exciting for the advertiser; you are gonna get additional data about your prospects: consumer sentiments, emotions or reactions, preferences and trends. This is absolutely fantastic for you as you launch your next Facebook Ad soon! But for now “Love,” “Aha,” “wow” and “Angry” all count as a “Like.” How can you tell then?

Well, access Facebook Insights on the post, by clicking the reach number of a post right above the reaction buttons, as shown below:

What the New Facebook Reactions or Emoticons mean for your Home Business! #facebookmarketing

You see a new page similar to the image below with a break-down of your post reach including the new reactions!


What the New Facebook Reactions or Emoticons mean for your Home Business! #facebookadstips

Super tip: If you are curious as I am, then you want to know which specific users and their reactions. Simply go to the post and click on each emoticon for the list of names….


Now you have a better understanding of how your audience reacts to your content and thus can target better as Facebook sorts out a more meaningful marketing insights algorithm .

have a better understanding of how your audience reacts to your #contentmarketing #First100 Click To Tweet

Pay attention to the Facebook reaction post trends on your fan page. Focus on the “Love reaction” and create or share more of the same and similar targeted content. Improving your reach = more traffic = more sales=kerching!  Remember you need to use your most recent posts to get a better baseline!

In the meantime here’s what to do as a business and Fan Page Owner:

  1. Do check your Fan Page inbox, chances you got lots of messages & moderate.
  2. Check your posts insights as suggested above and take note of your “lov-ers” and “wow-ers”. Serve them more. Reach out personally to them with a thank you and have a good ole chinwag, get to know them better. 
  3. Pay attention to any “angry” users and why. It may be the nature of the post or they are expressing their displeasure at your content by a single click! Many hoping to hide behind that…Not to you! See how best you can serve them. If repeat complainers, remove them from your fan page!
  4. Better believe it that the new emoticons are changing the face of engagement and the quality of your content better be great as people can now show their displeasure, without saying a word, not good for your reach!  So it’s imperative that you get to know your audiences better, share value lovable content, and appreciate your fans and followers. 
  5.  Expect to see an increase in messages direct to your Fan Pages. So set aside time to manage this because it is going to be your main communication channel for your potential customers. And it doesn’t matter if you ain’t connected on Facebook your messages will not go to the “Other folder” which by the way was also removed or tweaked!
  6. Share with your Audience how the Facebook reactions and emoticons update work. Many don’t know how and soon that will lose you reach! 
  7. Do you link your Facebook Videos to your YouTube Channel or linked video or Playlist? Tut tut you are missing out on traffic Learn how you can in this full tutorial!
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And……well that’s all I know for now. Rest assured I will keep you posted and refresh this post as I get to know more. So why not bookmark it, coz this is only the beginning for you as a business user. You done have a fan page? WHAT….! 

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And in our next 2 posts we are gonna wrap up March Social Media & Email Marketing by sharing how we increased our email subscriptions by 210% and you too can, awesome isn’t it!


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So what have I missed on the new Facebook Like Buttons? Have you got value from this post? The do feel free t share with your friends, like every image is shareable esp. on Facebook.   Absolutely Share any questions, inquiries and thoughts in a comment below.

You do deserve more


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