Growing your email List in 4 Smart and Effective Tips!

We show you 4 Smart and Effective ways to help you in organically growing your email list & database.



Our friend Jaya said she loves sausages & asked us to share our recipe to perfect sausages. It triggered a thought on how to grow email lists and so we created it as part of an article on list-building and here it is!

Pauli loves sausage too (Sorry our vegetarian or vegan friends… don’t judge us!) We don’t have them often because we like to minimize meat on our menu also mostly because cooking or barbecuing them can be such a hassle.

Being oblong shaped you have to make sure they are evenly cooked esp. if you fry or cook them on the coals. You gotta keep an eye in case they burn. Little bits of grease could fly up and burn you lol.

Jaya claims hers never seem to cook evenly… parts would be burnt and others still too raw.  She has to flip and twist each piece to get the whole thing cooked. Lol I was laughing at her hard honestly…



Now getting back we love growing our email list via our website. It took us over 18 months to get serious with it. We have chosen to focus on this topic because its at the heart of what we do. Recently HubSpot shared 25 clever ways to build your email list. We also took a look at Kissmetrics which gives us tips on building 5-digit email lists.  In the process of researching “growing your email list,” we discovered the link and secret to perfect sausage and growing your email list. And here it is…


Be Different – Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Here are some questions to ask to yourself and of course to Be Different! 

  • What’s the most productive and best use of my time? 
  • Is there a better way to do this?
  • Can this be made easier?

Conventional wisdom tells us to cook sausages in a frying pan with oil, YET baking them in the oven, allowing them to drain those oils while you catch-up with your audio training, is healthier & works a treat! We haven’t fried sausages for God knows how long. In UK we don’t do BBQs much coz of the weather, but when we do, we use a low heat setting and place them far above the heat for slow & even cooking…turning them a lil as we sip some cool drinks. (Pauli loves his lager, I love margaritas.)

You can cook loads in the oven at a time, instead of just a few pieces. And they cook evenly without giving you grease burns or getting your hob top all messy 🙂 Now we’re gonna do something we rarely do, this is such fun so…


Here’s the recipe…

Perfectly cooked sausages & Growing your email list!


Baked Sausage:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Cover a baking sheet in aluminium foil (makes clean up super easy)

Arrange sausages side by side on baking sheet (Give them space)

Place baking sheet of Sausages on the middle rack of the oven

Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes

Check sausage for your desired level of golden brown and cook a little longer if necessary

Place cooked Sausage on paper towels (use tongs to pick up them up) and pat with paper towels to absorb extra grease…ENJOY 


BUT what has this got to do with growing your list online or list building? Well here are just a few ideas when it comes to growing your email list…Remember we said be different, don’t follow conventional wisdom…i.e. frying your sausages in grease over the hob, leaving a mess and burning them half to death! In the same way be different from the millions of entrepreneurs online. So here are our 3 super tips….



Growing your email list Tip #1

Be different, while you are told to ask people to “Join your mailing list,” that don’t work no more. Lives are busy and got more than enough email bombarding them. Some don’t check their emails for weeks on end! So it’s way more effective to offer them a valuable gift (like a free report, training video, or eBook) check out one of ours here; in exchange for their contact information. Inform them that they’ll also be added to your optin email list.



Growing your email list Tip #2

Conventional wisdom may tell you and we may agree that free list-building strategies are better than paid advertising.  In some cases, that’s completely true.  However, most free list-building tactics (like social media) take a significant time investment, many times with little to no results.

If you know what you’re doing though, paid advertising is the way forward to grow your business. Heck bricks and mortar business owners do it. So should you, ensure you leverage paid search ads & link to a landing page for growing your email list. You can get better results in a fraction of the time for a low investment.  We learnt that 1000′s of opt ins for List-a-Palooza came from Facebook Ads, which only took PJ a few hours to set up, track and manage…Go figure! 


Growing your email list Tip #3

Many are told over and over to post stuff on social media and wait for the optins and sign ups….This is old world and doesn’t work any more. Instead be different and set up for long term growth. Brand You. Create YOUR OWN “Brochure” type website with navigation tabs e.g. Home, About, Blog, Products, Contact, etc. 

It’s great for SEO, building credibility and allowing potential clients to check you out Online. Its also extremely effective for email list growth and to have your offers on one Prime real estate and to generate sales online ( See how this is just like the frying pan is not the most effective way to cook sausage). On your website Link to offers that capture email signups throughout your website. Don’t make people dig around your site to stumble across subscription options. Keep your offers up front, and include calls-to-action on just about every page of your website.




It’s far more effective to drive traffic to an Opt In Page so avoid common email marketing mistakes.  Click here to see an example of a great optin page.



Here is something you will think is contradictory yet its not. Not only is a website like in above link simpler, easier and less expensive to set up, it also massively increases the number of visitors to your site that join your e-mail list.


Here’s a great resource for creating inexpensive professional Opt In Pages & Track Your results!



Growing your email list Tip #4

Conventional wisdom tells you  to protect your list and keep chasing cold leads! Be different! Partner up or Joint venture with your local merchants to host events Off and online. You could contribute to each other’s newsletters and distribute the content to both of your contact and email lists. Always remember to send offers to the segment of your list that it suits best! And Don’t forget about your business cards. Add a link to your cards and snail mail to encourage more subscribers. Place cards in local Surgeries, Shops, Supermarkets, Car lots, etc. be creative with it and while you are at it, why not use your car as a moving advert check this out!



Growing your email list Via your Car...Advertise!

This Car really grabbed our Attention 🙂 No we aren’t biased!


Please do not buy email lists, learn email marketing, start growing your email list today, be consistent and integral, share great content and promote other people too so you are considered generous by your subscribers. Do it well and you will be signing your own checks for life! 



And to Learn More about how to build an Effective Email List, CLICK HERE to download our eBook on The Ultimate Lead Grabbing Sales letter Guide, thus optimize your email marketing.

Did you like our article on “The Secret to Perfect Sausage (and Growing Your Email List)?” What other creative tips on growing your email list would you like to share with us in comments below? Share your ideas in the comments. White-hat tactics on email marketing tips and tricks only, please!  Like and Share if you found value; every image and text is shareable on this Website! 




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