Learned To Drive



Learned To Drive

Do you remember the first time you sat behind the steering wheel? I do; my hands were sweating and shaking, I was excited beyond measure! You obviously didn’t start the car & merrily drive off down the road! (Lord have mercy on the other road users.) I thought not, but if you do get behind a wheel legally then we can assume that you learned to drive. Its a life style choice that most do determinedly.





Whether you Learned to drive or not, whats it got to do with building a Business?

Well learning to drive any moving vehicle even riding a bicycle is just like building a business. I learned to ride a bike way into my 30s…it hurt like heck. I was a picture of bruises, gave my children and other kids in the park lots of laffs, and guess what 🙂 I learned to ride! So learning to drive or ride has the same mechanics, processes & principles as starting & running a business! And of course you need the kit, tools & resources, most times investing money to pay a trainer or use of a vehicle to learn.

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• You must always start at the beginning, be ready to take & follow instructions and For goodness sake Be Patient with Your self.

• Learn from others who are already successful, we have two wonderful coaches Tanya Aliza and Ray Higdon. They have been there before they “Learned to Drive” from scratch too and know exactly what to do and what not to do and they share these skills & experiences in various training and coaching packages.

• Be An Active Student, be open to instruction, learn as much as you can from those that are having success & getting the results you wish to attain. Its called a learning period, and every day is different, thus a learning curve! You will make mistakes, who doesn’t, but keep going, focus on the Prize, Your Vision it’ll keep you going!

• When you pull the wrong gear or go too fast, you need to pull back & take note, if you are on a bike you will fall off, get back up… over and over again until you stabilize. Business is the same, you may follow the wrong procedure, use the wrong process, God forbid follow the wrong platform or even up-line, or have no resources to get you progressing, whatever it is, find your weak link & fix it, Never give up.

• Practice your new skills or work your business until you breakthrough and can take a break and not keep awake over it and still come home to earnings i.e. literally do it in your sleep.



Check out what I did in the Video Below:

Once you’ve learned to drive aka learned the skills to go forward, Take Massive action and keep the momentum going, no need to reinvent the wheel, so Use Available Resources. Check out our free training Here. Pick what suits your needs, Use them Consistently. Consistency bears results and as my grand ma always said: Perfect practice Makes Perfect 🙂

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P.S. We’ve learned to drive from the best, so we now also could help you to drive your business to the next level using amazing tools and resources that you definitely want to check out, the choice is yours! 


And on that note allow us to wish you an amazing Christmas and Festive season! 

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