What the heck is White Hat SEO and How Can You Use it to rank Your Blog? #whiteseo #freeblogtraffic

How to Get Your Blog indexed with White Hat SEO Techniques, and Improve your rankings. Action Steps, Scripts and Downloadable Resource Included!

 What the heck is White Hat SEO and How Can You Use it to rank Your Blog? We bfreak it down for you and Share Action Steps to Help you Rank your Pages Better and Faster! Learn How today:


Do you agree that every entrepreneur and blogger is after traffic? Yet lots of bloggers have no idea what White Hat SEO is or black hat for that matter! And no it’s not about ballrooms and parties…although it could be with all the traffic you could be getting!

So what is White hat SEO then? 

Well according to Wikipedia:

“white hat SEO refers to the use of optimization strategies that follow search engine rules, i.e. techniques and tactics that focus on giving value to your audience as opposed to keywords.”

Okay did I lose you for a minute…I too was lost when I first read this so ama bring it in lay man’s terms. And don’t you dare laugh at my confused face. Too cute…I digress, broody or something lol!

White_hat_SEO_tips (3)

What does SEO white hat do, why is it important? Let’s hear from the Horse’s mouth, Google dissected this beast below….


White hat” search engine optimizers often improve the usability of a site, help create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media. The net result of making a great site is often greater awareness of that site on the web, which can translate into more people linking to or visiting a site.”


Essentially white hat SEO hinges on Production of QUALITY CONTENT that your audience or Search engines find Fresh, Educative, Entertaining and Useful for their needs!

Essentially white hat SEO hinges on Production of QUALITY CONTENT #seotips #blogtraffic Click To Tweet

That told me that we could rank on Google Page one the right way, with White Hat SEO and so can you. Check us out at #3 below:

5 Proven White Hat SEO Tips for Better Blog Ranking!

We also learnt that the opposite of white hat is black hat SEO. You don’t want to know this other than your site could be considered Spam and blacklisted if caught! We are talking keyword stuffing, click bait Headlines, cloaking/hiding links i.e. adding links same colour as other text etc. 

The whole essence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to attract organic website traffic and turn browsers into buyers. In other words monetizing your blog the right integral way! Some blogs simply want an audience…

Always remember that the right traffic or blog/website visitors are what keeps the internet marketing clock ticking! Without traffic most blogs are dead in the waters and the owners are dead broke.

And for basic SEO steps, check our post on How to Rank your Posts on Page one!

To be honest, we’ve receive so many offers and read so many articles of alleged “SEO Gurus” saying they can get our website to rank on Google Page 1 for $99.99.  I say BS…

I tell you now so Listen good, before some smooth talker takes your cash fast and you’re left carrying the can…Been there got the Tee…

Nobody knows the Google or other search engine algorithms fully other than the authors of said algorithms.

And no one, absolutely no one can guarantee your site top rankings. They could improve your on-site rankings but Google Page 1…Psssszzz! Thats bull!

So anyone who tells you they can, thinks you are totally green about SEO and is taking you for a fool! Or they’re after your cash, or both!

In the same breath, you must never make such guarantees to anyone else, unless you are a Psychic or Matt Cutts lol!  So please avoid these SEO Mistakes at all costs.

Want to learn about SEO from the horse’s mouth i.e. Google? Then read either the the Google blog, or Matt Cutt’s Blog both of which have lots of basic advice, and often times hints of inner google workings. They sure do dispel lots of common myths on search engine optimization!



So let’s get into White Hat SEO and how you can use it to Increase Your Website Traffic!

1) Create Monster List Posts – a Super White Hat SEO Technique.

Here is why, list posts give you an opportunity to GIVEBACK and RECEIVE link juice galore! And below is what to do

Action Steps:  Head to uncle Google or whichever search engine you love. Type in your niche in search and make a list of all the Posts that feature blogs you want link juice and traffic from! (Create a Google Doc.) You are looking to Get your blog link on a shit load of these sites, primarily for purposes of referral & residual traffic!

Example: If you have a website that features travel tips, create your list of the top sites you would sell your pooch to get a link from. (I’m not advocating animal abuse.) A site that has the kind of targeted traffic/visitors you would love to have visit your blog, you note it.

Then go create/publish a blog post that covers a wide range in that niche, making sure to include and link to all the sites you are interested in getting referral traffic from as natural & relevant links. And Do Follow said links. Example blog post Title:

“27 Blogs All Travel and Wanderlust bitten People Should Read Every Week.”

See how that works?

You can create infinite blog posts with this, and if blog titles and headlines are a major issue for you, then we have solved your problem here

Anyway, once published contact all of the webmasters whose sites you linked to. You can use their contact page, find them on Facebook, tweet them, LinkedIn etc. Flatter them and even stroke their egos. The thing is, most Savvy bloggers are looking for quality links and they don’t bite. They are only humans after all!  

If your post is a good one, you will get reciprocation. They will often social share your post, usually on twitter. You could get a Mention in their next blog post and that’s where link juice and referral traffic starts to flow. White Hat SEO at its best!

Who cares what page that Post is, as long as it gets a ton of targeted niche traffic it will sooner or later rank. We once got PJ Van Hulle re-tweet our post for over 6 months just because we mentioned her course in it! It was amazing for our Site!

I pity Bloggers Who do “No-follow” on all their posts. Most of their posts aren’t ranking and we know why! Not linking out makes your blog look suspicious and is doing your site a ton of harm!

And if you wish to hear from the search engine marketing king himself Neil Patel about Simple Deep Linking, we got you covered! 




2) Do your Research and Take Special Note of PPC

Always Do your Keyword Research anyway. For purposes of this tip, find the best websites/blogs in your niche in search, focus on Descriptions of these posts/sites! The Snippet you see on the content that shows up in your search. Example below. The idea is to tweak these descriptions and Titles in your own Content!

White Hat SEO Tip- Top Blog Descriptions

Here is the deal, your page description may not be useful esp. if you just add a keyword and create a sentence that doesn’t make any sense.

Super Tip: So go on Google type in your keyword and check out the descriptions of the TOP 5 Articles esp. the PPC advertisers. Go curate their descriptions. These dudes spend crazy cash on Search Engine Ads and A/B test every single one for best results.

Action Step: Do a Google search related to your post topic/subject/page you are looking to optimize. Look at the top PPC ads. PPC ads have the best click through rates, thus a great source of copy both for titles and descriptions.

Keep in mind these advertisers aren’t using random text, they are spending a bunch of dollars split testing Ad copy. The thing is you don’t have to spend any for this, look at the best ads and curate your description from them.

Also scroll down to the bottom of Page 1 of your search and Note the Related Search Terms. Use them as Tags for your post!

Try it…We have quite a few posts ranking very well because of this trick we learnt from Ray Higdon’s 3-Mnute Expert Course. Its available to all bloggers with a purpose to Build a Long term Income from their blog, use the link provided to learn more!

Remember Getting top page rank with poor content is worthless. You want your content to be value packed thus ATTRACTING CLICKS, Opt-ins and Sales!

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3) Improve your Posts on Page 2-3 of Search

This is for you if you have some posts/articles/pages already ranking in Search but stuck on Page 2-3!

These pages are no good for Organic traffic, you may as well be on page 367. Very few people look at page 2 or 3 unless they really haven’t found what they need on Page 1!  Yet you can easily give these posts a nudge to the top page.

Action Step: Work on your Back Links Esp. your internal links!  Log into your Google Keyword Tool, or webmaster tools. Open Semrush at the same time and find your posts/pages/keywords that are ranking on Pages 2 and 3 of search.

You could also use MOZ open site explorer or Majestic SEO and check your Domain Authority (DA) by looking at the top pages tab. Learn which pages/posts are doing great. 

White Hat SEO- Use Moz OPen SIte Explorer to find your Ranking Pages!

Create a Spreadsheet and note them in Order of Rank & Traffic. Now find those pages on Your Site that are Ranking on Page 1. Add the stragglers as natural links to those posts/pages. You are in essence sharing your link juice from one piece of content to another. This is Smart Linking and helps bump the Page 2-3 Posts/pages up and can get them onto page 1. These are simple things most bloggers don’t know or forget to do for their older content thus letting them get buried in search archives!

Take baby steps, don’t go crazy with this strategy or Google will notice. Take it a post at a time, optimize, link it, check your SERPS Keep testing, thank Me Later!



4) DON’T IGNORE Low Search Volume Keywords

Have you been advised to go for the low hanging fruit by “SEO gurus.” They all say go for higher traffic Keywords but not the top ones.  Find “Long Tailed Keywords with 1k-3k search volume and use those.” They also encourage you to stay away from low volume keywords. Well we disagree…

The trick here is to focus on “Volume.” As long as there are a few hundred searches for that Keyword. You are in with a chance of ranking Very High for it and getting an extra hundred blog visitors/month and these could grow into thousands and beyond with consistent action and a Plan ad We share it Below…

Target one low Volume niche, long tailed keyword Per week #whitehatseotips #blogseo #blogtraffic Click To Tweet

Action Steps:  Target one low Volume niche, long tailed keyword Per week and make sure you have great on site optimization…! Ensure that Keyword has Commercial Value I.e there are a bunch of Ads in Search with said Keyword, so its commercially viable! Why?

Because there is less competition for these Low volume key words, yet there IS traffic, literally avoided by most people because its Low in numbers. Gimme SOME Traffic any day I say.

Most bloggers barely have ANY free traffic, it’s time to change that!

Most bloggers barely have ANY traffic, it’s time to change that! #getreferraltrafic… Click To Tweet

Do ensure you use said keyword in your title, post URL, Alt Tags, Headings, H1, H2, H3 and Image Tags!

Add it naturally to your content body at least 5 times! Use other similar versions of that keyword to look natural. Interlink your Post to your other posts Remember you are doing this, EVERY WEEK.  Consistency is the Key Here.  So you will start to have a collection of posts linking to each other and picking up lots of Ground laying fruit

Guess what a few hundred visitors to your well optimized Low Volume long tailed Keyword posts will definitely = to thousands of Traffic/month sooner!

If you increase the number of Posts to however many times you Post your blog, let’s say 2 Posts per week with a monthly search volume of 50+:

2 Posts per week targeting Keywords with 50 searches is 100/week for you!

Those could be 400/month Searches for your new or struggling website!  

52 Weeks a year makes 104 posts.

That’s 104 x 100 search volume = 10400 TARGETED Potential Searches for you!

NOTE: Your onsite Optimization must be up to scratch for this to work. With the above strategy you will be ranking on top for your Low Hanging Fruit Keywords, this is targeted traffic! Get away from the competition and grab what you can!

Check out what’s out there in your Keyword on top searches, find out what these posts have in common. Create a much Better Post! Cover the gaps, correct mistakes, Link, link, link to resources. Use imagery. Then go use our 27 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post Checklist to promote the heck out of your posts!  

The keywords are Legit; someone is searching for them. This is White Hat SEO at its best and will drive traffic to your site. Your blog will get very targeted niche traffic as these Keywords are usually very specific and highly targeted searches.



For New & Struggling Bloggers:

Here is my advice: Use the above technique daily until you hit 50 -100 freakin whopper posts! That’s 5 posts a week. This is where it could get shit bat exciting for you.


5 posts/week x 50 Searches = 250/week

250 x 52 weeks = 13000 Targeted Searches/yr and

You will be ranking for most of those posts! Did I hear howly crap? Esp. if you follow our proven steps on how to write a Blog Post that ranks Fast!  

You are blogging Anyway, why not do it right, get the traffic you deserve and earn some pretty dollars mate!

If you have no clue how to find Long Tailed Keywords via Google Keyword tool or SEMrush watch the Video Below!

Be different, do the opposite of what most bloggers are doing who go for the “More competitive keywords.” Which of course are oversubscribed because they think they are not as competitive but still high volume searches!

Put your energies on the low volume words and you will be making more money than other bloggers within 12 months or less!

Thank me Later 😉



5) Sign up for Niche Newsletters or Blogs

My dear, getting your link to a top site in your niche isn’t hard. But you gotta approach it Kamikaze style!  In the same way please don’t send spammy emails to webmasters offering to write a shite 500 word post with your links. Here is what to do…

Action Steps: Most bloggers and webmasters have a newsletter or an offer you can subscribe to. Opt-in to all those Sites you are looking to get Referral Traffic from.  Yes, you’ll be bombarded with email, so make sure to create a new email account just for this, ensure it’s a branded email like: jane@yourdomainmane.com  

Then once a week, set aside time to go through your subscription email newsletters. Just 3-5 seconds speed reading each. Find the salient points, hit Reply and thank them for the info, add a related compliment try script below:

White_SEO_Out-Reach. Email outreach copy

Go right ahead and tweet or FB share the post. Guess what, these people will notice because very few people actually reply to Newsletter/subscription messages! You are building a powerful relationship right there! Keep sharing and replying to their newsletters, no pitch. Then…

A few weeks later 5-6 wks, ONLY FOR THOSE THAT RESPOND to your emails, include a request in your response example below!


This is such a smart and polite guest post request.  You could also ask if they are happy to add your post link as a Resource in their related Post if a guest post is off the cards! If you don’t ask, you don’t get…simple! 

The above requests are based on value, you have been giving back and its time to find out if the other person is a giver or is Open to collaboration. You will stand out in their mind as the person who has been so positive, sharing their content, leaving great comments.

You are taking your relationship to the next level. Its not just a kiss and run thing. Put in some effort, you will reap wonderful friends and links.  The effort will be so worth it when you land that guest post privilege and you will gain a powerful niche link that will send back referral traffic to your blog. The very best of White SEO boosting techniques!



As a new blogger or one who is trying to build your website rank for a while, learning whether you are doing the right thing with regards to white hat and black hat techniques, or if your blog is potentially at risk could be difficult. But at JWEB Design Solutions, we do offer blog/website analysis, which could uncover potential problems. We help you correct them and thus put you in a better position to rank. Do visit our page to learn more.

In our next blog post we’ll burst some myths on SEO, that are keeping you from actually getting traffic.

So wanna share your white hat SEO tips and how to get even more blog traffic? Let’s really share so others can avoid the crap most SEO’s spread and often times 0 results for your cash! If you got value from our post, go crazy and Share with your Blog community, new bloggers and creatives.

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As a Gift To You Our reader and Loyal Fan, DOWNLOAD THIS CHECKLIST NOW and Never have a Post that is stuck in Search-engineville! Because you are worth it!  




I hope we have inspired you today to start creating the kind of Posts that rank, attract referral traffic, make more sales and build your dreams!  

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