You Can Make Money Online ByY Posting Content and SEO

Can You Make Money Online By Posting – Can You actually Get Sign Ups for your Network Marketing Business via SEO of your Content?

Lately I have heard it from 6 different people that can you really make money online by blogging and posting on social media? Does SEO organic traffic really exist? I realised that actually lots of people dont realise that creating an online presence and in the long term branding is one of the best ways to make money online!

In this article we are going to share with you 5 different ways to use Content and SEO to make money online…! This is no airy fairy get rich quick type of advice…consistent implementation and knowing your WHY is essential. So lets Dig In 🙂

We all know that the fastest way to make money online or earn income organically is through Your Posts: articles, shares, videos, blogs, comments, images, podcasts, broadcasts, comments etc. If you are posting blog posts, articles, vidoes, Podcasts online 85% of the time you need a skillset in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our advice is if you dont have these skills, outsource that job to an SEO expert. This will not only take your website/blog, articles, videos to the next level it will also shroten your journey, free your time to do other important things in yor life and ensure your income jumps from its current sate to sweet residual in 6+ months. To Make money online is a simple Process YET its not an easy one for many

Whats the Secret?

Hmmm of course it’s To Build Relationships with people, offer them such amazing value they are enamoured by you…HOW? By Creating Great Content, and giving them what they want. Getting them to buy by “sharing” & Showing them the Benefits of your product, service, platform. By Promoting and Leading with Value. I am sure you have heard this before several times, but if you are new to Network Marketing or Struggling, you aren’t manking any/much money online then you need to evaluate these statements. Look in the mirror… and ask that man/woman…thats Your HERO right there. So Ask him/her: 

Am I offering people a solution?

Am I sharing my offer the right way?

Am I even targeting the right people!

Because trust us if you aren’t you may as well be like the farmer selling meat to a gout sufferer…! You have heard Zig Ziglar’s legacy, his legendary words amongst the numerous golden nuggets;

we can have everything we want in life if & when we help enough people get what they want

Have you really thought this statement thru? You see we keep getting people asking, hey Paul if I enrol 2, 3, 4, 6 people is that all, will I then make so much money…! My answer is always do pigs fly. UNLESS those people are super Business Builders…

Well Hello, for any business to make money online or offline its a game of Numbers. The more people you endevour to meet & share, find them where they are and guide them with focus and commit to helping them with grace to where they need to be and guess what…You too will get what you want. WHY/HOW? Because your ultimate offer is usually not free is it. So STOP Pitching and Offer Value, educate Joe Public, share your expertise without necessarily giving away everything. The Secret sauce my dear people is SEO of the content we post!

We want People looking for our offer to find us and find us every time, in large numbers, business and income is a game of numbers…So imagine you got to the Walmart to pick up some groceries and once done and are leaving by the door is a shelf of chocolates…and guess what 80% of the time, you will buy some chocolate. Matalans Store in UK is very good at this. They make sure the queues of customers go thru a lane of goodies that would otherwise not sell that well! So Below are our 5 tips to get this done.

1. UTILIZE VARIOUS MEDIA. A well written quality piece of content is nothing if its not promoted and populated to places where It will receive the highest number of eyeballs and thats wher SEO comes in. Use multi-media e.g. podcasts, ppts, slideshows,  videos, photos etc, these are a great way to keep your audience engaged across a variety of formats. We like to use Info graphics and we have found that videos have a higher impact and add value text – based content. Psychology has proven that people prefer visual content and retain more what they see or perceive than text. Thus, leverage images, videos and picto-graphical presentations to attract new visitors, make your blog more engaging and make money online. We share some of the major media tools we use to create and propagate our Content to get the most eyeballs and ultimately make more money online:

Power Point presentations: Convert some of your contents into a presentation form and upload to slideshare you will start to see Followers, interested in your niche check out and even opt into your links, and ultimately you will get to make money online!

Info-graphics: create interesting info graphics using different online sites we use Gliffy. These are very sharable and dominate social media fields.

Produce a Podcast: Thank You Shannon Cobb for introducing us to Podcasting. This is a popular way to share your thoughts, expertise and views with your audience. They can download & listen to your podcasts on the go and you can even make money from them. You can distribute the podcasts through iTunes we use an amazing resource called spreaker and we usualy share our content on Betternetworker where every piece of content gets at least 150+ views, and you can imagine the optins and as a forum of entrepreneurs we get some serious business builders working with us.

Attractive or Relevant Images & Graphs: Take or find images suitable to your content and/or design graphs based on your data. This will help your visitors learn more about the outcome at a glance. Thus increases their keenness to go through the whole article. We use a lil awesome tool called jing to make images our own!

 Videos: We use YouTube and Wistia. Create a YouTube channel learn how here and link it to your site. You can embed YouTube videos directly to your blog posts and send YouTube viewers to view your blog for more details.


2. Make Money Online By Content Optimization: Now that you have that amazing content it’s time to optimize it. SEO comes into play. Research for specific Key words based on your topic. In optimizing for a specific keyword/s you ensure search engines associate your content with relevant search queries. Optimizing content does make a better experience for your target market. You provide essential info that search engines use to determine what your content is about. Search engines use this information to rank your content and display it for relevant keyword terms or phrases. Below we share tips on how best to optimize content specifically Images, Videos & Text to attract visitors and make sales:

Images: Images can be tagged so they are included in specific searches online. If the search engine determines that your image is relevant to a particular search term, it can appear in the main web search result. So make sure you utilize your Alt Tag & Image Tag. Give your image a name as this will make it visible online.Video Marketing

Videos: We love Video content. It’s one of the most engaging and appealing way to attract a loyal audience that could buy! So make your videos entertaining, informative, educative, enjoyable and compelling. To Optimize your videos Use a Catchy & Relevant Title, Include a relevant description and Tags that are really the keywords and bingo you got Video optimization.

Text: This includes Headings 1,2,3…, the URL, Title Tags, Meta descriptions and Meta Key words. The Headings Are a snippet/preview of what we are about to get. Keyword-rich URLs provide search engines with descriptive information about your content. Title tags are used to describe your content. They are used by search engine as a link text for each search result they display. Meta Descriptions are displayed in search engine results pages as the descriptive text for each article. It’s a key piece of information for your audience, Make it Count! Meta key words help in search engine ranking esp. if there’s Keyword overstuffing.

3. Make Money Online By Promoting Your Content: Its time to create a schedule to distribute & promote the Content and this is what you should spent 80% of your time! Your promotion plan to Your Target audience SHOULD be the centre of your Business. Research is essential here as you MUST KNOW where your Audience hangs out to distribute & promote your content there! In addition to link building, commenting, social media promotion, Please do consider paid advertising as part of your promotion strategy. We have pay-per-click, Solos, Classifieds, and local adverts that can drive traffic from SERPs and other relevant websites. And It all stems from understanding our audiences. If you’re new to the industry and are looking for visibility, PPC and classifieds may be the way to go. BY the way betternetworker offers free classifieds! We distribute our content to EmpireAvenue, Slideshare, Betternetworker, and LinkedIn in addition to the usual social media. Distribute your content according to your design. Our fellow entrepreneurs if you are looking to make money online, it is vital to create and share valuable free content in order to attract subscribers and turn them into repeat customers and Your Brand Evangelists. The content we put out should be closely related to what we sell. Let’s educate people about our brands and products so that they get to know, like and trust us enough to do business with us.

Let’s Go make Lots of money online…what do you say? Share your thoughts below.

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