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Market your Home Business! How do successful home businesses find customers? Here are 5 Top Tips that work.

Promoting a business is the same everywhere, whether in Britain, Canada, Australia or in Kenya. You just have to be ready to sell More…! Techniques to market your home business are basically the same in most areas, bar cultural differences & different negotiation methods. Are you a home business owner, an affiliate/distributor? If your answer is yes, then it means you share the same goal: get new customers/members/distributors and sell your product/services in no time. You have to be aware of some tricks that will help you market more efficiently and consequently get the result you want! We did tackle the fact that  there are Business seasons and You must have a Vision Check out that Blog post Here.

Many have high hopes when you start your home business. You figured you’d get all the business you need for your NEW startup by posting on your Facebook page and telling all your friends, former business associates, even the neighboring pet… (you are excited remember 🙂 ). Turns out customers are few and far between. All those contacts who told you to call them later, well most fail to return your voice mail. And those who do express some initial interest don’t want to spend the money to buy it. Does this sound like you? So what are you doing to market your home business & keep your dreams alive? What is your successful upline doing that you can duplicate & aren’t?

Today’s market is saturated with plenty of opportunities overload waiting to satisfy all tastes. Should that put you off owning and aggressively market your home business or becoming an affiliate/distributor? Absolutely not! Therefore, getting YOUR online business in front of prospects is essential. So, what do you have to do to market your home business? We have some effective tips that you can follow.

5 Top tips to market your home business

#1. Research the market
To market your home business, Plan, yes in this industry, there are only two options – fail or win. How can you turn the odds in your favour? With a little bit of preparation, focus, research in advance. If you are a blogger, do your keyword research and make sure you maximize your blog SEO to get some eye balls to your blog. Many network marketers don’t have a business plan, winging it! Yet with the right strategy & Resources you will become familiar with the market and with the ins-and-outs of the entire lead generation conversion process. Connect with Leaders and learn from them, it’s good to be coachable! Learn the network or business language and the secrets that may give you the edge over the competition. New Network Marketers may find it a little bit difficult but…perseverance and readiness to learn will pull you through. As affiliates/distributors you need creativity, determination and undoubtedly field knowledge. So, if you are a first-time seller you definitely need support, do hurry up things, get a mentor to help you!

#2. Be Ready To Use Social Media & The Internet
Your aim is to convert know-how and theory into profit. Moreover, note that today’s buyers begin their search online, so focus on this. Get your offer in front of your target audience. If you don’t have a domain yet get one & create your simple or professional website and make sure its SEO optimized. Make sure it looks professional as your customers could be turned off by shoddy presentation of a great product! You don’t have to pay a fortune, use organic keyword search tools to create content that Google & other search engines will love & rank. Check out our FREE Report on Keyword search Tools. Inside of your piece of course are your business links or resource guide links. Publish your piece of content & Promote it on all social media you can. Use the free social share site called Pingler which helps post your url to a whole lot of places on the internet! Present a business-oriented social media profile set up on the major social media sites and a business page set up as well. People will look and if they don’t like what they see…poof you lose them!

#3. Be ready to be Mysterious Yet Approachable
Everyone knows that most IM are promoting their business on social media esp. Therefore, to market a home business, you need to learn how to invite (Without spamming) Share or present, Collect the decision & Close. Be ready to qualify your target market as common knowledge renders it: ‘If there is no flexibility, there is no transaction!’ Keeping your potential buyers/customers interested in your offer, irrespective of your direct competition, may be easier than you expected. Following a safe route to market your offer gets you directly to the expected outcome. Do research, use high-quality marketing tools, be ready to adjust your technique along the way.

#4. Attend Events & Expand your network
Your friends and family may be supportive but you definitely need a wider base. Consider who would make a good customer and then look for ways to meet them tell them about your home business, the internet is a treasure trove of new friends waiting, online forums if done correctly can grow your income! Simply engage, contribute, give helpful tips, you will get known as the go-to person for your niche! Depending on what you sell; attend PTAs, Parish meets or civic associations, Chamber of Commerce meetings, regional trade shows, conferences, formal meet-ups, lead-sharing groups, and not forgetting that phone. Check out this article to Help Your Business Grow with Social Media

#5. Engage Talk to people.
Recently as part of a contest for Top Earner Success School we were tasked with talking to as many strangers as possible. Simply chat, get their numbers or email! It meant talking to anyone and everyone, an effective yet least used way to market your home business! The man next to you at the café, that couple at the bar or the woman sitting next to you on a flight, might just be a customer. Strike up a conversation, find out what they do, and eventually they’ll ask what you do. Several businesses including ours bring in new business through such conversations.

Bonus Tip on how to Market your home business; Read trade publications, get to know who’s who in the industry, then find ways to introduce yourself to one or 2 if you can meet them in person. Do so with a specific question or problem in mind that you’d like their help with. Always follow up with a note thanking them and telling them how much you appreciate their help. Recently I did this & connected with Neil Patel & yes he did respond, watch out for the results! Some industries/products have very long buying cycles so follow up & keep in in touch with customers. Just because someone didn’t buy today doesn’t mean they won’t later or pass your details on to someone who buys!

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