11 Super Tips to Improving your Page rank to the Top 10 Fast!

These Proven 11 Steps Will Improve your Page rank to the Search Engines Top 10 Fast – SEO Part 1 

These 11 Tips Will Improve your Page rank to the Top 10 Fast! #SEOtips


Are you a website owner or manager? Whether new or seasoned,  you’re trying to attract organic search engine traffic by working on site SEO and page rank. “But what is Page rank and how does it affect your blog? In this article we’ll address those questions and try to give you some tips to improve your pagerank.

Pagerank one of the important aspects that determine where your blog, page or post appears in search results i.e. page 1 or page 20 of google! When done right, Page rank can have a significant impact on your site Google rankings.

So to get it right we share 11 main steps you should focus on:

  • Page or Post Title
  • URL Text
  • Focus Keyword/s
  • Meta Keywords
  • Description
  • Meta and Title tags
  • Name your Images
  • Give Images ALT tags
  • Add Heading tags
  • Content word count
  • Backlinks and Hyperlinks

Now the reason we’re focusing on page rank tips today is because while we know and network with lots of seasoned bloggers, we’ve also noticed a lot of new bloggers who have amazing websites yet seemingly not doing basic SEO. The focus of these 11 steps is to get your on page optimization great so you get what we call page rank on search engines.

It’s definitely not about loading your post with as many keywords as possible, you could be keyword stuffing and that’s frowned upon esp. by uncle Google.

So let’s share our page rank tips and get your site getting seen shall we!



#1 Page Rank Tips: Page or Post Title

The Post title is an absolute essential part of your post or page set up. It’s what we see, in the snippet and if it’s a boring, not eye grabbing, you could write the best piece of content and not get as much interest in it. Example below:

  1. This is how to get found online
  2. 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Your chances of Getting Found Online

Which one would you choose? I would go for “B” anyday!

And how do we get such headlines? By using a little known tool—called  title generator. We input our Keyword/phrase in the provided text box, tick noun or verb (try both). We grab 5 -6 generated titles, correct the grammar.  Why 6 well, for different social media posts and we are good to go!

Super tip: ensure your title is short and sharp enough to fit the SE snippet. The max characters are 70, keep it sweet at 50! And ensure your Keyword is at the start too!



#2 Page Rank Tips: URL Text

Have you ever felt the need to just leave some numbers or a word in your post or page URL? Well today you need to stop that. We absolutely encourage you to use your keyword/phrase and we shall talk briefly about that below.

Don’t be tempted to call your url link anything that pops into your mind.  Consider your URL your postcode, it’s what search engines look for to index your page/post in order to give you page rank. So we urge you not to use things like www.juleskalpauli.com/657-2 instead use things like www.juleskalpauli.com/seo-tips

No one is searching for 657-1 but definitely someone is searching for SEO Tips. You get it?


#3 Page Rank Tips: Focus Keyword/s or Phrase

Now as a new blogger you probably should know that this is the first thing you do before you even coin your content. There is no need to write a beautiful piece of content that one is interested in i.e. no searches or just not enough to warrant the effort.

You also may already know that using the right keyword/s or phrase is one of the most important aspects of page rank. Getting found online or search engine optimization. Keywords, tell search engines what your site, page or post is about. And the Density of said keywords is the test they use to determine your site rank.

Now whats Density you may ask: It’s simply: Number of Total Words (word count) ÷ Keywords

The trick to beat your competition is to visit their blogs/sites, and check how they perform using above trick! 

Always remember that each of your site pages is a unique opportunity to use different keyword phrases to get as much traffic as possible using the same keyword on all pages will mean some pages are de-ranked in favour of say the most visited page. You want to have page rank on at least 4 of your pages if not all! Make sure the content of each page is different.

We have learnt to always use keywords that fit our topic, offers, services or post! For instance, if I create “gourmet recipes,” I would ensure my site/post include these words in as many forms as possible. See, there are also whats called long tailed keywords or phrases!

Since I am based in Liverpool I would include in my keywords list “Liverpool gourmet recipes.”

Super trick: Instead of separating your keywords with commas, just use spaces, and the Search Engines assume and create phrases for you.

The most important thing to remember is that the content of each page is different, so only use keywords pertaining to that page.



#4 Page Rank Tips: Meta Keywords

Now these if you are 100% sure that your Site Meta Keyword count (ensure its no more than 10 or you get a yellow flag) is great then you may not add any to specific pages or posts!

YET as a new blogger, we don’t advise this. It’s an opportunity to get that specific page or Post to rank  too s if you can find keywords different from your general site meta keywords absolutely use at least one or two but not more than 10 again.



#5 Page Rank Tips: Page or Post Description

Be sure to add a description that’s as catchy as your title because it’s the snippet that your desired audience see. And SE bots see and show in order to decide your page rank. Your audience decided if we want to go on to read your piece of art. Make sure you use all available 156 characters to craft a sentence that includes your keyword/s  and leaves us hungry for the rest of the loaf. It’s like your breadcrumbs to the swans to get them to the lake…! If you don’t add a description search engines will pull your first paragraph and if the first 150 words don’t contain your keyword…You miss out on an opportunity to pull in even more eyes to your posts or page. And this may affect which page your post lands too aka page rank…See image below to learn where to place your description. Ladies and gents every little helps.

SEO- 11 Super Simple Steps to Page Rank – Part1! #seo #pageranktips

This Image shows you where to place the URL, Your Meta & Title tags, Meta Description and Focus Keywords for SEO and Page Rank Purposes!

#6 Page Rank Tips: Meta and Title Tags

We don’t put much importance to these anymore for page rank because they have been downgraded by Google and other Search Engines, but don’t completely discount them coz as a new blogger you need every bit of to get your page rank and SEO up! So make sure your meta tags match your post or offer verbiage and you will reap the rewards on the other Search Engines that still consider and grade meta data.

make sure your meta tags match your post or offer verbiage and you will reap the rewards… Click To Tweet


Title tags are the tags that tell the Search Engine the title, or formal description of the document or page. This is the word or phrase that is seen at the top of the browser window. The most important rule about title tags is, don’t put anything in the title tags but keywords. Once again this is an easy time to slip in your keywords, so don’t miss out.



#7 Page Rank Tips: Name your Images

Not doing this is like leaving the low hanging  fruit. Since some blogs are image heavy and text low e.g. demonstrative posts, travel posts, vlogs etc. Then in order to help with your page rank, ensure that when you save your image/video; give it a name for it becomes part of its URL. Use your keyword/phrase in different variations. When you create your visuals as you save them, make sure you use that keyword. And when you upload your image to Your WordPress Post see what we are talking about below:


SEO- 11 Super Simple Steps to Page Rank – Part1! #imagealttags #seotips


Example: If a food blogger, when you save your delicious looking gourmet coffee cupcake image don’t just call it cake or food. Call it “Gourmet Coffee cake.” The Search engines look at the site code and will note the image is aligned to the content too. This is an absolutely relevant element for that page ranking. You have to take the easy ones when you are given a chance.


#8 Page Rank Tips: Give your Images ALT tags

See image above!

Slightly different from the name above, image Alt tags are the words and we encourage you to use keywords that you MUST attach to your images. This gives your image weight and it can be found when people search for your keyword. How? Because search engines crawl your site, and relate said image to your content. So once again don’t miss this easy to access fruit to page rank!



Page Rank Tip #9 Add Heading tags

Now we see many blogs that are literally one long paragraph, or even separated with white space but nothing really stands out! Why not separate your text with BOLD TEXT that can be picked up by SEs to help it rank better? Use heading tags e.g. Heading 2, 3, 4 etc. See image below. These come automatically as bold fonts and stand out and help with your users experience too which of course helps with your site and page rank!  

Your heading tags should be keyword rich, e.g. this tip is a H3. So preferably put that word right at the start of the sentence. Your H tags should be presented in chronological order e.g. below.

H1= 1st meta tag,

H2= 2nd meta tag

H3= 3rd meta tag… etc.
And for maximum optimization or on page optimization use all 6 heading tags, although we mostly stop at H3.



#10 Page Rank Tips: Content Word count

These 11 Tips Will Improve your Page rank to the Top 10 Fast1 #contentmarketing

Now mark our words if you use your blog for promotional purposes and are allowing your guests to drop content between 200-350 words, you are really killing your site and page rank. Google specially ranks articles of 500+ words whether you add a video or not. The higher the word count, the better your chances of ranking. Today the best articles are 2000+ word keyword rich with images, and even videos. This post is just over 2300 words.  In fact Neil Patel does recommend that 3000 word count, value, 100+ links packed blog post is gonna rank any day above a lazy post!

Did we hear you say, “rich content is queen.” So go do your full research. Its better to post 2-3 times a week, content rich posts and promote the heck out of them the rest of the week! Always remember the formula for keyword density. Don’t be fooled, your images with Text ON display DON’T count towards that word count. Search engines cannot read such words, it’s all part of the image and won’t add to your page rank or post authority!

The higher the word count, the better your chances of ranking. Click To Tweet

Give your blog pagerank with value content in large numbers! #pageranktips

Let your Content Stand out and be loved with its Value!


#11 Page Rank Tips: Include Backlinks and Hyperlinks

Backlinks: The best way to rank is to find posts that have content that may add to the richness of your post. And add them to your post. Let then owner know that you have linked to their post ad in fact once published go leave a comment on their post with your link! In the URL space not comment.

Some people use Linkbaiting to grow their site authority. Ohh what’s linkbaiting?

Linkbaiting is crafting content designed to get other content producers to link to it. The purpose is increasing the number of inbound links to your content/page and thus improving its performance in search engine results.”

“Linkbaiting is crafting content designed to get other content producers to link to it Click To Tweet


It was a common trend among high ranking sites. It’s great for trending events, widgets, images and info-graphs that are usually re-shared, videos, e-books, contests, link parties, great articles like this one etc.

Hyperlinks: are the text links that connect your content to either your older related posts or to other posts by other bloggers or pages. The rules of page rank, SEO on hyperlinks are:

  • Use words related to the content in your hyperlink for ease of finding by search engines and of course your users.
  • Use long link phrases esp. keywords that actually make sense in the sentence. Avoid one word links
  • Why not use a small image aka Banner, you can attach an ALT tag to it 😉 which adds more importance to the link too for ranking too.
  • Avoid using words like Click here as hyperlink connectors coz they are frowned upon and de-rank your page

If you’d like to increase your PageRank even faster after the initials, you need to attract and have “backlinks,” or other people linking to your website. 

The best way to attract people to linking into your site is to publish quality content that other people want to link. To grow quality backlinks we absolutely recommend this resource to you.


Still here mate? Well we guess this is it, with the above page rank tips you should be able to get ahead of your competition and if you persist you will have a power blog in no time. 



Page Rank BONUS TIP:

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In Part 2 we’ll focus on the resources you need to ensure your website is live and accessible 24/7.



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