It’s becoming the norm for me to generate MLM leads, is a total buzz…and I am so grateful! 

The minute I learnt that traffic isn’t the problem its ME, I was loosed. It was a light bulb moment. I sat down and thought deep and decided I was going to be that person that generates MLM leads so I have more leads than time!


MLM lead generation ain’t one of your problems, and here is the deal…


Imagine this. You wake up in the morning when you’re ready, feeling totally rested. stretch and thank The Source of all life for every grace and blessing on your life. By the way, you are not in any rush, so you take time to meditate then go through your affirmations, and do your morning routine.


Also, you love to exercise and yes you have the time to go for that morning fresh jog…Get back and Have a soak, no rush! Then, when you ‘re ready for that first glass of freshly squeezed juice, that you didn’t wake up to make. And a cup of Java.

Well now you feel up to the challenge of the hustle, bring it on…As you nibble your crumpet and bowl of fruit with yogurt… See I say all this because a few focused, people got this. And we generate MLM leads on autopilot and so are many others online.


The Million $$$ question is are those leads turning into Sales? This is a huge challenge for many as well who generate mlm leads, or buy leads…but aren’t making a sou. Its gotta be looked at….


Talking about challenges did you watch my video on how I handle challenges? You really want to do so here now or watch video Below 

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So back to that picture I am painting for you! You sit down in front of your PC, check your e-mail and find 5-10 new leads in your CRM. So, you fire off an individual note to each one, take note of their numbers and schedule a time to call them! You take 5 to answer a call ad check your WhatsApp… Within several minutes you discover your efforts have yielded results! Lo and behold, two people have taken your personal note to heart and joined your network marketing business inside the time it took you to drink a cup of pure coffee and read the newspaper.

A moment later you notice they’ve already began their Fast Start coaching and are taking action…

Sound like a most unlikely dream? It is not…more people are getting this and we over here love to share, so you too can have it!

There are several very successful leaders and top income earners who have mastered the art and science of generating MLM leads & prospecting. The above scenario is the norm for many! So let’s take a better look because I believe its your time…We always say you deserve more! 



TIP #1 Generate MLM Leads – Have Own System: Make certain that you have your own converting landing pages. Landing pages that aren’t company generic ones coz you wont stand out from the noise. And the leads wont be yours…! Landing pages are what you use to target people via your irresistible offer aka an ad that makes them optin. This will be more effective if its hosted on a website you own. BUT at least every other ad should go directly to your OFFER. Esp PPC/PPV  You will find these convert even more/better than the general website. CLICK TO TWEET

To generate mlm leads is an essential income producing activity for your business. You are unlikely to reach your sales goals if you aren’t prospecting. See you need to have more leads than hours in the day! Many people focus on the friends and family who aren’t joining their deal…how the heck do you expect to make a living from just your family or friends…heck get off ya A and go prospect & generate mlm leads fast. The internet is your oyster!



However, I know that knowing what to do to get new leads may be difficult. THAT’S WHY PAUL & I are Here to Help You, So Lets get you generating mlm leads learn more about mlm lead generation here

What does it take to create your own system?

  • A Landing Page
  • A Blog or website
  • A PPC/PPV Ad Campaign
  • An Autoresponder.

A website or blog is the easy part to generate mlm leads. The landing page requires you to know what your prospect or customer really want!

…But don’t kid yourself that they’ll be the answer to all your sales problems. If fact in sadly they may not be any better than bought leads…  The difference is how effectively & quickly you communicate, listen to, then provide a solution that fits their needs! CLICK TO TWEET



TIP #2 to Generate MLM Leads: I loved Jessica Higdon’s course on Prospecting Locally, Building Globally!  So I urge you to look for and connect with people in your local geographical area and even community that are involved with Internet marketing & lead groups. There could be businesses that share leads. Recently a lady contacted me form Manchester and she made this exact offer! 


Through Business Meetups

Through other local friends in network marketing online e.g. on Facebook simply reach out to friends of friends and build relationships. Same with Twitter, Instagram…! Really connect with people and enjoy communicating with them..learn a bit more about them you will find a window t share your awesome Product, service, platform! 

Are there any local authority or business events happening near you. We visited Anfield over the weekend, and found there was a game between LFC and Aston Villa…Boy the stalls that were there…selling all kinds. Imagine if you see healthy snacks or drinks, you could have made a killing! If you’re a realtor, you could visit a wedding show. Newlyweds or couples planning marriage are potentially looking for a new home. You could set JV with them or set up shop in the area to let them know you can help. Try checking the classifieds to see what is going on in your locality in the near future. These are practical ways to generate mlm leads offline! 



TIP #3 Generate MLM leads via Case studies and Customer Reviews! I learnt this from a course I picked up online I believe it was by Alex Jefferys! To generate mlm leads via customer reviews or case studies you gotta do some work…! Ha no magic here. Potential Subscribers are more likely to give you their information and/or buy from you if they find supportive data. Connect with the reviewer and find out if they are open to a JV i.e. sharing lists! Or If they can try your product and give you a user review! CLICK TO TWEET


When you enter such a relationship, ensure that your landing pages have a contact box/form and are congruent with what you offer. A landing page targeted to match the advertisement driving the traffic, will show better results than being driven to the business site. 

As you look to generate mlm leads on and offline, consider case studies too. People are more likely to purchase your products if they find a user story before and after data, supporting data on the benefits of your products or services. Team testimonials are great, utilize them plus any applicable research to support your claims. To generate mlm leads faster, you gotta learn to point your prospects to relevant info as opposed to explaining things. That puts them off… We are all intrinsically lazy! 


TIP #4 Generate MLM leads – Have a System! Do you own your own site, or maybe you are a pinner? See, if you use a resource that allows tagging, or adding keywords, then my advice is to go for the low hanging fruit! I am assuming you already use Google Keyword planner.  So I suggest you use long-tailed keywords, not too many as that could be confusing as well. We want you to generate mlm leads that are targeted to make more sales you see!  So use the right keywords and absolutely go crush it! If you aren’t yet leveraging Pinterest for your Business and to generate mlm leads, its not your fault until today…




TIP #5 Generate MLM Leads – Call them! 


Yes, by now you have generated some leads and you got their numbers…but you still keep sending them impersonal emails! Nothing beats connecting a voice or even face to a name…Video calling duh!

I use Facebook messenger,

WhatsApp Call

Skype calls.


All free & available on a smartphone near you! Don’t forget generating mlm leads via phone calls! Call to see if there is anyone who needs what you have.

Sift and sieve. See certain leads just don’t fit your current campaign, yet could fit another! Which target audience are you after? Don’t market to everyone…Target and pick targeted lead sources. Understand lead values and you will have a lot more success with your sales.


TIP #6 Generate MLM Leads – Skill Up !

Yes you wanna generate MLM leads on tap? Then Sharpen & hone your prospecting skills while building and implementing your own list or lead generation system!

And the beauty is you can learn from the same place that many of the industry’s leaders did, and this is a little know secret…You could even out do them! For you see, its always best to BUILD YOUR OWN and generate mlm leads like a charm! 

Ready to learn more about Why Your Network Marketing Cookie Cutter System isn’t workingand how you can take control of your business today then follow the link above!



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Now that you are done with this article, you know the basics of how to generate mlm leads. Applying these techniques to your business will help you find leads in multiple ways. Apply these tips and watch as your bottom line increases too!

Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this post. What challenges are you struggling with when it comes to generate MLM leads and your current strategies?

You’ve just been introduced to a better way of doing things… 


Because you deserve more …
Live. Learn. Love
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