Search Engines Costly Mistakes

4 Costly Search Engine Mistakes You Must Avoid To ensure website Visibility & Ranking

Well its “Ask JulieMotivational Friday again and I’ve been asked this Question several times. Fortunately I tackled it earlier and so am on a roll with search engine traffic…

As a Home Business Entrepreneur, I know it’s the pain most marketers need medicine to! Just recently a friend asked me whether if he used the right keywords in his blog and web pages; he would become a search engine rock-star! Would his website/content immediately rank on Google Page 1 and other major search engines? The answer is Not so fast brother…read on for more!

Of course, we all want traffic and in the beginning any type and amount of website traffic is better than no traffic at all…right! Well Wrong!

Even with the best of intentions and grand looking website, success could be so far it’s not even funny. If your site visitors are not targeted, and aren’t really looking to buy your products, service or info on offer, they will simply click & bounce…ouch! WHY?

You may ask…Well if you are a web-master i.e. own your website and create your content read on… If you are planning on using free web services, read on…If you simply want to use a company provided webpage and never want to brand You…this may not be for you!

We all want free quality Website Traffic and some of us want it so bad we commit some search engine mistakes that could be website hara-kiri.

If like we were in the beginning you are committing the following acts below, you need to Stop Today! Consider this your ole auntie Jules friendly word of caution to help your website rank better on search engines. Which in turn helps you to receive better site visitors…Sweet ole targeted organic traffic



Below are some Search Engine mistakes you Must Avoid at all costs!

1. Keep a look out for missing web page elementsDouble check every page on your website to ensure it is complete, makes sense, and the links are related and work properly. You don’t want links that lead to “404 land” missing links do the same. Graphics should work properly and be well tagged to maximize your search engine optimization aka SEO not downgrade it! Find people or websites that can do this for you for free, they are out there!



2. If you can afford it, Purchase a domain, as opposed to using free web hosting – it’s almost impossible to have control of your website if you use free hosting services like Weebly, Wix ,, blogger, or even generic company hosted webpages!

Although some are absolutely amazing, you are not the only user, you have no control of your content or how it might rank in future! You can’t manage your keywords, tags, etc. and well the search engine ranking is determined by the web host, which may not be a bad thing!

All the above depend on the Host of the website and their agenda! Many times your content doesn’t rank at all. Typing your name or blog post topic in its entirety and see only your articles on Google or other search engine Page 1 is self delusion…Sorry!


So please if you can afford it, do not use free web hosting esp. if you are committed to building your personal Brand. And increasing your site traffic via search engine ranking and visibility. Most search engines simply ignore or eliminate content from free hosts, sad but true!

Like we’ve said before, purchase a domain for pennies from GoDaddy. I Recommend using another hosting service. We use And Recommend HostGator, you could try Bluehost…GoDady has a very slow server and could slow your site down, affecting your search engine ranking. Pick the one that most suits your wallet!



3. Keyword stuffing –  a total search engine optimization no no. I must say we were guilty of this in the beginning; after all we believed the more keywords and related words we could stuff in one article the faster we would rank! NOPE…the opposite could happen!

Jamie Talentino wrote an article packed with more technical common search engine Mistakes to avoid! If you know about keyword stacking, stuffing has the same effect i.e. when you use the same keywords over and over again the search engines just might downgrade and/or skip the page or site.

If you know html code, it’s like assigning multiple keywords to a description of a graphic or layer that appears on your website by using the “alt=” HTML parameter. If any search engine finds that the text doesn’t describe the graphic or layer they consider that spam!

So be vigilant and integral, you want to last long and enjoy some great organic traffic, under uncle Google’s benevolent eye! Keyword research for your niche market to optimize your content is a must but don’t go overboard by stuffing!



4. Why would one Use keywords Un-related to your content Or website? – Well some people do! This is similar to #3 above, but different in that, a lot of either new and ignorant or simply unethical website owners try to gain search engine ranking by using keywords that have nothing whatsoever to do with their content or website.

For instance use of keywords that are “trending” in the hope of gaining fast visibility, or “Hot” words Or even known trending Celebrities names by placing them in a page, inside a meta tag of a page. Usually such keywords have nothing to do with the subject or brand!

But because it’s a popular keyword, some people mistakenly think it will help boost their website popularity as well! Tut tut…! Be warned that this is considered unsavoury and spamming by Google and any other search engine and Could lead to your website being unlisted!

And there lies the danger, No listing, no traffic, No customers, No sales…death knell to your website and brand. Like scrunching up a work of art and throwing it in the bin! Do you want to start from scratch again…all the hard work down the drain? Same with using back-link farms… a No No that could lead to long term website death. You cant fool search engines for long! Don’t do it!



Search Engine Hara-Kiri

Don’t Scrunch Your Website/Blog into a SEO Bin



The Takeaway here is One of the most critical parts of content creation and website design is Choice of the right Keywords for search engine optimization. The right keywords = increasing site visitors to your content and the wrong ones mean NO Traffic…simples. 

Okay we know there are lots and lots of things to keep in mind as a blogger, webmaster, content marketer etc. The above are just a word of caution to help you keep on the straight and narrow!

You could have the best looking website with bells and whistles, the above mistakes could cost you weeks/months/years of hard work! So do it properly, hire a good SEO professional to do it for you from the get go, if you really aren’t techie savvy. This could cost but you will see an increase in hungry, targeted, interested visitors and fans to your site i.e. search engine Site Visibility and Ranking! That’s the sauce of organic traffic= Sales!

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