You Gotta Lead

The Ice Bucket Brrrr & he said You Gotta Lead!!!

You Gotta Lead

This is more my Type of Ice Bucket, but for a good cause others have had the Brrrr moment


Have you done the Ice bucket challenge? Would You do it? …Personally I prefer my Ice sat in a bucket with a nice bottle of Dom Perignon chilling in there and a glass with my name sat right next to it. But my family are crazy and they have all done it, including the pre-teen who has already challenged the Father challenged me with these words … ” Mom You Gotta Lead, you usually lead by example…do it!”

Below is a post I did when he challenged the dad:

…the ice had to be manufactured in our Freezer…I couldn’t be bothered to jog down to the local ‘offie’ to buy a bag of ice cubes! Plus I now have to produce for 2 ouch brrrrrrr…!
Lil Sol challenged the dad to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…his point being dad should have lead by example. If he the lil son can do it so should dad! He challenged him to be the leader…from behind lol!

Check him out screaming like a girl 🙂 for a lil icy water…

Oops Iam a girl…Am allowed to scream though! I am actually very proud of him doing this challenge & that it’s for a great cause is awesome indeed! He is so proud of himself having done it before his dad i.e. lead!

Here is something you may not know abut this young man….He has a zest for life and new things like no other that I know of (Maybe I am a typical parent). This young man is a Singer song-writer & Composer and he started young. Check out his very first musical composition. In My Book He is a natural Leader You can find his very First Composition on YouTube
Are you a Natural Leader, come on You gotta lead in something!
In order to be a leader you have to position yourself as one! You have to give of yourself freely, Your Time, Your knowledge, Skills to start with anyway, share value always…I can’t say this enough. It’s been said by most leaders in the industry. As you share value, people will take note and start to tune into what you have to say. As you keep sharing value, you are inadvertently building your brand…You may as well build it systematically. Your brand is what you must promote in the long run.

Allow me to share what Andrew Draughton of EMP has said before:

Even the big brands Started by positioning themselves as the Go-to Brands, Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Gillette, Kodak, kellogs, Amazon , Goodyear, Hersheys, Lipton, Wrigleys etc etc…. According to him

…These were the leading brands in 1914.

Nearly a century later, you probably recognize most of these names. And the vast majority remain at the top of their game and that’s an impressive achievement! It goes to show the power of positioning oneself as a leader.

Once you’ve established your position as the go-to provider of a particular solution, it’s difficult for anyone else to claim your territory. Pepsi will forever be chasing Coke.

Legendary marketing strategists Al Ries and Jack Trout unequivocally state that…
“Leadership alone is your most effective marketing strategy.”

No one can take leadership from you. And no one can give leadership to you. You’ve got to create it for yourself. You gotta Lead!

So Go out there & Lead by example whatever you do, give of yourself first and the audience will come, Neither Your City nor Rome were built in one day 🙂

Rise & Shine to Your awesome Destiny
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