Increase Your Affiliate Income Using Our 6 super Tips!

A how to guide on How to Increase  your Affiliate Income and Up Your Sales. These 7 tips Plus Bonus, will help you become a Successful Affiliate Marketer.

Here’s How to Increase  your Affiliate Income and Up Your Sales.

When Paul & I made the big, bold decision to make money online, affiliate marketing was by coincidence the vehicle presented to us! Our first question to our sponsor was how do you grow and increase your affiliate income? We quickly realised affiliate marketing advantages i.e. no inventory, no selling, no boss, no customer service … or so we thought we so we jumped in with both feet!


We were told that all we had to do was tell people to click our affiliate links and we’d make a bunch of Benjie’s…Yahoo we were gonna be super rich! We soon enough learnt that we weren’t the only sufferers from this illusion? We also got the unfriendlitis from people we’ve known for years…What was going on didn’t these people realise we were gonna make them rich…!

It makes us cringe when we think about it lol.

We never once thought to quit. We decided there was a better way; you want to read about our story here. We chose to learn and fast…Enter Top earner Success School, Blogging, Ultimate Branding Blueprint and Branding, Digital Marketer Lab, JBudd Futuristic Marketing, MLSP etc. We Knuckled down studied successful people and learned what we had to ! Fast Forward we created, YES we did a website Voilà…you like?


Wasn’t it time to share our affiliate links and get visitors? Right…Wrong! We had to focus on sharing value content & Optimize it for Search Engines to kingdom come and then some, then…

We realised that people came to our web page that have no real knowledge of the particular product we are promoting. We could (and so should you) use our content to introduce them to our product. We truly believe our website is perfect yet we know that nothing is perfect.  We honestly know where we lack, where we are great, and what we do well… and so we know we can show you how to Increase your Affiliate Income

Below are Our Super Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Income or sales in no particular order:



1. Select & Recommend Products That Fit Your Visitors

As Amazon affiliates we’ve learnt that the best way to increase your affiliate income is to recommend products related to your niche. For example if your website is about travel, then you should recommend travel related products e.g. travel luggage, accessories, sunscreen, see image below with some related products etc.

Increase Your Affiliate Income with inside Blog Ads

This is as close to specializing as you can get in an overcrowded market. See if you optimize your website, the targeted visitors will come and that will increase your affiliate sales since you are offering what they want! This program will help you in this agenda! 


You can make sales on Amazon or any program for that matter with our FREE Super training, Access it here NOW! 


2. Use a Bulk Email Service aka Auto-responder to increase your affiliate income & sales

In order to Boost your Affiliate Sales You Must absolutely build an email list by using an auto responder or bulk mailer. We did a series of articles about this. Find them under more resources below. A lot of affiliate marketers think that creating an email list is a waste of time, many use company generated squeeze pages, which do not give them ownership of the leads they generate! Others think that all they need are eyeballs on their adverts so they don’t really need to use an auto-responder to grow their list! BIG MISTAKE!  It’s been proven that email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to increase your affiliate income and sales IF DONE RIGHT. In comparison to social media marketing, use of emails if you build a great list, will generate for you more return visitors to your website, blogs and your offers!  The email list provider we use and heartily recommend is Aweber. One of the most known and famous email auto-responder services provider. You Can Start your one month trial at their 1$ trial package HERE!

Aweber Increase your affiliate income Build your list!

Remember to track your traffic sources and funnels…Because you cannot improve what you do not track! By Tracking you know what works and scale it up and dump what sucks. No need throwing good money down a drain!



3. To increase your affiliate income, Do More, Sidebar Ads aren’t enough

Side Bar Advertising isnt increasing affiliate income as much as it used to!



Our website is one of thousands, with a side bar where we place our banners and Ads in a bid to attract more optins. These are called Sidebar Ads. Ours are usually between 265×235. We don’t know about you but we have learnt from testing that they aren’t as effective as they were when we first started!  We believe that most website visitors have learnt to ignore this type of ad meaning they don’t generate as many leads as one would hope. This if not resolved could result in lower sales! Our advice is that do not depend only on these ads to generate leads for you! Add Ads inside of your blog posts, use banners as opposed to just text based directions (see image below). We used to do that until we remembered that people are visual beings so give them images! And of course use other means to generate leads too!



4. Qualify your prospects through your content, to Increase your affiliate income!

Remember, as affiliate marketers, our job is not to just sell — Rather to showcase the benefits of our products/platform/service to our audiences, so much so that they make a decision to buy, rather than feel sold to! Our sales pages should be designed to convert the sales. Your job is to help the reader know what they want, create the content to attract them, and make sure they want it when they get to the sales page.

Fact: Affiliate links do not help the reader. “CLICK HERE” plastered all over your social media or website does not help boost or increase your affiliate income or sales! The best is to actually create content that qualifies your readers before they opt in so that by the time they do so, they are halfway ready to buy! Neither do copy/pasted product adverts help your sales or readers. So why don’t we help our audience by providing REAL Value, rather than being the obstacles! This will help increase your affiliate income and repeat orders too!!!



5. To increase your affiliate income/sales: Write Detailed Reviews about Products

Top Earner Success School with Ray Higdon

We’ve gotten a little lax on this strategy. Predominantly because we focused on building our business in the first quarter of this year. We’ve written some super cool reviews of some awesome products. You can read some and get a feel below:


The 3-minute Expert with Ray Higdon Review

Top Earner Success School with Ray Higdon Review

Ultimate Banding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza Review


Writing a deep unbiased, professional, honest review about a product is a great way to increase your affiliate income and of course page views esp. IF You Do Promote said product. If you don’t promote the product, it could be a great way to build trust and drive traffic to your site from people looking to buy or promote that product. Getting back to your affiliation, reviews are one of the best ways to generate sales, esp. if you SEO your article well! When you write such a review you have to be as honest and unbiased as possible. In our opinion it’s not really a review if you are not a user of a product or had a practical demo of it! For how do you outline features and their benefits or uses if you have no clue about them. Giving other people’s views or manufacturer opinion is not good enough! A detailed review includes the advantages and disadvantages of a product, and whether you recommend it or not! Make it a good one to drive your sales forward.

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6. Cross-merchandising can increase your affiliate income.

Many people do promote two or more products at once. Our advice is to ensure they compliment each other. See our travel example above! Then you can use your affiliate link for your one product and recommend something that complements it with another affiliate link.  We recently purchased a tablet case from the same website we bought a Samsung tablet! Thus hitting two birds with one stone.

To maximize and step it up a lil, it’s always good to have reviewed said products, thus building trust with the visitor and allowing them to know you’re not just recommending any old product, but that you took the time to use, learn and share the benefits. We never buy any thing from Amazon or online without checking out the reviews!


7. Reading More can increase your affiliate income.

Here is the deal, have you ever heard any Top affiliate earners say they don’t read? Purpose every single day to read at lest 10 pages of a book that improves your life in someway. And by the way it can be an e-book, audio book, or even a Webinar. I am not talking about reading trashy books. Rather it could be self help, niche related, a biography, etc etc! Reading a book every day can increase your affiliate income as you learn better strategies, as you spend your time with successful people…! See they dont have to be with you face to face. And as you IMPLEMENT and take massive action. You will see an increase in your income! A time trusted way to grow your business and develop self confidence and knowledge base! I shared what my Favorite book is. Check it out on Facebook here! Do share and like if you got value!  

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BONUS TIP: Our Favorite way to increase affiliate income.

You Know we always over deliver right? SO here is a Bonus super tip to help you increase you affiliate income that has done for us over and over!

This tip is absolutely Our favorite. Why Because not only do you get to increase your affiliate income you get to earn more and Learn amazing ways and strategies to promote your affiliate program or product? This is investing in YOU. Attend Your company and Network Marketing events As often as possible, at least 6 times a year. Or The Next Best Thing, invest in a training platform that pays YOU to learn and grow Your Own Products. A platform like THIS ONE BELOW:



More resources to help you increase your affiliate income & sales:


Email Marketing-call-to-action




Our passion is to help you rise to the top not only to create but increase your affiliate income.  When you have more than enough, you can live your life on your terms and inspire others to do the same. We are on a mission to help as many people as possible to create an monthly income of at least $5,000 a month and now it’s possible.


With the right mentors, the right team and the right vehicle, you can increase your affiliate income and win but it has to start with you.  You have to commit to wanting a better way of life. Click here to start your new life today and You’ll learn how much more you will get, more details on how it will be done.  Can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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