They have changed their Policy on YouTube Video Views and Notification (You Get Less Views unless you do this!)

YouTube Changes Algorithm – How to Maintain Your YouTube Video Views and Gain even More Targeted Followers!


If you are uploading videos regularly, have you noticed that your videos aren’t getting as many views?

Recently I got a wake-up call…! As you know at the beginning of the year I was literally uploading a video almost every day! Then I dropped down to once a week and then I focused on producing my book for publication and it got a lil hairy!

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And on that note, back to video marketing….

According to big YouTubers like Philip Defranco #YouTubeisdead! But is it? Their argument arises due to the new Google and YouTube updates. It doesn’t matter whether you got 10 subscribers or 100k, if you aren’t uploading a video regularly like daily, your YouTube channel is extinct by default. Sooner or later it will disappear!

So lets look at why your video channel could be extinct and how to attract new YouTube video views and subscribers!



YouTube Changes Algorithm – How to Maintain Your YouTube Video Views and Gain even More Targeted Followers!


New Updates and How to Keep winning & attract even more YouTube Video Views:

#1 Are your videos/channel non-advertiser Friendly?

What does this mean?

Well do you have lots of swearing, the F-word, strong language, violence and such in your videos? Now YouTube is saying this is too much for the viewers and have demonetized lots of videos and actually closed some channels down!…Crazy! Some people have lost out on a lot of Ad revenue and they aren’t pleased about this, neither would you! 

Solution: Keep it clean Jose…Or find another video hosting service. Some others that exist of the top of my head are; Wistia, Vimeo etc. The thing is Wistia gives you only 25 free videos and Vimeo will shut you down for any excuse. If you are heavily into MLM dont even bother, unless you are willing to pay to play! 

So you are stuck with YouTube. The only solution i guess is to bleep out the Fs and play nice! 🙂



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#2 Are you a Great Story Teller?

Well sad news is half baked stories aren’t picking up traction!

If you’re sharing your story or telling stories, via video? Then you may find you are getting less and less viewers unless you are Tony Robbins or Oprah! Or are a cracking story teller.

Why is this trend happening? Because many people are uploading their games, music, entertaining stuff and all kinds…Sorry to say that they may consider your story boring!

This means you are competing with all kinds of stuff that apparently entertain humans! And according to YouTube you may be boring your audience! So lighten up  a lil…

Solution: Simply tell stories that sell!

Entertain, Edumacate and Inspire us. Give us more How-tos, News, funny stuff. Make sure your videos are: entertaining, a new discovery, news, music, how-to, or educational…Not more Information, YouTube is full of that right! 

Are your videos entertaining, a new discovery, news, music, how-to, or educational?… Click To Tweet

How about using some of the hot video marketing tip to explode your content. By the way make sure to SEO your videos very well. And if Story Telling is your bread and butter, then you need some new strategy…One of the things you should do is cross promoting your videos across other social medias. We did share a lil quick win in our last post…! 

If you do have a local presence then we cant urge you enough to learn how to use Pinterest for local SEO, our last post. Go read it and keep rocking your stories my friend! 




#3 Are you Segmenting your Videos?

YouTube Video Views -Create Playlists #youtubemarketing

This is huge. It is the future of YouTube, this is the news.

If you are into your data then you know this is not new. Yet its been bumped up the pecking order of importance for you to gain new followers and video views! YouTube made it a whole lot easier to analyse different sets of videos with their Group Analytics feature a while back. 

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It’s shaping what’s happening on there.

Solution: If you have lots different topics you vlog about, then you MUST separate them into Playlists! Keep checking the performance of each list or group of videos using the data already provided by YouTube! Go check your videos data my friend! See what your audience and subscribers like to watch. Playlists these are getting even more important on YouTube! Less advertising More value, less intro fluff, get into the main meal and less lingering on the starters! Hit us with value and maybe along the way share a resource. The more salesy videos are not getting traction either unless they throw a ton of Ads money at it!

The work you are doing today will start to get traction and be reflected in mid-November maybe! So the question you must ask yourself today is: Which videos are making me money?

Super tip: Start cutting and uploading your videos today for your Christmas sales and offers. Drip publicize them daily or every other day. Of course share on other platforms like betternetworker, ibotube, slideshare…So you get even more exposure. And see your video views increase and your click through rate too! Because the people who do click on your ads are the ones who will buy from you!




#4 What are Your Video Viewing Time metrics?

YouTube Video Views Metrics and Data - Do you check yours?

Are you checking your video views Analytics or data? Do you know how long people stay and watch your videos? Are you the kind of person who clicks on a video and clicks out and count that as a view? You are looking to get views on your videos, right?

Well it’s about time you do your best to watch at least 50% other people’s videos! Its all about karma right! 

My Clever tip: If a video is not a demo tutorial  or How-to type, I let it play in the background at least past 50% while doing other stuff! I also use the video Speeder Chrome extension. So the video plays double fast! I pick up salient points  if any and close it when I am done. That way the other person gets at least 50-70% view from me. If ts less than 5 mins long I play it fully! Of course I appreciate data/internet connection issues. But if you are on an unlimited broadband…Well then dont skimp on the WiFi! 🙂 

The best performing videos on YouTube have 70% plus viewing times. But these are also the people that upload videos daily sometimes than 2 -3 times!

The best performing videos on YouTube have 70% plus viewing times! #youtubemarketing #youtubetips Click To Tweet

YouTube Video Views - Data details!

Check Your Data and give your Viewers what They Want!

So the more videos you put out the more views you will have on your channel esp. if you create a playlist.
Whatever you are doing per week, double your efforts if YouTube Marketing is one of your main marketing strategies, or you will see a drop in your views, subscribers and receipts!

You could try out some video viewing services we shared in this post to boost that, but we suggest this with caution, Go overboard and your channel will surely be extinct! ! 




#5 Be You in your Videos:

This is more of an attraction marketing point!

You are unique, share your videos in your real voice and be yourself coz that’s what will attract those attracted to your aura and spirit. If you are a copycat Julie, then you will be putting off those that like you as a person. So on camera be like as you are in real life! Everyone else it taken!  




#6 The Mystery of Lost Subscribers!

Recently my channel hit the 200 Sub mark then 3 days later I uploaded a video and lost a bunch of them…! I was wondering what the heck! Well it seems now that’s the trend!

When you upload, if your subscribers don’t really check you out, YouTube sieves and drops some on your behalf! But then we got new ones within the hour and back to 200. And these are laser targeted. This is your base; you can build up.

Thing is this trend is not new either. If you check out our very first video marketing post we did talk about making sure you get as many video views as possible within 24 hours of uploading it! Unless its set to private.

So keep sharing value and make sure it’s great. Remember you are competing with celebs, SEMrush, video gamers, etc. and you gotta stay relevant. Keep putting out videos. Let me ask you a Question, do you remember that musician who put out just a couple of tracks…Nope? Neither do we and that’s what’s happening to you. When you don’t produce new stuff regularly your viewership slips and that’s when your channel suffers too. Your new stuff won’t get to the top as fast in related videos either.

Solution: Create value packed videos and upload regularly. Your Audience will grow. Set a specific day/time that you upload. You could cut 10+ videos at once in your niche. Upload them and keep them private. Optimize them, then release them to the public slowly…Your production will thus stay on top and you won’t be facing an extinct channel! WHY? Because your audience will notice the consistency and appreciate the value and you will not only increase your video views, they will stick! 

Because YouTube has Changes its notification policy you need to watch the video below to Make the necessary changes to your channel an those you subscribe to in order to keep your existing viewers and subscriptions.




#7 Create Different Channels for your Different Niches.

E.g. If you create a channel for your Etsy shop and all of a sudden you start talking about veterinary services, you will have a disconnect in your content and loose viewers. Which, will send your channel into extinction!

Now I have a playlist on Laptop Lifestyle, and some may think it’s different from Home Business training, Pinterest Marketing or Network Marketing Tips. Yet it ties in very well with the other lists.

As a Home Based Business entrepreneur I get to live the internet lifestyle…You see how that works? Whatever topic you share on your channel must link into the other!

Did you know that most of your YouTube video views come from Search, not your subscribers? So make sure you have your content laid out well, SEO’d packed full of value, interesting and even entertaining if you can! You can see the gamers, the entertainers, musicians get a ton of views, but they don’t sell much! Although they may get lots of moolah from AdSense!

Super Tip: Create a channel for your entertainment and personal stuff and have your business channel separate! Yes you are welcome! 


I have learnt that you are going to see some of your favorite channels disappear. It’s what it is, Don’t let it be your channel!




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Well I guess you miss Google hangouts? What, you didn’t know they’ been phased out too? We might share more on that soonest then! 

In the meantime if you got value from this heads-up on “How to Get even more YouTube Video Views and save your channel from extinction!” Then do like. Share with others so they too save their channels. Please do Pin this post;  go ahead and Share on Social MediaAnd have your say below! 



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