Show Gratitude…In all you do esp. your business life & watch it flourish!

Gratitude…many of us take a whole lot of things for granted, in fact we are so used to having them we literally don’t take notice of them. Some times we are down right ungrateful for these things and start to complain about them. We don’t stop to think just how blessed we are. I used to be like that until one day everything we owned in our UK home was destroyed. Our house flooded winter 2010 (Burst loft water pipe)! We were left with a few scraps of clothing and thats it literally. I can never forget the 4th Jan 2011 as we stood in our hall way, it wasn’t raining outside, but boy it was sure raining inside our house. Water was pouring from every crack-n-crevice, we couldn’t switch on the lights so it was so dark and freezing cold. The house was a total wreck…. On that day I learnt humility, but the biggest feeling was of gratitude. I am to this day so grateful we were not in the house when that pipe burst, because according to neighbours it sounded like a mini grenade went off in the middle of the night. The biggest damage was to our daughter’s bedroom right above her bed, the ceiling came down… (Thank the Lord she wasn’t in that bed)!  And we started a journey of living in a room 4 people for about 40 days, sleeping, eating, etc in that one room!!! We then got a rental & worked closely with the insurance company to get our house fixed. Which took its time for over 14 months to get our home back! Long story short…I say Life is a present. So be grateful.

What is Gratitude? Its being in a state of thankfulness and appreciation for anything and or anyone. According to the English Dictionary:

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”

In My Opinion, gratitude is when I affirm whats good in my life the benefits the gifts I have. Like Family, Friends, good health, having parents who loved me and made sacrifices so I could have an ace education. We all should acknowledge when other people do us good however small or insignificant it may seem, we should also acknowledge that there is a higher power, (I’m not getting spiritual here), but there is a Higher Power that aligns things to our advantage many a time, that higher power in my life is God.

Gratitude in the opinion of social experts is “a relationship-strengthening emotion” so we should really embrace this state of emotion more than we do today. Because Gratitude has been known to bring a state of well being which in turn improves one’s health too.

Gratitude – what has it got to do with Online Marketing or Business?

I am glad you asked 🙂 It has got everything to do with your success in Business esp, if you are in a business that greatly depends on others to affirm your actions & ultimately success. Why? Well because quite simply gratitude encourages us to appreciate what we get, the gifts, help, support, training etc and in most cases to repay them. One of my mentors calls it paying it forward. The more gratitude you show, the more you give and the more you give, well the more you get, it comes back to you.

So if you are not getting results in your business, well it could be because you are not grateful and or giving enough to others. They thus do not see you as someone they can trust or work with a “Problem solver”, they owe you nought! In that case its about time you went out there and find the perfect person you want to work with. What do they struggle with? What do they need help with? What are their fears? What training might they be interested in that you can offer? What would make their lives easier? What unfulfilled desires might they have? Then do your very best to offer the help they need to their pain/struggles/to help hem fulfill their desires. The more of the above you do without expecting anything back, the more people will be attracted to you & what you have to offer. Your “gratitude” will start to bear fruit.

As a matter of fact I am so grateful to my mentor Tanya Aliza creator of the Ultimate Branding Blueprint its an awesome course, and I highly recommend it if you want to start & grow your brand. She suggests that if we jot down 2-3 things we are grateful for and put them in a place where we can see them daily & do affirm them, it will help us achieve more of what we want.

And this brings me to a game we have been playing since last Friday. Its something we should all try. This involves shooting a video expressing our gratitude for being in Ray Higdon’s TESS -Top Earner Success School & for anything else we are grateful for. Here below check out our videos.

Click Here to Watch My Gratitude Video

Click Here To watch Pauli’s Debut & Gratitude Video

GratitudeEvery day savor the good in your life, the beauty around you, the small things that you don’t really take note of. Reach out to someone today and do something for them as a sign of your gratitude—so share your gratitude and it will come back to you 100 fold. Don’t just gloss over the beauty and pleasures that come your way. Don’t forget to teach your children gratitude, you will be cultivating a better generation thats all about giving back, that will make their lives even better, parents dream.

Want to know how grateful You are? Take this Gratitude Quiz 🙂

Show Gratitude & You will get Gratitude back, patted down shaken over and overflowing in your Life and Business.

Rise and Shine to Your Awesome Destiny


P.S. If you’re wondering want to know what has changed our lives Learn More Here I am so grateful for what this program is doing for us, it allows me to stay at & work from home & be there for my children, without scrimping on the little luxuries 🙂 I would be very happy to share how we utilize our resources to make it work.  Please reach out to me immediately if you want to get started or have any questions on +447440432269.

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