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Keyword Research for Niche Marketing with Commercial Intent, How to do it Right!

Did you know that physical product niche marketing is one of the easiest methods to get started online? BUT if you don’t do your Keyword Research you just might be one of those sitting around wondering why Don is selling like crazy & you are not!

In this post we’ll have a look on how to do keyword research to figure out profitable keywords for physical product niche marketing & also briefly for websites. For keyword research we’ll use the following 4 tools:





All above four tools are 100% free and easy to use, sweet!

When most people think about physical product niche marketing, they think Amazon, some may think eBay or other websites but we’ll use to find our profitable products, and just know that this is applicable to any other physical product online.

We also said we will use SEO Mozilla Keyword search tool, to figure out keywords which people might be typing in search engines to find products. And while not many may have heard of this, we are happy to share with you Traffic Travis keyword research tool to figure out SEO competition for keywords. You should Note that if a keyword is too competitive, your product promotion effort will mostly likely to go waste, and that where Traffic Travis comes in handy!

So without further ado let’s head to to find out profitable products.
Open in your browser –> Click On “Shop by Department” –> Select “Full Store Directory

niche marketing

You should end up on’s product category page, where you can select any product category you want. Scroll through & dig deep to find a profitable product. In our opinion and experience we suggest you look on a product landing page to ensure your choice product is really profitable. And you could use the following criteria:

1. Detailed Product Description Page – because by default 99% of people are hard-wired to look for details before buying. So details on product landing page** do improve conversions. A detailed description with images and videos usually makes more sales than another product which lacks them.

2. Product Must Have At Least 20 Reviews and Average 4star Rating or a Detailed customer review – because it assures you and your customer that a product is actually selling. Minimum 4star rating will assure quality of product in eyes of customers, leading to more sales.

3. Product Cost Must be above $100, Why you may ask…Because & .com pay only 6% to 15% commission on sales of products (this condition is valid for almost all physical product affiliate programs). Which means you’ll get only $6 to $15 on sale of $100, hence to make sure that you make a fair profit, you must target products with cost range of $100 or more.

**Landing Page: Technically it is a page where traffic is sent. In our case our landing page will be the page where a customers end up after clicking on your affiliate link for adding product to their shopping cart.

Once you’ve selected a product which fulfills your conditions, it’s time to move on to our SEO Keyword Tool see image below you literally type in your chosen keyword and Its as simple as that…you get results as in the image below.

niche marketing Keyword Research Tool

Simply click on any of the of the highlighted links in blue for more details, You may have to open an account if you want deeper details with some of the resources.

Now usually when you search for “Keyword Tool” in Google the very first result will be Google Keyword Tool, but we are not using it for this post! You can use it if you wish though! You need to open a Gmail account to use it and since their last changes you now must set up an account and pay to play! So we are using the Free Mozilla Search tool, you don’t need an account nor pay to use it. Below is some guidance:

If you chose to use the GKT you log in, click on “Advanced Options and Filters” and from “Locations and Languages” select country for which you want to promote product. In our case we’ll select United Kingdom for or USA for which predominantly targets United States market.

Type name of product in Search Box and click on “Search”. Don’t bother with description people don’t type descriptive names in a search! For most, product brand name OR model number is enough.

Keep in mind whenever you are niche marketing either it be for physical product or digital product, there is always a pattern in keywords to detect which keywords are buyer keywords. Buyer Keywords are keywords which people type in search engines with intention of buying a product. Keywords with buyers intention can be easily recognized if they appear as follows:

Product Name
Product Name Review
Product Name Reviews
Product Name Discount
Buy Product Name
Purchase Product Name

Once you get buyer keywords, check the local monthly volume. If cost of product is less than $500 check for minimum 800 local monthly searches. If cost of product is above $500 then 200 and 300 local monthly searches are a good mark. With the Keyword Tool you get similar words or phrases, thus you can get other similar profitable products, they’ll appear with your keyword ideas & you can add them to your marketing campaign.


Now its time to check SEO competition for these keywords. Open Traffic Travis, Click on “SEO” Tab –> Select Competition –> Click on “Keywords”.  Paste your keywords into box; click on “OK” then click on “FETCH” to get results. Depending on your internet connection speed it might take some time to get results. Your results will appear like image below.

Traffic Travis Keyword Search Tool

Check difficulty, it must be Easy or Relatively Easy. Medium Difficulty or anything above isn’t worth bothering because it’ll make ranking that keyword very difficult and expensive.

Now scroll to the left of result and click on “View Report”. From here you’ll be able to see why that keyword is easy or hard to rank for. It’ll give you all On Page and Off Page SEO weaknesses of other pages.

Research for & Use “Buy Now” Keywords

Here we share a secret Keyword research Strategy, search words for Commercial Intent if you are to make huge sales in any given niche, or searching for your Blog or website optimization, as opposed to searching for informational keywords. By this we mean; keywords that people use minutes before making a purchase. People searching with Buy Now Keywords may literally have their credit card in their hand. Below are words that tend to be part of Buy Now Keywords:

  • Buy
  • Coupon
  • Discount
  • Cheap
  • Deal
  • Shipping

And guess what, these keywords convert like crazy. They may not get great search volume, but their sky-high conversion rate makes up for it. While Information Key words might include words like:

  • How to
  • Best way to
  • Ways to
  • A guide to

The best way to leverage Informational Keywords is to find those that have high search volume and low competition i.e. low hanging fruit.

And our Final Tip is Use to check your site’s keyword rank: If you have been targeting specific keywords, use to assess your rank. Type in your keyword and your site & you will get your results within 1-2mins!

Finally a quick recap of what we have done on Keyword research for your niche market product:

1. We selected profitable products from
2. We searched for buyer keywords with a good amount of searches

3. We checked the ease of ranking of these keywords.

4. We’ve given you a clue on checking your site/link Keyword using Serps

We hope this article makes your keyword research for your niche market easier and more profitable. Share your love or opinion by Commenting below/Tweet/Facebook/Pin it or Google+

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Have a great season!

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