World Ventures, it’s all about Living the Dream, Creating memories!

World Ventures (WV as we like to call it) is a global phenomenon that focuses on travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment.

It’s all about Living the Dream. It’s not any old travel company, it’s unique in that it allows normal people, you and I to live our dreams today, rather than wait till we are old and grey! We did tell you about our Passion for Travel.

We operate in 30 countries at time of Publishing. You can create memories on dreamtrips to 5star locations, resorts, city gate-aways, amazing experiences… We get to live our dreams like Royalty, traveling the world 5Star style at Real Value rates to holiday destinations you only dream about.

Did I said it’s global … Well we have world events in different exotic locations, in Europe, Asia, Africa or America. When you plan your dream trip let the Exclusive Concierge service do your travel planning as a Platinum member.


World Ventures

Red Carpet is the norm at World Ventures Events

The red carpet is rolled out for you at events as a VIP and you are treated like Royalty in every single way. All this without leaving a dent in your debit/credit card! World Ventures, like the travel channel, presents a unique perspective on the travel experience for the world traveler.

World Ventures take you on an authentic adventure on each DreamTrip, traveling the world like Royalty or like a travelista…Does that word even exist…you get the picture right.

So whether you want to go hiking in Guatemala, wine tasting in Spain or want to drink Pina coladas, reading your favourite mystery on the beach in Puerto Rico; World Ventures has you covered.

Giving you back way more than dollar for dollar what you spend on any holiday you have ever undertaken. Guaranteed!

WV travel style is jet set royalty meets Bohemian chic. #DreamTrips #Travel Click To Tweet

WV travel style is jet set royalty meets Bohemian chic. And you never have to miss a travel accessory as you can grab whatever you need via your Online Dream Mall. You could grab a pair of jeans or leggings with vintage boots, and head for your dreamtrip. I like to be ready to go anywhere within 5 minutes of stepping off the plane.







A View of The last World Ventures Event

While the program may not be for everyone, we definitely believe the Product is for You! WHY you may ask? Because

World Ventures

Wine Tasting in Spain, Bucket List Ticked!

we all love to be more open-minded, adventurous and for those of us who are culturally curious, you have arrived home!

WorldVentures members can simply be part of the world ventures travel club and enjoy fantastic holidays/breaks. OR can be distributors like we are and create an enviable living from this amazing program!

Tools are available to help you do this.  Put simply you never ever lose a penny because every dollar is given back to you in a Dream Trip of your choice. Unless You Dont Travel. We love this product



World Ventures, Gives back:

Thinking of giving back to the world in wonderful and rewarding ways then think of world ventures! I can’t put it better than this so go ahead take a look at how WV Gives back!

Julie’s favourite place and Why?

Uganda There is no place on the planet where you can explore the colourful music than Kampala. Visit the birthplace of humanity we believe. Stand at the Equator, spot the baboons by Mabira or visit Mgahinga forests.

Marvel at the Sipi falls, watch the sunset by the River Nile and enjoy an authentic traditional luwombo meal. This country has it all.

What it lacks  in infrastructure it more than makes up in Culture! Mind you it is where Pauli & I were born & Bred. So the best worldventures dreamtrip would be: Via Cape Malay to Entebbe; Family, sun, good food, who needs a beach!

Our children have The Galapagos at the top of their bucket list. This is because they want to experience what it’s like to come face to face with blue footed boobies, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises…Pauli prefers the breathtaking Seychelles!

Got passion for travel, Click Here to find out more about how you can start traveling like royalty without breaking the bank or a sweat. Living your Dream all the while Earning a Living with World Ventures.

P.S. World Ventures provides the opportunity to combine work and play in a whole new way. Independent Representatives can earn income and are guaranteed bonus travel experiences. Most importantly, the company has lived up to its promise to be a good corporate citizen by pioneering the field of Voluntarism: vacations with a social purpose and funding philanthropic efforts through the World Ventures Foundation.

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