Have a Vision


Have a Vision


If you always focus on the problem you will never get to the prize. Do you have a vision? Pick a leaf from David, he slew Goliath because he definitely had the Hand of God, AND he Focused on the Prize 🙂 Yesterday I was in a state of excitement and joy, My son did us proud winning 2 Prestigious awards THAT HE  WORKED HARD FOR, And our Popi’s report is awesome A+ all the way.Thank You Lord.

AND Well what can I say….It’s summer AND what a wonderful summer we are having over here in the land of Queen Eliza! But not so wonderful for many online and network marketing programs as it’s also a slow season, most summers are. In other words in business seasons, that’s “Winter” a time to whittle down the serious and visitors, a time to tighten our belts and keep our eyes on THE WHY i.e. Our Targets. If you have a vision for your future, then you must prepare the land, take the weeds out, turn the soil, put in some manure and let nature do its thing. How well you work in this season will determine your “harvest” in the autumn and summer of business.

What do I mean by this? Use this opportunity to Train yourself, Prospect, fill your funnel with leads, write a blog, make some videos, and share them with your Facebook audience, put together some interesting webinars and train your down-lines on how best to maximise their business. I am going to show you exactly how to get Organic Laser targeted leads from Facebook, grab them while they last Facebook has a habit of changing things at their convenience & remember Free has a Cost i.e. your time & effort Take a Look Here

Handle these people with respect, have posture, be professional and show them that you genuinely care, add them to your group and ask them to like your fan page once you have got to know them a lil! And guess what, you will get some conversions. WHY? Many Network marketers have never made a dime in any program and are desperate to change that situation and would follow the right “LEADER” if you are one! As in add value, mentor them, engage with them, marinate them (I love that word), show them that you have a vision and at the right time they will come to you without you chasing them or pitching them. This takes time but it works for 6-7 figure earners, why not YOU. Rome wasn’t built in one day!

And guess what else the Alphas and big hitters do, whether they’re planning a trip to the beach, or something else fun, it’s a time of the year when many pick up a book or two to read, allow me to give you A Gift of an absolutely Free E-book << take delivery. Its free no obligation, just because It changed my life, I love to read a good book, one that uplifts me & pay it forward, share the joy 🙂

Have a Vision

Whether relaxing on a beach, reading a book, do Have a Vision for Your Tomorrow

BUT again here is some surprising info, According to Amazon Kindles Tech statistics, most people never get past the first 2 chapters of a book, may be they don’t have a vision! A real shame because books do change lives. You may have great “plans” to read a book, but allow other things to take priority. We are also getting shorter and shorter attention spans, and what do we prefer? Some brain cell killing reality T.V. a few hours daily, and for some all day!

We’re also bombarded with ads, via emails selling new products daily. Mind you it’s VERY easy to hit that “Buy Now” button, Sheishhh I have done so a few times. Many times the claims are ones that excite the heck out of us, many also have the potential to change our lives. And on a few occassions we are blessed with a gem. No risk taken no gain Right!

I believe this one is one such program, a program that’s changing people’s lives Giving back, building lives, creating incomes worldwide Check out our charity work here

Sadly many buy a truckload of online products, & never actually go through the training, much less apply anything from it, therefore loosing time and money and sometimes friends too! These don’t really have a vision! Other times, programs Fail us miserably, either due to greed, OR Just due to lack of New affiliates/distributors, making it hard for the owners to keep them running, just like in any Offline business, No customers, no money, Overheads pile up and the maths don’t add up anymore… what does one do? Its again a matter of risk management and hopefully picking the right gem.

So, it’s only when you decide to take real focused action that things start to happen, You now have a vision, crystal clear. That when your stars will start to align. You can be a buyer…A reader…Or a DOER… or keep going on all kinds of fool’s errands!

But you know what’s NOT a fool’s errand? Getting serious and joining a team that has posture, systems in place, tools, a real adventure.  After checking out the presentation, seeing the vision, doing your maths, creating a strategy & plan. You could decide this program is for you…YES TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH And then by george, actually going through with your plans, and wait… applying what we will teach you, your world will never be the same!

So whether you’re picking up a new book, or are getting serious about an off line business or any online program there are loads out there, have a vision, take the time to finish what you set out to do.

You can do it. Talk soon

Rise & shine to your Awesome Destiny!


To Your great success

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