Search Engine Marketing Comparison to SMM

Search Engine Marketing, Online PR & Social Media Marketing, Whats the Relationship?

Guess what…this has been an awesome week!!! My goodness when we first started in our home based business, Search Engine Marketing sounded like something techie geeks did. Online PR sounded like what all those made up to the nines TV newsreaders do and Social Media Marketing (SMM)…? What is that?

Nothing kinky we found…I mean we logged onto Facebook and shared our dinner, our babies, or the cute pooch next door. We chatted with our friends or acquaintances or “pretend friends” online whom we may never meet. Played Zynga games and gossiped about the X-Factor…right! 

Then twitter came along and honestly we thought it was all about birds! Don’t you dare laugh 🙂

Well we read all those celebrity fall outs and skeleton hangouts…Pity parties etc! Not even mentioning Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flikr, etc etc…

How our tune has changed, we are now dancing to a different drummer. Making a ton of friends and loosing those that have been keeping us in a mire of negativity! No pity parties ….lol and such is life!

We still chat with friends and share our life, no Zynga games thank you! And we also look at such things as Search Engine Marketing aka SEM, Online PR woot, and Social Media Marketing — SMM! We must say we’ve got quite good at these If we can toot our horn a lil! This week too we’ve been on an intensive course on Infographic Creation and by gosh its been a roller coaster of a week!

So whats the relationship between these 3: Search engine marketing, online pr & SMM and how has it changed over the last 5 years? Well you are in for a treat! Below we share with you 2 Infographics on how the 3 linked. First the relationship between the 3 by circa 2010 from datadial and Our very own Beautiful work of Art on how they work Today! 

Relationship between SEM, Online PR & SMM  2010 and how it has changed 5 years  later – Info-graphic! (Click Image to enlarge & Download)

Search engine Marketing, Online PR & SMM

And Below is our Very own analysis of How it all works today! (Click image to enlarge & download)

The Relationship between search Engine Marketing OP and SMM today

The image above does show the difference between Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing, on a very rough scale at time of publishing! So what are your thoughts?

Affiliate marketing sits comfortably alongside PPC (since most marketers pay for clicks, and your affiliates might PPC on your behalf). While advertising is closer to social media  e.g. Facebook Ads are such a big deal these days  & will be even more prevalent esp. after the changes Facebook implemented Jan 15 this year learn more about those here).

Another thing that should feature in our marketing campaigns (talking to any client, of any size) is conversion optimization/tracking. The infographic from Datadial (2010 Top above) tells the story of getting visitors to a site, rather than making a sale. Which we all know may not necessarily lead to that sale if those visitors are not targeted! I.e. non optimized site & lead magnets. Many Home business owners/affiliate marketers and small businesses or companies waste resources driving traffic to a site that can’t convert that traffic to business. And the one we did (Juleskalpauli Marketing) shows at the most basic level how to link & convert the traffic into sales.

We must say that while search engine marketing & SMM has grown by leaps and bounds Google changes have been the most affecting for online and affiliate Marketers as well as brand owners! Those you can definitely Google if you so wish to learn more. All we can say is Follow the simple process in above infographic, utilize the strategy laid out in the CVO via Digital Marketer and you are good to go!

By All Means Do Tweet ThisTweet: @syl_Julekalungi SEM & SMM have grown hugely, Google changes have been most affecting for online Marketers & brands

We’d wanted to show more how the process followed through until the customer has the product in their hands or benefited from the service. The whole process above has a big part to play in retention, repeat business and customer loyalty – but then you’d be getting into a bigger can of worms we guess – or at least a bigger diagram.

And that has been done by the amazing people over at Digital Marketer Lab and its called Customer Value Optimization and how to build an unstoppable Business…Its worth downloading along with the two above and studying in their entirety if you want to create a long term customer retention brand!!

And we know we’re talking all things internetty here, but we can’t help but emphasize that word of mouth has a massive part to play in the whole digital process – i.e. stuff has to get talked about before it can spread and grow. How do you plan, manage and measure WOM though? We just haven’t decided where the box goes, we’ll keep you posted! So watch this space

Do you agree with the above findings and info-graphics? Is there anything else that needs including? Let us know in the comments below, and by all means download and share.

As always we hope you have learned something of value that you can implement both immediately and for your long term prosperity

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